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1Antioxidant and structure–activity relationships (SARs) of some phenolic and anilines compoundsAnnals of Agricultural Sciences2013394
2Biological functions of Trichoderma spp. for agriculture applicationsAnnals of Agricultural Sciences2020231
3Physicochemical characteristics of honey from different originsAnnals of Agricultural Sciences2015223
4Screening of isolated potential probiotic lactic acid bacteria for cholesterol lowering property and bile salt hydrolase activityAnnals of Agricultural Sciences2016200
5Effect of biofilm forming plant growth promoting rhizobacteria on salinity tolerance in barleyAnnals of Agricultural Sciences2016193
6Significance of biochar application to the environment and economyAnnals of Agricultural Sciences2019192
7Utilization of watermelon rinds and sharlyn melon peels as a natural source of dietary fiber and antioxidants in cakeAnnals of Agricultural Sciences2013176
8Biotechnological applications of fungal endophytes associated with medicinal plant Asclepias sinaica (Bioss.)Annals of Agricultural Sciences2015171
9Phytoremediation of Pb and Cd contaminated soils by using sunflower ( Helianthus annuus ) plantAnnals of Agricultural Sciences2018171
10Physiological and biochemical studies on drought tolerance of wheat plants by application of amino acids and yeast extractAnnals of Agricultural Sciences2014162
11Physicochemical and functional properties of quinoa protein isolateAnnals of Agricultural Sciences2015161
12Effect of processing methods on nutritional composition and anti-nutritional factors in lentils (Lens culinaris)Annals of Agricultural Sciences2011147
13Beneficial effect of plant growth promoting bacteria isolated from the roots of potato plantAnnals of Agricultural Sciences2013131
14Accumulation of nanoparticles in the soil-plant systems and their effects on human healthAnnals of Agricultural Sciences2020129
15Physicochemical, functional, antioxidant and antibacterial properties of chitosan extracted from shrimp wastes by microwave techniqueAnnals of Agricultural Sciences2013125
16Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) essential oil as affected by drying methodsAnnals of Agricultural Sciences2012122
17Growth, yield, plant quality and nutrition of basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) under soilless agricultural systemsAnnals of Agricultural Sciences2016108
18Effect of short-term heat stress on total sugars, proline and some antioxidant enzymes in moth bean (Vigna aconitifolia)Annals of Agricultural Sciences201699
19Characterization of antifungal metabolites produced by novel lactic acid bacterium and their potential application as food biopreservativesAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201993
20Production of laccase enzyme for their potential application to decolorize fungal pigments on aging paper and parchmentAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201691
21Enhancing antioxidant–yield relationship of pea plant under drought at different growth stages by exogenously applied glycine betaine and prolineAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201590
22Production of amylases from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens under submerged fermentation using some agro-industrial by-productsAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201590
23Physico-chemical and rheological properties of modified corn starches and its effect on noodle qualityAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201285
24Charactrization of carotenoids (lyco-red) extracted from tomato peels and its uses as natural colorants and antioxidants of ice creamAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201480
25Effect of carrier materials, sterilization method, and storage temperature on survival and biological activities of Azotobacter chroococcum inoculantAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201379
26Antioxidant activities and physical properties of stirred yoghurt fortified with pomegranate peel extractsAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201477
27Total phenolic contents and antioxidant activities of various solvent extracts from whole wheat and branAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201475
28Sensory evaluation and nutritional value of balady flat bread supplemented with banana peels as a natural source of dietary fiberAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201674
29Effect of biochar on Pb, Cd and Cr availability and maize growth in artificial contaminated soilAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201973
30Screening of wheat genotypes for leaf rust resistance along with grain yieldAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201566
31Peanut plant growth and yield as influenced by co-inoculation with Bradyrhizobium and some rhizo-microorganisms under sandy loam soil conditionsAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201165
32Effect of potassium application in drought-stressed tobacco ( Nicotiana rustica L.) plants: Comparison of root with foliar applicationAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201764
33Beneficial effects of exogenous selenium, glycine betaine and seaweed extract on salt stressed cowpea plantAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201660
34Evaluation of bioethanol production from juice and bagasse of some sweet sorghum varietiesAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201559
35Effect of maltose and trehalose on growth, yield and some biochemical components of wheat plant under water stressAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201659
36Formulation of slow release NPK fertilizer (cellulose-graft-poly(acrylamide)/nano-hydroxyapatite/soluble fertilizer) composite and evaluating its N mineralization potentialAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201859
37Traditional methods of food grains preservation and storage in Nigeria and IndiaAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201957
38Effect of ginger powder on the mayonnaise oxidative stability, rheological measurements, and sensory characteristicsAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201356
39Evaluation of red pigment extracted from purple carrots and its utilization as antioxidant and natural food colorantsAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201456
40Influence of long-term wastewater irrigation on soil quality and its spatial distributionAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201856
41Production constraints and breeding approaches for cowpea improvement for drought prone agro-ecologies in Sub-Saharan AfricaAnnals of Agricultural Sciences202053
42Protein enrichment of yam peels by fermentation with Saccharomyces cerevisiae (BY4743)Annals of Agricultural Sciences201752
43Biotechnological Application of Thermotolerant Cellulose-Decomposing Bacteria in Composting of Rice StrawAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201651
44Water use efficiency of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) under different irrigation methods and potassium fertilizer ratesAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201250
45Quality characteristics of beef sausage containing pomegranate peels during refrigerated storageAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201549
46Genetic diversity of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria and their effects on the growth of maize plants under greenhouse conditionsAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201849
47Zinc and manganese sorption behavior by natural zeolite and bentoniteAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201148
48Evaluating the effects of formulated nano-NPK slow release fertilizer composite on the performance and yield of maize, kale and capsicumAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201948
49Chemical analysis, antioxidant, cytotoxic and antimicrobial properties of propolis from different geographic regionsAnnals of Agricultural Sciences202048
50Effect of dual inoculation with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and sulphur-oxidising bacteria on onion (Allium cepa L.) and maize (Zea mays L.) grown in sandy soil under green house conditionsAnnals of Agricultural Sciences201447