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1KV3Sb5,RbV3Sb5 , and CsV3New kagome prototype materials: discovery of KV3Sb5,RbV3Sb5 , and CsV3Physical Review Materials2019398
2SISSO: A compressed-sensing method for identifying the best low-dimensional descriptor in an immensity of offered candidatesPhysical Review Materials2018349
3Active learning of uniformly accurate interatomic potentials for materials simulationPhysical Review Materials2019299
4Z2 kagome metal KV3Sb5">Superconductivity in the Z2 kagome metal KV3Sb5Physical Review Materials2021280
5MnBi2Te4">Crystal growth and magnetic structure of MnBi2Te4Physical Review Materials2019242
6CrCl3 crystals">Magnetic behavior and spin-lattice coupling in cleavable van der Waals layered CrCl3 crystalsPhysical Review Materials2017216
7Achieving DFT accuracy with a machine-learning interatomic potential: Thermomechanics and defects in bcc ferromagnetic ironPhysical Review Materials2018175
8Performance of the strongly constrained and appropriately normed density functional for solid-state materialsPhysical Review Materials2018155
9Dark excitons in transition metal dichalcogenidesPhysical Review Materials2018149
10Local lattice distortion in high-entropy alloysPhysical Review Materials2017144
11Developing an improved crystal graph convolutional neural network framework for accelerated materials discoveryPhysical Review Materials2020138
12ABO3 perovskite compounds by combining machine learning and density functional theory">Predictions of new ABO3 perovskite compounds by combining machine learning and density functional theoryPhysical Review Materials2018127
13CrI3">Microscopic understanding of magnetic interactions in bilayer CrI3Physical Review Materials2019127
14Nonempirical dielectric-dependent hybrid functional with range separation for semiconductors and insulatorsPhysical Review Materials2018122
15Electronic structure and magnetism of transition metal dihalides: Bulk to monolayerPhysical Review Materials2019118
16Exciton-polaron spectral structures in two-dimensional hybrid lead-halide perovskitesPhysical Review Materials2018116
17Synthesis of borophene nanoribbons on Ag(110) surfacePhysical Review Materials2017113
18Predicting plasticity in disordered solids from structural indicatorsPhysical Review Materials2020112
19Dynamical multiferroicityPhysical Review Materials2017110
20High-entropy oxides: An emerging prospect for magnetic rare-earth transition metal perovskitesPhysical Review Materials2019107
21AlB2 -type TiB2 and ZrB2">Topological Dirac nodal-net fermions in AlB2 -type TiB2 and ZrB2Physical Review Materials2018103
22Nature of the singlet and triplet excitations mediating thermally activated delayed fluorescencePhysical Review Materials2017102
23Single-crystal high entropy perovskite oxide epitaxial filmsPhysical Review Materials2018102
24Pr1xSrxNiO2 thin films">Phase diagram of infinite layer praseodymium nickelate Pr1xSrxNiO2 thin filmsPhysical Review Materials202099
25Electronic fitness function for screening semiconductors as thermoelectric materialsPhysical Review Materials201798
26SCAN+U frameworks for solar thermochemical applications">Evaluating transition metal oxides within DFT-SCAN and SCAN+U frameworks for solar thermochemical applicationsPhysical Review Materials201897
27Crystal structure prediction accelerated by Bayesian optimizationPhysical Review Materials201894
28Mobility of two-dimensional materials from first principles in an accurate and automated frameworkPhysical Review Materials201893
29One-hundred-three compound band-structure benchmark of post-self-consistent spin-orbit coupling treatments in density functional theoryPhysical Review Materials201792
30Strain-induced band engineering in monolayer stanene on Sb(111)Physical Review Materials201791
31Machine learning with force-field-inspired descriptors for materials: Fast screening and mapping energy landscapePhysical Review Materials201890
32Machine learning in materials design and discovery: Examples from the present and suggestions for the futurePhysical Review Materials201890
33One-dimensional phosphorus chain and two-dimensional blue phosphorene grown on Au(111) by molecular-beam epitaxyPhysical Review Materials201789
34Stable biexcitons in two-dimensional metal-halide perovskites with strong dynamic lattice disorderPhysical Review Materials201889
35High-entropy alloy superconductors: Status, opportunities, and challengesPhysical Review Materials201988
36CH3NH3PbBr3">Interplay between organic cations and inorganic framework and incommensurability in hybrid lead-halide perovskite CH3NH3PbBr3Physical Review Materials201787
37Nd1xSrxNiO2 and Nd">Synthesis and characterization of bulk Nd1xSrxNiO2 and NdPhysical Review Materials202087
38Ionic correlations and failure of Nernst-Einstein relation in solid-state electrolytesPhysical Review Materials201786
39Cd3As2 : A review of material properties">3D Dirac semimetal Cd3As2 : A review of material propertiesPhysical Review Materials201886
40Engineering of optical and electronic band gaps in transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers through external dielectric screeningPhysical Review Materials201783
41Accurate force field for molybdenum by machine learning large materials dataPhysical Review Materials201782
42Systematic search for two-dimensional ferromagnetic materialsPhysical Review Materials201881
43Ga2O3 polymorphs">First-principles study of self-trapped holes and acceptor impurities in Ga2O3 polymorphsPhysical Review Materials201980
44Orbital magnetic moments of phononsPhysical Review Materials201980
45CsV3Sb5">Coherent phonon spectroscopy and interlayer modulation of charge density wave order in the kagome metal CsV3Sb5Physical Review Materials202180
46ZnSnN2 and the effects on the electronic structure">Monte Carlo simulations of disorder in ZnSnN2 and the effects on the electronic structurePhysical Review Materials201779
47High-throughput screening for spin-gapless semiconductors in quaternary Heusler compoundsPhysical Review Materials201979
48Magnetism and spin transport in rare-earth-rich epitaxial terbium and europium iron garnet filmsPhysical Review Materials201877
49MnBi4Te7 and MnBi6Te10 single crystals">A-type antiferromagnetic order in MnBi4Te7 and MnBi6Te10 single crystalsPhysical Review Materials202077
50Topological phonons and thermoelectricity in triple-point metalsPhysical Review Materials201876