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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science105,84431
2Department of Computer Science22,287395
2College of Computer Science and Information Technology22,28721
4Department of Computer Science3594327
5Electrical and Space Engineering2550477
6Department of Economics1292121
7School of Computer Science1128932
8Department of Computer Science126912531
9College of Business22284422
10Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering11935111
11Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering115620351
11Department of Computer Science615622
13Department of Computer Science313148
14Department of Computer Engineering61293038
15Department of Computer Engineering212512
16Department of Computer Science and Informatics110432
17Department of Computer Science and Engineering11032712
18Department of Computer Engineering710073110
19Department of Computer Science and Engineering4961725
20Institute of Health and Nutrition Sciences19521
21School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering187263129
22Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering1857637
23Department of Computer Science1825017
23Department of Computer Science and Engineering38211
25School of Economics and Management180183
26Institute for Biomedical Ethics1775318
27Department of Computing Science and Mathematics473825
28Department of Mathematics1723617
28Department of Computer Science17215360
28Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology272103107
31Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering36235
32Department of Electrical Engineering15844
33Department of Computer Science and Engineering157193
34Faculty of Engineering2556433
35School of Electrical Engineering25210653
36Department of Industrial Engineering1505731
37Faculty of Economics and Business2493512
38School of Computing and Electrical Engineering2481413
38Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science1484218
38Department of Computer Science14821
41Institute of Information Engineering14715685
41Faculty of Computer Science1047821
43School of Engineering and Technology1467654
44Department of Management14410383
44Faculty of Management Technology14463
46College of Computer and Information Sciences243136154
47Department of Computer Science and Engineering140146
48College of Computing and Applied Sciences139255
49School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics43835
50College of Business and Economics1356664
51Department of Computer Science1343934
51Department of Computer Engineering13411
51Computer Science Department23453
51Department of Computer Science and Engineering134192106
55School of Information Systems23392
56Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology23295
56Department of Computer Science33232
58Department of Biology1313234
59Department of Computer Science1292012
59College of Computer1294227
61School of Computer Science and Software Engineering1285263
62College of Business1275056
63Department of Industrial Management1265852
63College of Science and Engineering126150166
65Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering2233262
66Department of Computer Science and Information Systems1221314
67Department of Electrical and Information Engineering1212226
67School of Electrical Engineering and Computing12164
67Institute of Psychology1215245
70Faculty of Computer Science22058168
70College of Architecture and Planning12031
70College of Computer Science and Software Engineering220114169
73Faculty of Economics and Sociology1197744
73Department of Management11931
75School of Dentistry118286408
75Department of Computer Science11863
77Faculty of Engineering117262226
77Department of Computer Engineering1171324
79Department of Computer Science116217307
79Department of Information Engineering116351439
79School of Computer Science116155258
79Department of Civil Engineering1161414
79School of Computer Science116810
79Department of Computer Science and Engineering3162140
85Department of Management1159880
85Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering1151923
87School of Medicine1149701.3K
87Ted Rogers School of Management11494151
89Faculty of Engineering113545517
89Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence1132735
89Department of Knowledge and Information Science11343
89Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science1136990
89Department of Computer Science and Engineering1133655
94Department of Urology112109160
94Department of Computer Science112135260
94Department of Computer Science and Engineering112113166
94Department of Physics112164217
94School of Geography112313453
94Department of Information Engineering11278123
94Department of Computer Science and Engineering1123643
94School of Public Health3121955
94Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics312417
94Department of Urology1122052
94Department of Urology1123865
105Faculty of Engineering111175219
105Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science2117194
105School of Computing and Engineering111120200
105Department of Electrical/Electronics and Computer Engineering11168
105Department of Psychology111915
105Newcastle Business School21170201
111Faculty of Mathematics and Physics210549874
111Department of Software Engineering210725
111Department of Computer Science1101210
111Graduate School of Medicine1101550
115Graduate School of Information Science and Technology19274358
115Department of Industrial Engineering192539
115Department of Computer Engineering19314
115Faculty of Engineering19143213
115Department of Control and Computer Engineering1964112
115Department of Computer Engineering195193
115Department of Computer Science1996149
115Department of Computer Science19816
123Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science18467669
123Department of Computer Science18134202
123School of Statistics183040
123Department of Mathematics and Statistics185182
123Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology1852
128Faculty of Pharmacy175265
128College of Engineering171.1K1.4K
128Department of Algorithms and Computation1724
128Department of Computer and Information Sciences17922
128Department of Computer Science171128
128Faculty of Management Sciences1721
128Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering17239363
128College of Arts and Social Sciences171032
128College of Economics and Political Science1759104
128Department of Information Systems172336
128Department of Mathematics and Statistics17175315
128Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology1729
128Department of Computer Science1734
141Department of Computer Science16181357
141Department of Electrical and Information Engineering161015
141Department of Physics164466
141Department of Computer Science1659129
141Department of Electrical Engineering16364472
141Department of Biomedical Engineering2625125
141Department of Engineering16171299
141Department of Management Information Systems161527
149Centre for Statistics in Medicine15152313
149School of Computer Science and Engineering15146206
149Department of Computer Science151729
149Centre for Statistics in Medicine1514
149College of Computer Science and Information Technology155091
149Faculty of Computer Science151015
149Department of Computer Science and Engineering15838
156Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology14109251
156Department of Computer Science143062
156Department of Environmental Engineering14108224
156School of Engineering and Sciences14113263
156Department of Business Administration1452106
156Department of Computer Science14172370
156Department of Computer Science142968
156Department of Mathematics14322429
156Department of Biophysics1450137
165Department of Physics and Astronomy13190321
165Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science13272517
165Department of Mechanical Engineering13119261
165School of Computer Science and Informatics1383183
165Department of Computer Science1394212
165Department of Political Science132668
165Department of Business Administration13923
165School of Engineering1363123
173Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering12197362
173College of Mathematics and Information Science123772
173Department of Computer Science122079
173Faculty of Law122238
173Department of Software Engineering122675
173Faculty of Management12101208
173Faculty of Science and Literature1237
180Department of Computer Engineering111256
180School of Life Science and Biotechnology1188269
180Faculty of Medicine118021.6K
180Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine1192288
180Faculty of Artificial Intelligence in Education112354
180Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering1174158
180Department of Computer Science1125
180Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering111031
188School of Computer Science10172338