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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Institute of Mathematics and Informatics2942732
2Department of Mathematics642322
3Department of Statistics and Probability5387199
4Department of Mathematics635741
5Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering226915248
6Department of Mathematics42186415
7School of Mechanical Engineering1193182
7School of Engineering11936415
9Department of Mathematics518894
10Department of Mathematics117420744
11Department of Physics21573922
12College of Mechanics and Materials61546869
13Department of Mathematics1152361
14Department of Mathematics4119169154
15Department of Physics and Astronomy21185831
15College of Mathematics and Information Science3118129
17Department of Electrical and Information Engineering21163824
18Department of Mathematics1114608
19Faculty of Engineering1102545126
19School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering1102813434
21Department of Mathematics31015626
22Department of Mathematics499197
23Department of Mathematics2984717
24Department of Mathematics396369
25School of Mathematics38911671
26Department of Mathematics2845550
27Department of Physics1839761
27Institute for Physics and Astronomy18311
29Environmental Engineering and Applied Mathematics18242
30Department of Mathematics281219
31Institute for Physics and Astronomy1763229
32Department of Mathematics175286
33Department of Mathematics and Informatics6742319
34Department of Mechanics2721610
35College of Information Science and Engineering1714111
36Department of Mathematics16814054
37School of Medical Information Engineering167143
38Institute of Physics3665224
39School of Mathematics and Statistics264124
40Faculty of Physics and Mathematics26331
41Division of Applied Mathematics46297176
42School of Mathematics and Physics261164110
43Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences2602016
43School of Information and Electrical Engineering1605014
45Department of Mathematics1583216
46Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science3553310
47Faculty of Economics15454
48School of Mathematics2536828
49Department of Computer Science252187263
49Department of Mathematics352179187
51Department of Mathematics35098
52Department of Mathematics1492713
53Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics248122176
54Department of Mathematics1479143
54School of Mathematics and Statistics54788113
54Department of Mathematics4476394
57College of Mathematics and Information Science3463443
58Theoretical Physics Department24577
58Department of Mathematics2457054
60Faculty of Mathematics243101
60College of Aerospace Science and Engineering143266144
62School of Mathematics and Computer Science1414614
63Department of Mathematics and Statistics1401412
63Department of Mathematics and Statistics1409771
63Faculty of Engineering240435517
63Department of Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes1405140
67Department of Bioengineering139179192
68Department of Mathematics63735
69Institute of Mathematics2369664
69College of Civil Engineering1368955
69Department of Mathematics and Statistics2367746
72Department of Mathematics3352638
73Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics134188125
73Institut Computational Mathematics134105
73Faculty of Computer Science2343638
76Department of Mathematics2325267
76Arnold Sommerfeld Center for Theoretical Physics1323440
76Department of Mathematics332274444
76Department of Mechanical Engineering1326552
76Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science3321723
76Department of Mathematics3327583
76Department of Mathematics13297
76School of Mathematics and Statistics Central13244
76Faculty of Engineering13231
85Department of Mathematics and Computer Science1314124
86Institute of Mathematics1302613
86Department of Mathematics3304971
86Department of Mathematics23010078
89Department of Mathematics2295764
89Center for Numerical Simulation Software in Engineering and Sciences1291514
89Department of Mathematics and Statistics129118
89Department of Mathematics1293512
93Department of Mathematics1282934
93Department of Mathematics2284736
95Department of Mathematics1276450
96School of Technology and Management1264960
97Department of Engineering Sciences125301340
97Faculty of Education1258762
97School of Mathematics1259343
100Department of Mathematics and Statistics4242053
100Faculty of Electrical Engineering3241928
102College of Mathematics and Computer Science123152118
103Department of Biology122153228
103School of Computer Science22295134
103Department of Mathematics1228871
103School of Mathematics and Physics1224534
107Industrial Engineering School2211544
107Department of Applied Mathematics121171136
107Department of Applied Mathematics1216953
107Department of Mathematics and Statistics1218993
107Department of Mathematics and Statistics1216873
107Department of Mathematics and Computer Science2212139
113Department of Mathematics320253350
113Department of Mathematics120188168
115Department of Mechanical Engineering119301365
115Department of Mathematics2195356
117Faculty of Mathematics1185950
117Department of Electrical Engineering21852121
117Department of Mathematics1182718
117Department of Mathematics1183635
117Department of Mathematics and Statistics318711
117Department of Mathematics and Computer Science2181627
117Department of Mathematics and Statistics21890215
124Department of Mathematics and Statistics117210277
124Department of Mathematics1171624
126Department of Mathematics1167250
126Department of Mathematics2162143
126School of Mathematics and Statistics11652
129College of Engineering215123174
130Department of Basic and Applied Sciences for Engineering2141150
130Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science114117117
130Department of Applied Mathematics114227292
130Department of Mathematics61452176
134Institute of Nuclear Physics213130245
134Department of Mathematics and Statistics113119
134Statistics and Applied Mathematics11311
134Department of Mathematics1135356
134Department of Mathematics113917
