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1Ten Equivalent Definitions of the Fractional Laplace OperatorFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis2017313
2Numerical methods for solving the multi-term time-fractional wave-diffusion equationFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis2013257
3A Review on Variable-Order Fractional Differential Equations: Mathematical Foundations, Physical Models, Numerical Methods and ApplicationsFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis2019218
4Fractional Calculus in Image Processing: A ReviewFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis2016193
5A survey on impulsive fractional differential equationsFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis2016184
6A finite element method for time fractional partial differential equationsFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis2011174
7Initial-boundary-value problems for the one-dimensional time-fractional diffusion equationFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis2012153
8On explicit stability conditions for a linear fractional difference systemFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis2015152
9Time-fractional diffusion equation in the fractional Sobolev spacesFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis2015147
10Spectral approximations to the fractional integral and derivativeFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis2012129
11Some pioneers of the applications of fractional calculusFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis2014128
12Models of Dielectric Relaxation Based on Completely Monotone FunctionsFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis2016125
13Some generalized fractional calculus operators and their applications in integral equationsFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis2012123
14An historical perspective on fractional calculus in linear viscoelasticityFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis2012116
15A fully Hadamard type integral boundary value problem of a coupled system of fractional differential equationsFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis2014114
16A Practical Guide to Prabhakar Fractional CalculusFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis2020114
17Fundamental solution of a distributed order time-fractional diffusion-wave equation as probability densityFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis2013113
18Too Much Regularity May Force Too Much UniquenessFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis2016113
19The Chronicles of Fractional CalculusFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis2017112
20Tuning and implementation methods for fractional-order controllersFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis2012107
21General time-fractional diffusion equation: some uniqueness and existence results for the initial-boundary-value problemsFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis2016103
22On the oscillation of fractional differential equationsFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis2012102
23A Lyapunov-type inequality for a fractional boundary value problemFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis201397
24Erdélyi-Kober fractional diffusionFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis201293
25On a fractional Zener elastic wave equationFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis201392
26A variable-order time-fractional derivative model for chloride ions sub-diffusion in concrete structuresFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis201391
27On a System of Fractional Differential Equations with Coupled Integral Boundary ConditionsFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis201591
28Why Fractional Derivatives with Nonsingular Kernels Should Not Be UsedFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis202088
29The maximal operator on weighted variable Lebesgue spacesFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis201187
30And I say to myself: “What a fractional world!”Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis201186
31Strong maximum principle for fractional diffusion equations and an application to an inverse source problemFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis201686
32Fuzzy fractional integral equations under compactness type conditionFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis201285
33A Survey of Lyapunov Functions, Stability and Impulsive Caputo Fractional Differential EquationsFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis201684
34Diffusion and Fokker-Planck-Smoluchowski Equations with Generalized Memory KernelFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis201583
35Existence of solutions to boundary value problem for impulsive fractional differential equationsFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis201482
36New spectral techniques for systems of fractional differential equations using fractional-order generalized Laguerre orthogonal functionsFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis201482
37Fractional Diffusion on Bounded DomainsFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis201582
38High-order approximation to Caputo derivatives and Caputo-type advection-diffusion equations (II)Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis201582
39Fractional Impulsive Differential Equations: Exact Solutions, Integral Equations and Short Memory CaseFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis201981
40On the asymptotic stability of linear system of fractional-order difference equationsFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis201380
41Invariant Subspace Method and Exact Solutions of Certain Nonlinear Time Fractional Partial Differential EquationsFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis201580
42Maximum principle and its application for the time-fractional diffusion equationsFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis201179
43Fractional calculus for power functions and eigenvalues of the fractional LaplacianFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis201279
44Fractional boundary value problems: Analysis and numerical methodsFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis201176
45On the existence of solutions of fractional integro-differential equationsFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis201276
46Existence of Mild Solutions for a Class of Hilfer Fractional Evolution Equations with Nonlocal ConditionsFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis201776
47From continuous time random walks to the generalized diffusion equationFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis201876
48An efficient parallel algorithm for the numerical solution of fractional differential equationsFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis201175
49Solving Fractional Delay Differential Equations: A New ApproachFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis201575
50On Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions for Semilinear Fractional Wave EquationsFractional Calculus and Applied Analysis201775