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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1School of Veterinary Medicine521,1272467
2School of Veterinary Medicine3836020101
3School of Veterinary Medicine3709176
4School of Veterinary Medicine567259516
5Institute of Anatomy24288
6School of Dentistry1395758
7Faculty of Medicine137626480
8Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine4352863
9Faculty of Veterinary Medicine228288422
9Western College of Veterinary Medicine428110273
11Faculty of Veterinary Medicine3261247
12Faculty of Health Sciences224178298
12School of Dentistry2241524
14Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine3213378
15School of Medicine and Public Health4207191.7K
16Faculty of Veterinary Medicine119145167
16Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service21911
18Faculty of Veterinary Medicine118101138
19Department of Veterinary Surgery and Anesthesiology217516
20Faculty of Veterinary Medicine115310349
20Faculty of Veterinary Medicine1156281
22School of Dentistry1145375
23School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science31352155
23School of Pharmacy113150234
25School of Dentistry11293141
25Dentistry and Oral Surgery31211
27School of Dentistry210206361
27School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science1103052
29Department of Surgery39624
29Department of Oral Pathology and Oral Biology192333
31Faculty of Veterinary Medicine184580
31Department of Community Dentistry18519
31College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences38130426
34Faculty of Veterinary Medicine1771121
34Department of Mechanical Engineering27164378
36Dentistry and Oral Surgery Department3612
36School of Veterinary Medicine3666267
36Institute of Dentistry16189332
39Department of Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology15106187
39Department of Surgery15360652
39School of Medicine156731.3K
42Faculty of Veterinary Medicine14124230
42Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service2413
42Department of Biological and Physical Sciences1414
45School of Dental Medicine1376159
45Institute of Molecular Life Sciences13105225
45Faculty of Veterinary Medicine2394293
45Department of Restorative Dentistry1343114
45Faculty of Pharmacy13106246
45Department of Surgery1361129
51Faculty of Veterinary Medicine12414
52Faculty of Veterinary Medicine11100262
52School of Dentistry11123303
52Department of Pathology1164152
52Department of Materials Engineering112567
52Faculty of Medicine11215510
52Department of Pathology111683
52Faculty of Veterinary Medicine1163151
59School of Dentistry1097227
59Center for Human Evolution Modeling Research102049
59Faculty of Veterinary Medicine1083238
59College of Medicine106381.3K
59Faculty of Veterinary Medicine1088207
59Department of Veterinary Anatomy103385
59Department of Veterinary Medicine1057158
59School of Dental Medicine10157333
59Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology1041127
59Department of Morphology1059