139School of Mathematics112304337
139Faculty of Engineering and Architecture112142223
139Department of Electrical Energy11281136
139Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering112124189
139Department of Mathematics112107102
139Department of Mathematics1121119
139Department of Mathematics11242
139Department of Mathematics and Statistics11234
147School of Control Science and Engineering111281386
147Department of Mathematics1114625
147Department of Mathematics2112128
147School of Information Engineering111117
147Department of Mathematics1112922
147Department of Mathematics and Information Technology1116392
147Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science111710
147School of Electrical Engineering and Information1112119
147Faculty of Pure and Applied Mathematics2113763
156Department of Mathematics110128116
156Department of Mathematics1106781
156Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication21076186
156Department of Theoretical Physics11087
156Department of Mathematics and Physics110915
156Department of Applied Mathematics1102127
162Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics19133174
162Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science2996143
162School of Computer Science1970112
162School of Mathematics2991210
162Department of Mathematics19121133
162Department of Applied Mathematics194138
162School of Mathematics and Information Science4936101
162College of Mathematics and Systems Science19136163
162School of Mathematics and Statistics19110106
162Department of Applied Sciences191121
172Department of Mathematics187595
172Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences1846
172Department of Mathematical Analysis2843
172Faculty of Transport and Electrical Engineering1842
172Department of Mathematics1867
172Department of Mathematics1824
178Department of Mathematics176080
178Faculty of Business and Economics1772149
178Department of Physics1772100
178Department of Electricity1775
182Institute for Theoretical Physics166191
182Department of Mechanical Engineering16376628
182Department of Mathematics264267
182Department of Mathematics1624
186Department of Mathematics15192276
186Department of Mathematics and Statistics15240355
186Department of Mathematics15254381
186Department of Applied Mathematics1516
186Department of Mathematics2565157
186Department of Mathematics152020
186Department of Mathematics1579
186College of Engineering1569169
186Department of Applied Mathematics15911
186Department of Chemical Engineering153169
196Department of Mathematics and Statistics14235396
196Department of Computer Engineering142150
196Department of Mathematics14247461
196Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science141227
196Department of Biomedical Engineering141445
196Department of Mathematics241147
196Institute of Mathematics1445
196Department of Mathematics1437
196Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences144174
196Institute of Control Engineering1433
196School of Mathematics and Statistics14159216
196Department of Mathematics142630
196School of Mathematics and Statistics14202318
196School of Mathematics and Statistics144051
210Department of Mathematics233297
210School of Operations Research and Information Engineering1352115
210Center for Applied Mathematics1350144
210Department of Mechanical Engineering13386681
210Department of Mathematics1388209
210Department of Mathematics137221.1K
210Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science13138188
210Department of Applied Mathematics132044
210School of Mathematics and Statistics13184238
210Department of Mathematics and Statistics13211
210Institute of Mathematics13414
210Department of Mathematics2350163
210Department of Applied Mathematics133066
210Department of Mathematics1380133
210Department of Mathematics and Physics132139
210Department of Mathematics1388138
226Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics121417
226School of Mathematics and Statistics12147321
226Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science12117
226Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics122140
226School of Mathematics and Statistics12184271
226School of Mathematics and Statistics12284436
226Department of Mathematics123784
226Department of Mathematics12323489
226Department of Mathematics121940
226Department of Mathematics12151238
226Department of Applied Mathematics122564
226College of Mathematics and Computer Science1251111
226Department of Mathematics1227
226Department of Mathematics1298186
226Department of Mathematics and Statistics1246121
226Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering12265492
226Department of Mathematics1224
226Department of Mathematics and Statistics12510
244Department of Mechanical Engineering11194376
244Department of Applied Analysis and Computational Mathematics111232
244School of Mathematics and Computing Science1161144
244Institute for Industrial and Applied Mathematics1146
244Department of Mathematics113156
244Department of Mathematics and Statistics11139322
244Department of Mathematics11132249
244Department of Mathematics11720
244Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering11541
244Department of Mathematics11157238
244School of Mathematics and Statistics11212
244Department of Mathematics11417
244Department of Mathematics1139
244School of Applied Mathematics113766
244Department of Mathematics2166173
244Department of Mathematics2115
260Department of Mathematics and Statistics1025101
260Department of Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics1099193
260Department of Mathematics and Statistics1075190
260Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering10300609
260Institute of Mathematics10215346
260Department of Mathematics102751
260Faculty of Electronic Engineering10189380
260Faculty of Mathematics10824
260Department of Mathematics101147
260Department of Mathematics1058
260Institute of Applied Mathematics and Automation101115
260Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics10311
260School of Mathematics and Statistics1043105