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Find which journals publish the most about a given keyword.

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Check the trends of keywords by number of publications over years.

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Full analysis of each author including who and where cited.

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If you look for the statistical analysis (who cited? where cited?) of a single paper, you can lookup by its DOI.

How to redirect to my library?

If you want to redirect the articles found to your institutions library instead of the publisher, use

where LINK is the pattern of your library link for an article identified by DOI


Which articles are indexed?

Only peer-reviewed articles and some (not all) book chapters are indexed. No patent or non-peer-reviewed document is included.

The journal stars are mostly based on Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator level.

What is exaly?

This is a non-profit project run by researchers to address the practical needs of researchers.

The project is absolutely independent with no link with publishers, research institutions, funding agencies, etc. whatsoever.

The project is funded by individuals and no public/corporate fund has been used.

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