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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Faculty of Agriculture491,59431
2Home Economics Department219721
2Botany Department21976021
4Biotechnology Research Centre119211
5Faculty of Agriculture31119951
6Department of Biology110810437
7Department of Chemistry21072413
7Department of Land Resource Management and Agricultural Technology210785
9Faculty of Agriculture27612895
10Department of Horticulture37576
11Faculty of Fisheries and Food Science148288
11Faculty of Veterinary Medicine248164
13Department of Agronomy and Horticulture142162
14College of Agriculture and Food Sciences1362818
15Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources234128
16Department of Tropical Agriculture and International Cooperation1324939
17Faculty of Agriculture22965100
18Department of Food Science and Technology1284671
19Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research Institute1272832
20Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering125116153
21Faculty of Agriculture1241921
21Department of Horticulture12433
21Faculty of Food Science and Biotechnology1242420
24Botany Department1222739
24Department of Agronomy1224347
24Faculty of Agriculture22254
27Faculty of Agriculture1213814
27Faculty of Specific Education1211510
29Department of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering1202127
30Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology11977110
30Biology Department1197175
32Faculty of Agriculture (El-Shatby)1184967
33Faculty of Agriculture117316320
33Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding1175986
33Department of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences1171015
33Faculty of Agriculture117264332
33Agricultural Engineering Department11743
33Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding11754
39Faculty of Agriculture2163271
39Faculty of Agriculture11679
41Department of Chemistry115215268
41Faculty of Agriculture21583164
43Faculty of Veterinary Medicine114117153
43Faculty of Education114320345
43Chemistry Department114216245
46Department of Horticulture11373
46College of Life Sciences1132039
46Department of Food Science and Nutrition113915
49Faculty of Agriculture111271362
50Faculty of Agriculture1988116
50Department of Chemical Engineering195369
50Faculty of Agriculture192516
50Faculty of Engineering197086
54College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine1877102
55Faculty of Agriculture17131184
55Botany and Microbiology Department172762
55Botany Department173759
55Botany Department17423
55Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research Institute1712
60Department of Horticulture16816
60Department of Crop Botany16822
60Department of Agronomy161532
60Department of Community Nutrition16910
64College of Agriculture and Life Sciences15214418
64Department of Agricultural Biotechnology15318545
64Faculty of Agriculture1575137
64Faculty of Agriculture1580143
68Department of Agronomy1451106
68Faculty of Agriculture143236
68Faculty of Agriculture14128203
68Faculty of Agriculture142321
72College of Basic and Applied Sciences1368194
72School of Agriculture132069
74College of Agriculture1234
74Faculty of Agriculture123147
74College of Agriculture121119
74College of Agriculture121215
78Department of Veterinary Public Health103364
78Faculty of Veterinary Medicine10418
78Department of Nutrition and Food Technology1046113