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33Intrusion detection and Big Heterogeneous Data: a SurveyJournal of Big Data2015199
34Deep Learning applications for COVID-19Journal of Big Data2021195
35Performance Analysis of Intrusion Detection Systems Using a Feature Selection Method on the UNSW-NB15 DatasetJournal of Big Data2020194
36Visualizing Big Data with augmented and virtual reality: challenges and research agendaJournal of Big Data2015193
37Smart literature review: a practical topic modelling approach to exploratory literature reviewJournal of Big Data2019192
38An industrial big data pipeline for data-driven analytics maintenance applications in large-scale smart manufacturing facilitiesJournal of Big Data2015182
39Toward multi-label sentiment analysis: a transfer learning based approachJournal of Big Data2020163
40A comprehensive survey of anomaly detection techniques for high dimensional big dataJournal of Big Data2020160
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43Effectiveness analysis of machine learning classification models for predicting personalized context-aware smartphone usageJournal of Big Data2019151
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