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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Division of Plant Pathology1476251
2College of Agriculture1315140
2Department of Agronomy13189108
4School of Public Health120215260
4Ministry of Education120437498
4Department of Physiology and Biochemistry12058
7Department of Human Genetics and Molecular Biology1183538
7Department of Microbiology11865
9Institute of Bioinformatics and Biotechnology1164392
10Faculty of Pharmacy51371456
11School of Life Sciences19140277
11Department of Social Medicine and Public Health191421
11Department of Zoology193533
14School of Agriculture and Food18116184
14Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering3832164
14Centre for Chemistry and Biotechnology1854133
14Department of Chemistry18311
14Department of Industrial Chemistry18633
19Department of Chemistry174472
19Faculty of Engineering1770123
21Faculty of Biology26212584
21Department of Botany1612
21Department of Food Science and Technology163151
24Department of Horticulture1578146
24Faculty of Agriculture1599183
24Department of Food Engineering151531
27Faculty of Biology and Geology1456158
27Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology142581
27Department of Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology14100233
27Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry1494208
27Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology141741
32Faculty of Agriculture43101526
32Faculty of Chemistry43130539
32Faculty of Engineering13533931
32Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering13104272
32School of Food Science and Nutrition13133304
32Centre of Advanced Study in Botany2378230
32Institute of Microbiology13122251
32Department of Nutrition Management13317
32College of Agriculture and Food Sciences231462
32Faculty of Agriculture1394218
32Faculty of Agriculture13626
32Department of Agricultural Chemistry1327
32School of Bioengineering and Biosciences2327160
32Department of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences13745
32Department of Food Business Management and Entrepreneurship Development13111
32Faculty of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry131018
32Institute of Food Science and Nutrition133063
32Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences13134287
32Department of Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry131123
51Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology124488
51Department of Food Technology and Biochemical Engineering1250130
51Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences5211200
54School of Public Health21262823
54Department of Analytical Chemistry113182
54Faculty of Engineering112159
54Nuclear Agriculture and Biotechnology Division11107255
54Faculty of Agriculture1179169
54Faculty of Pharmacy1179166
54Faculty of Biology1155128
54School of Chemical Engineering11353720
54Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition11107213
54Faculty of Pharmacy1147112
54Department of Life Sciences3120193
54Department of Biochemistry111659
54Faculty of Health and Life Sciences1181308
54Department of Botany1128
68Department of Materials and Ceramic Engineering1094225
68Department of Food Science101333
68Faculty of Pharmacy1058246
68Department of Chemistry20245563
68College of Biosystems Engineering and Food Science10231466
68College of Agriculture and Life Sciences1076171
68Department of Horticulture103993
68Faculty of Pharmacy10119287
68Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology2046197
68Department of Chemical Engineering10150310
68Higher Institute of Applied Biology of Medenine10215
68School of Life Sciences10323662
68Faculty of Applied Sciences1030117
68Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of Phytochemistry10189395
68Faculty of Agriculture10203388
68Department of Chemistry10117237
68Faculty of Engineering10207482
68Department of Chemistry10105285
68Faculty of Pharmacy101036
68Department of Chemistry2076213
68Department of Food Science and Technology10121279
68Department of Biophysics and Biometry10226
68Faculty of Agriculture102981
68School of Life Sciences10131345
68Department of Applied Chemistry103892
68Department of Life Sciences101866
68Department of Life Sciences101976
68Department of Food Science and Technology101325
68Department of Biochemistry101954
68National Centre of Excellence in Analytical Chemistry2047177
68School of Agriculture and Technology10518
68Department of Food Science and Technology10210
68Department of Chemistry1066173
68Department of Food Technology101335
68Faculty of Health and Life Sciences20456
68School of Health Sciences2014126
68Department of Pharmacy101043
68Faculty of Agriculture10104204
68Faculty of Agriculture and Technology10512