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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Civil Engineering114251
2Carbon Management and Sequestration Center11274134
3Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering2110103102
4Department of Biology61042274
4College of Agriculture4104103113
6Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering31001729
7Faculty of Biology390138121
8Institute of Geography18811274
9Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection68361117
10Department of Biology377169235
11Institute of Geophysics2758256
11Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics1751321
13Faculty of Agriculture2712011
14Institute of Biosystems Engineering168219
15Faculty of Civil and Water Resources Engineering256127
16College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences452814
17Department of Geography1443025
18Faculty of Agriculture140264205
18Department of Biology1406741
20Department of Energy Engineering13963
21Department of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry1362730
22School of Civil and Environmental Engineering12988
22College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences12982
24Department of Civil Engineering1285768
24Department of Forest and Environmental Economics22811
26School of Architecture and Civil Engineering227810
26Department of Civil Engineering127204170
28Institute of Ecology and Conservation Biology1243062
29Groningen Institute for Evolutionary Life Sciences123131145
29College of Agriculture2232327
29Department of Civil Engineering1231424
29College of Environmental Science and Engineering1231419
33Faculty of Life Sciences122201296
33Department of Chemical Engineering122194242
33Institute of Disaster Risk Management and Food Security Studies12258
33School of Ecology and Nature Conservation1225746
37Faculty of Civil Engineering3213350
37Institute of Engineering121911
39Institute of Botany120208250
39Department of Civil Engineering2205591
41Department of Economics1191210
41Department of Geophysics and Meteorology119927
41Department of Zoology1192025
44Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering218829
44Department of Environmental Engineering118108143
44Department of Geography118131186
47School of Life Sciences11771105
47Department of Zoology117106150
49Ecosystem Management Research Group116717
49Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development11684128
49Department of Civil Engineering1165173
52Department of Biochemistry1151626
52Institute of Oceanography21556115
54Faculty of Geography1145577
54Faculty of Urban Construction and Environmental Engineering1142661
54Department of Geography and Environmental Studies21425
57Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering1132027
57Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry11336
59Institute for Limnology1122256
59Institute of Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology1126084
61Department of Geography111202339
61Department of Geography211624
61Faculty of Geography1113944
61Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization1116391
61Solomon Mahlangu College of Science and Education11139
61Institute of Environmental Engineering1112545
61School of Minerals Processing and Bioengineering211146276
61Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Food Science11166
69Faculty of Geology110104129
69Department of Biology110360522
69Institute of Geography1103547
69Department of Ecology1104387
69Faculty of Bioscience Engineering110590882
69Department of Biology110513612
69Department of Agricultural Engineering1105680
69Department of Agricultural Engineering1101223
69Department of Fishery11024
69Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection1102648
79Department of Limnology and Biological Oceanography2917
79Department of Biology19236401
79College of Civil Engineering192837
79Faculty of Agriculture19110168
79Department of Land Resource Management and Agricultural Technology191542
79School of Biology19312502
79Faculty of Civil Engineering195363
79Department of Agriculture1936
79Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture192534
79School of Energy and Power Engineering19187246
89College of Science and Engineering18267450
89Department of Geography184676
89School of Agriculture and Food Sciences18321517
89Faculty of Civil Engineering18117145
93Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology272974
93Faculty of Geology and Geoenvironment1796177
93Institute of Environmental Engineering271945
96Department of Biology16251446
96Faculty of Biology16315550
96Institute of Ecology1632
96School of Civil Engineering16164226
96Department of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering16410
101Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering2595239
101Faculty of Biology1545148
101School of Life Sciences15152295
101Faculty of Engineering15520
101Research Center for Limnology15416
106Department of Biology1483172
106Institute of Environmental and Chemical Engineering142554
106School of Environmental Studies14180312
106School of Biology14937
106Faculty of Agriculture142869
111Department of Infrastructure Engineering13272504
111Department of Medical Biochemistry1351124
111Institute of Physics1372113
111Faculty of Law and Administration13818
111Department of Environmental Biology13612
111Department of Civil Engineering13714
111Department of Chemistry132661
118Division of Biology12404681
118Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences121885
118Institute of Geology and Mineralogy1255121
118Faculty of Chemistry12339568
118Department of Biology1240115
118Department of Chemical Engineering12452753
118Department of Biology1284231
118Department of Geology124296
118Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology122345
118Department of Geology121130
118Department of Zoology22427
118Department of Chemical Engineering122565
118School of Forestry12126240
131Department of Engineering119721.7K
131Faculty of Engineering11107253
131Department of Life Sciences11312761
131Institute of Zoology111023
131Ministry of Education1153138
131Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Fishery Ecology and Environment111549
131Institute of Geography112449
131Department of Ecology1118
139Department of Zoology10474840
139Institute of Geology10423
139Institute of Geography10746
139Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology10302558
139Centre for Integrative Ecology10152322
139Faculty of Biology and Chemistry10945
139Faculty of Oceanography and Geography2026139
139Department of Biology103898
139Department of Oceanography and Ecology10421
139Institute of Biology and Earth Sciences101339
139Department of Life Sciences10254464