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What is exaly?

This is a non-profit project run by researchers to address the practical needs of researchers.

The project is absolutely independent with no link with publishers, research institutions, funding agencies, etc. whatsoever.

The project is funded by individuals, and no public/corporate fund has been used.

How does it work?

Although the data are double-checked with various sources, the main analysis is based on native programs directly parsing the literature.

All the scientometric indices such as impact factor, h-index, etc. are calculated by counting the citations discovered by the system.

Creative Commons

All the materials are publicly available to anyone, and no subscription or registration is required for accessing any part of the website.

As noted in the Terms of Service and footnote of every page, all raw and visualised data are licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike, and you are free to re-use them for any purpose.