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1A review on lake eutrophication dynamics and recent developments in lake modelingEcohydrology and Hydrobiology2019142
2Food security in a changing climateEcohydrology and Hydrobiology2013127
3Rivers in the Anthropocene: Global scale modifications of riverine nutrient fluxes by dammingEcohydrology and Hydrobiology2016107
4Ecosystem-based water security and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)Ecohydrology and Hydrobiology2018102
5River Culture: an eco-social approach to mitigate the biological and cultural diversity crisis in riverscapesEcohydrology and Hydrobiology2016101
6Combined effect of soil bund with biological soil and water conservation measures in the northwestern Ethiopian highlandsEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201488
7Ecological conditions and ecosystem services of wetlands in the Lake Tana Area, EthiopiaEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201886
8A review of macroinvertebrate- and fish-based stream health indicesEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201581
9Climate change impacts on the hydrological cycleEcohydrology and Hydrobiology200880
10The role of ecohydrology in creating more resilient citiesEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201377
11Land-cover change dynamics and insights into ecosystem services in European stream riparian zonesEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201475
12Effects of water quantity on connectivity: the case of the upper Paraná River floodplainEcohydrology and Hydrobiology200972
13Assessment of soil erosion processes and farmer perception of land conservation in Debre Mewi watershed near Lake Tana, EthiopiaEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201070
14Nitrogen pollution removal from areas of intensive farming—comparison of various denitrification biotechnologiesEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201470
15The sustainable restoration of lakes—towards the challenges of the Water Framework DirectiveEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201468
16Enhancing the available water content in unsaturated soil zone using hydrogel, to improve plant growth indicesEcohydrology and Hydrobiology200867
17How vegetation can aid in coping with river management challenges: A brief reviewEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201866
18Resource use in the Parana River Delta (Argentina): moving away from an ecohydrological approach?Ecohydrology and Hydrobiology200864
19Identifying dam-induced wetland changes using an inundation frequency approach: The case of the Atreyee River basin of Indo-BangladeshEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201860
20Conducting hydraulic tracer studies of constructed wetlands: a practical guideEcohydrology and Hydrobiology200759
21Water quality trends in the Three Gorges Reservoir region before and after impoundment (1992–2016)Ecohydrology and Hydrobiology201958
22The water resource implications of planned development in the Lake Tana catchment, EthiopiaEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201054
23Kinetics and simulation of nitrification at various pH values of a polluted river in the tropicsEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201954
24Trace elements in aquatic environment. Origin, distribution, assessment and toxicity effect for the aquatic biotaEcohydrology and Hydrobiology202152
25Microplastics as contaminants in freshwater environments: A multidisciplinary reviewEcohydrology and Hydrobiology202050
26Flow regime alteration due to anthropogenic and climatic changes in the Kangsabati River, IndiaEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201449
27Land-sea connectivity, ecohydrology and holistic management of the Great Barrier Reef and its catchments: time for a changeEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201648
28Towards a sustainable management concept for ecosystem services of the Pantanal wetlandEcohydrology and Hydrobiology200847
29Biomonitoring as a prerequisite for sustainable water resources: a review of current status, opportunities and challenges to scaling up in East AfricaEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201347
30Domesticated ecosystems and novel communities: challenges for the management of large riversEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201145
31Ecohydrology: process-oriented thinking towards sustainable river basinsEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201344
32Is the hillslope position relevant for runoff and soil loss activation under high rainfall conditions in vineyards?Ecohydrology and Hydrobiology202044
33Ecohydrology and good urban design for urban storm water-logging in Beijing, ChinaEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201243
34Ecological engineering of floodplainsEcohydrology and Hydrobiology200842
35Biogeochemistry and biodiversity in a network of saline–alkaline lakes: Implications of ecohydrological connectivity in the Kenyan Rift ValleyEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201841
36Biosorption of Cd and Ni by inactivated bacteria isolated from agricultural soil treated with sewage sludgeEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201240
37Integration of SWAT and QUAL2K for water quality modeling in a data scarce basin of Cau River basin in VietnamEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201940
38The state of inland fisheries in Ethiopia: a synopsis with updated estimates of potential yieldEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201439
39Biochar – Potential tool to combat climate change and droughtEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201839
40Improving SVR and ANFIS performance using wavelet transform and PCA algorithm for modeling and predicting biochemical oxygen demand (BOD)Ecohydrology and Hydrobiology201738
41The Australian Murray-Darling Basin Plan: factors leading to its successful developmentEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201637
42Assessment of the effluent quality of wet coffee processing wastewater and its influence on downstream water qualityEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201837
43Ecohydrological principles to underpin the restoration of Cyperus papyrus at Lake Naivasha, KenyaEcohydrology and Hydrobiology200936
44SWAT based runoff and sediment yield modelling: a case study of the Gumera watershed in the Blue Nile basinEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201036
45Biofuel production from water hyacinth in the Pantanal wetlandEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201236
46The effect of PCB-contaminated sewage sludge and sediment on metabolism of cucumber plants (Cucumis sativus L.)Ecohydrology and Hydrobiology201436
47Model analysis of check dam impacts on long-term sediment and water budgets in Southeast Arizona, USAEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201636
48A biogeochemical barrier to enhance a buffer zone for reducing diffuse phosphorus pollution—preliminary resultsEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201335
49Provision of ecosystem services in the lagoon of Venice (Italy): an initial spatial assessmentEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201535
50Effect of vermicomposting on copper and zinc removal in activated sludge with special emphasis on temporal variationEcohydrology and Hydrobiology201535