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1Association of Periodontal Disease and Histologic Lesions in Multiple Organs from 45 DogsJournal of Veterinary Dentistry1996155
2The Modified Triadan System: Nomenclature for Veterinary DentistryJournal of Veterinary Dentistry1991149
3Association of Age and Body Weight with Periodontal Disease in North American DogsJournal of Veterinary Dentistry1994132
4Anaerobes in Periodontal Disease in the Dog: A ReviewJournal of Veterinary Dentistry1991129
5Periodontal Disease Burden and Pathological Changes in Organs of DogsJournal of Veterinary Dentistry2008107
6Lymph Node Staging of Oral and Maxillofacial Neoplasms in 31 Dogs and CatsJournal of Veterinary Dentistry2002102
7The Role of Tooth-brushing and Diet in the Maintenance of Periodontal Health in DogsJournal of Veterinary Dentistry199673
8Compliance with Oral Hygiene Recommendations following Periodontal Treatment in Client-Owned DogsJournal of Veterinary Dentistry199463
9Subgingival Bacteria - Comparison of Culture Results in Dogs and Cats with GingivitisJournal of Veterinary Dentistry199562
10Periodontal Health Status in a Colony of 109 CatsJournal of Veterinary Dentistry200962
11Craniofacial Development and Growth in the DogJournal of Veterinary Dentistry199260
12Comparison of Periodontitis and Root Replacement in Cat Teeth with Resorptive LesionsJournal of Veterinary Dentistry200259
13Long Term Effects of a Dental Hygiene Chew on the Periodontal Health of DogsJournal of Veterinary Dentistry199958
14Effects of a Dental Food on Plaque Accumulation and Gingival Health in DogsJournal of Veterinary Dentistry200257
15Measurement of Bite Force in Dogs: A Pilot StudyJournal of Veterinary Dentistry199557
16Chronic Gingivo-Stomatitis in Cats: Long-Term follow-up of 30 cases Treated by Dental ExtractionsJournal of Veterinary Dentistry199756
17Mandible and Mandibular First Molar Tooth Measurements in Dogs: Relationship of Radiographic Height to Body WeightJournal of Veterinary Dentistry200156
18Orbital Penetration Associated with Tooth ExtractionJournal of Veterinary Dentistry200355
19Feline Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Clinical Manifestations and Literature ReviewJournal of Veterinary Dentistry201555
20Localized Intrinsic Staining of Teeth Due to Pulpitis and Pulp Necrosis in DogsJournal of Veterinary Dentistry200154
21Molecular Detection of Human Periodontal Pathogens in Oral Swab Specimens from Dogs in JapanJournal of Veterinary Dentistry201152
22Association of age and body weight with periodontal disease in North American dogsJournal of Veterinary Dentistry199450
23Effect of Frequency of Brushing Teeth on Plaque and Calculus Accumulation, and Gingivitis in DogsJournal of Veterinary Dentistry201549
24Anaerobes in periodontal disease in the dog: a reviewJournal of Veterinary Dentistry199149
25Evidence-Based Veterinary Dentistry: A Systematic Review of Homecare for Prevention of Periodontal Disease in Dogs and CatsJournal of Veterinary Dentistry200548
26Efficacy of Cyclosporine for Chronic, Refractory Stomatitis in Cats: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blinded Clinical StudyJournal of Veterinary Dentistry201348
27Clinical Aspects of Rodent Dental AnatomyJournal of Veterinary Dentistry199547
28Pathophysiology and Management of Surgical and Chronic Oral Pain in Dogs and CatsJournal of Veterinary Dentistry200647
29Dentigerous Cyst in a DogJournal of Veterinary Dentistry199246
30Reduction in Accumulation of Plaque, Stain, and Calculus in Dogs by Dietary MeansJournal of Veterinary Dentistry199546
31Association of periodontal disease and histologic lesions in multiple organs from 45 dogsJournal of Veterinary Dentistry199646
32Oral Fractures in Dogs of Brazil — A Retrospective StudyJournal of Veterinary Dentistry200545
33Anatomical Variations in the Dentition of the Domestic CatJournal of Veterinary Dentistry199744
34Physical Examination and Radiographic Analysis to Detect Dental and Mandibular Bone Resorption in Cats: A Study of 81 Cases from NecropsyJournal of Veterinary Dentistry199543
35Orofacial Manifestations of High-Rise Syndrome in Cats: A Retrospective Study of 84 CasesJournal of Veterinary Dentistry201243
36Classification and Epidemiology of Traumatic Dentoalveolar Injuries in Dogs and Cats: 959 Injuries in 660 Patient Visits (2004–2012)Journal of Veterinary Dentistry201543
37Assessment of Vital Pulp Therapy for Nine Complicated Crown Fractures and Fifty-Four Crown Reductions in Dogs and CatsJournal of Veterinary Dentistry200142
38Use of Platelet-Rich Plasma and Platelet-Rich Fibrin in Dentistry and Oral Surgery: Introduction and Review of the LiteratureJournal of Veterinary Dentistry201942
39Clinical Aspects of Lagomorph Dental Anatomy: The Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)Journal of Veterinary Dentistry199541
40Locked Jaw Syndrome in Dogs and Cats: 37 Cases (1998–2005)Journal of Veterinary Dentistry200841
41Dental Caries in the DogJournal of Veterinary Dentistry199840
42Effective Periodontal Disease Control Using Dental Hygiene ChewsJournal of Veterinary Dentistry200540
43Effect of a New Dental Hygiene Chew on Periodontal Health in DogsJournal of Veterinary Dentistry199939
44Correlation of Diet, Other Chewing Activities and Periodontal Disease in North American Client-Owned DogsJournal of Veterinary Dentistry199638
45Structure of Peripheral Cementum of Normal Equine Cheek TeethJournal of Veterinary Dentistry200337
46Evaluation of Complete Blood Count Indices (NLR, PLR, MPV/PLT, and PLCRi) in Healthy Dogs, Dogs With Periodontitis, and Dogs With Oropharyngeal Tumors as Potential Biomarkers of Systemic Inflammatory ResponseJournal of Veterinary Dentistry201737
47Oral health assessment in dogs: parameters and methodsJournal of Veterinary Dentistry199436
48Clinical and Microbiological Effects of Oral Zinc Ascorbate Gel in CatsJournal of Veterinary Dentistry200135
49Nomenclature and Classification of Odontogenic Tumors — Part II: Clarification of Specific NomenclatureJournal of Veterinary Dentistry201434
50Aerobes in Periodontal Disease in the Dog: A ReviewJournal of Veterinary Dentistry199133