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Top Articles

1Bioactive Molecules in FoodReference Series in Phytochemistry201967
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5Lichen Metabolites: An Overview of Some Secondary Metabolites and Their Biological PotentialReference Series in Phytochemistry202031
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7Co-Evolution of Secondary MetabolitesReference Series in Phytochemistry202025
8Edible Mushrooms: Cultivation, Bioactive Molecules, and Health BenefitsReference Series in Phytochemistry201824
9Glycyrrhiza Glabra: Chemistry and Pharmacological ActivityReference Series in Phytochemistry201624
10Plant Defense and Insect Adaptation with Reference to Secondary MetabolitesReference Series in Phytochemistry202023
11Platforms for Plant-Based Protein ProductionReference Series in Phytochemistry201822
12Lichen Metabolites: An Overview of Some Secondary Metabolites and Their Biological PotentialReference Series in Phytochemistry201822
13Sesame: Bioactive Compounds and Health BenefitsReference Series in Phytochemistry201921
14Chemistry, Biological, and Pharmacological Properties of Gum ArabicReference Series in Phytochemistry201920
15Plant Cell and Tissue Differentiation and Secondary MetabolitesReference Series in Phytochemistry202120
16Cereal-Based Fermented Foods of Africa as Functional FoodsReference Series in Phytochemistry201920
17Plant Allelochemicals and Their Various ApplicationsReference Series in Phytochemistry202020
18Antimicrobial Compounds (Phytoanticipins and Phytoalexins) and Their Role in Plant DefenseReference Series in Phytochemistry202019
19Glucosinolates in FoodReference Series in Phytochemistry201718
20Bioactive Compounds of Guava (Psidium guajava L.)Reference Series in Phytochemistry202018
21Bioactive Compounds in Underutilized Fruits and NutsReference Series in Phytochemistry202018
22Bioreactor Technology for Sustainable Production of Plant Cell-Derived ProductsReference Series in Phytochemistry201817
23Bioactive Compounds of the Wonder Medicinal Mushroom “Ganoderma lucidum”Reference Series in Phytochemistry201917
24GlucosinolatesReference Series in Phytochemistry201716
25Cultivation of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni and Associated ChallengesReference Series in Phytochemistry201816
26Plant-Insect Interaction: The Saga of Molecular CoevolutionReference Series in Phytochemistry202016
27Oxidative Stability of Edible Plant OilsReference Series in Phytochemistry201915
28Gums, Resins and Latexes of Plant OriginReference Series in Phytochemistry202115
29Regulation of Glucosinolate Metabolism: From Model Plant Arabidopsis thaliana to Brassica CropsReference Series in Phytochemistry201714
30Flavonoids – Food Sources, Health Benefits, and Mechanisms InvolvedReference Series in Phytochemistry201814
31Resistant Starch in FoodReference Series in Phytochemistry201914
32Plant Proteins from LegumesReference Series in Phytochemistry201914
33Endophytes and Secondary MetabolitesReference Series in Phytochemistry201914
34Bioactive Compounds of Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.)Reference Series in Phytochemistry202014
35Secondary Metabolite Production in Transgenic Hairy Root Cultures of CucurbitsReference Series in Phytochemistry201713
36Bioactive Molecules of Spirulina: A Food SupplementReference Series in Phytochemistry201813
37The Interaction Between Plants and Bacterial Endophytes Under Salinity StressReference Series in Phytochemistry201913
38Application of Lipid Nanocarriers for the Food IndustryReference Series in Phytochemistry201913
39Diversity, Ecology, and Significance of Fungal EndophytesReference Series in Phytochemistry201912
40Bioactive Compounds of Turmeric (Curcuma longa L.)Reference Series in Phytochemistry202112
41Bioactive Peptides from Fish Protein By-ProductsReference Series in Phytochemistry201911
42Soybean Bioactive Molecules: Current Trend and Future ProspectiveReference Series in Phytochemistry201911
43The Role of Ecological Factors in Distribution and Abundance of Terrestrial OrchidsReference Series in Phytochemistry202011
44Co-Evolution of Secondary MetabolitesReference Series in Phytochemistry202011
45Perspectives of Microbial Metabolites as Pesticides in Agricultural Pest ManagementReference Series in Phytochemistry202011
46Co-evolution of Secondary Metabolites During Biological Competition for Survival and Advantage: An OverviewReference Series in Phytochemistry202011
47Nutraceutical Potential of ApiaceaeReference Series in Phytochemistry201710
48Soybean Bioactive Molecules: Current Trend and Future ProspectiveReference Series in Phytochemistry201710
49Bioprocessing of Plant In Vitro SystemsReference Series in Phytochemistry201810
50Advances in Pseudocereals: Crop Cultivation, Food Application, and Consumer PerceptionReference Series in Phytochemistry201910