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1Animal Models of Depression: Molecular PerspectivesCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2011394
2Food and Drug Reward: Overlapping Circuits in Human Obesity and AddictionCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2011339
3All About Running: Synaptic Plasticity, Growth Factors and Adult Hippocampal NeurogenesisCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2012293
4Epidemiology of Anxiety DisordersCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2009275
5Theoretical Frameworks and Mechanistic Aspects of Alcohol Addiction: Alcohol Addiction as a Reward Deficit DisorderCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2011252
6Females Are More Vulnerable to Drug Abuse than Males: Evidence from Preclinical Studies and the Role of Ovarian HormonesCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2010251
7Inflammation and DepressionCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2012239
8Theoretical Frameworks and Mechanistic Aspects of Alcohol Addiction: Alcohol Addiction as a Reward Deficit DisorderCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2011222
9MR Spectroscopic Studies of the Brain in Psychiatric DisordersCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2011198
10The Neuropathology of Huntington’s DiseaseCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2014189
11Roles of “Wanting” and “Liking” in Motivating Behavior: Gambling, Food, and Drug AddictionsCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2015177
12Role of the Kynurenine Metabolism Pathway in Inflammation-Induced Depression: Preclinical ApproachesCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2016168
13Functional Neuroanatomy of Anxiety: A Neural Circuit PerspectiveCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2009166
14Dopamine Signaling in the Nucleus Accumbens of Animals Self-Administering Drugs of AbuseCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2010166
15Neurogenetics of Aggressive Behavior: Studies in RodentsCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2013165
16Mechanisms Underlying Motivational Deficits in Psychopathology: Similarities and Differences in Depression and SchizophreniaCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2015159
17Hippocampal Pathology in SchizophreniaCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2010158
18Classic Hallucinogens and Mystical Experiences: Phenomenology and Neural CorrelatesCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2017152
19Inflammation-Associated Co-morbidity Between Depression and Cardiovascular DiseaseCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2016150
20Mesolimbic Dopamine and the Regulation of Motivated BehaviorCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2015149
21Cannabinoids and AnxietyCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2009146
22A Decade of Orexin/Hypocretin and Addiction: Where Are We Now?Current Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2016141
23Immune-to-Brain Communication Pathways in Inflammation-Associated Sickness and DepressionCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2016136
24Phenomenology, Structure, and Dynamic of Psychedelic StatesCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2016134
25Neurocognition in SchizophreniaCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2010133
26Obesity and ADHD: Clinical and Neurobiological ImplicationsCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2011129
27Hallucinogens and Serotonin 5-HT2A Receptor-Mediated Signaling PathwaysCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2017127
28Sensitization Processes in Drug AddictionCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2010124
29Genetic Models of Sensorimotor Gating: Relevance to Neuropsychiatric DisordersCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2011120
30Neurotrophins and Synaptic PlasticityCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2013119
31Cytokines, Oxidative Stress and Cellular Markers of Inflammation in SchizophreniaCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2019117
32Synaptic Effects Induced by AlcoholCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2010115
33Neuropharmacology of 3,4-Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), Its Metabolites, and Related AnalogsCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2016113
34Stress, Arousal, and SleepCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2014108
35The Importance of Early Experiences for Neuro-Affective DevelopmentCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2013108
36Synaptic Effects Induced by AlcoholCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2010107
37Sex Differences in Response to Stress and Expression of Depressive-Like Behaviours in the RatCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2010107
38Neurobiological Programming of Early Life Stress: Functional Development of Amygdala-Prefrontal Circuitry and Vulnerability for Stress-Related PsychopathologyCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2017107
39Eye Tracking Dysfunction in Schizophrenia: Characterization and PathophysiologyCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2010106
40Neurocircuity of Eating DisordersCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2010106
41The Paired Associates Learning (PAL) Test: 30 Years of CANTAB Translational Neuroscience from Laboratory to Bedside in Dementia ResearchCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2015103
42Translational Mouse Models of Autism: Advancing Toward Pharmacological TherapeuticsCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2015100
43Nicotine WithdrawalCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2015100
44Oxytocin and Social Relationships: From Attachment to Bond DisruptionCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences2017100
45Inflammation Effects on Brain Glutamate in Depression: Mechanistic Considerations and Treatment ImplicationsCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences201699
46Intraindividual Variability in ADHD and Its Implications for Research of Causal LinksCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences201197
47Oxytocin, Vasopressin, and the Motivational Forces that Drive Social BehaviorsCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences201597
48Roles of the Endocannabinoid System in Learning and MemoryCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences200997
49Prepulse Inhibition of the Startle Reflex: A Window on the Brain in SchizophreniaCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences201096
50Neurocircuitry Involved in the Development of Alcohol Addiction: The Dopamine System and its Access PointsCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences201196