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1Prevalence of stress, anxiety, depression among the general population during the COVID-19 pandemic: a systematic review and meta-analysisGlobalization and Health20202,256
2Uneven dietary development: linking the policies and processes of globalization with the nutrition transition, obesity and diet-related chronic diseasesGlobalization and Health2006560
3Globalization of national surgical, obstetric and anesthesia plans: the critical link between health policy and action in global surgeryGlobalization and Health2020431
4Restrictions on antimicrobial use in food animal production: an international regulatory and economic surveyGlobalization and Health2013343
5Can the ubiquitous power of mobile phones be used to improve health outcomes in developing countries?Globalization and Health2006334
6Attitudes and behaviours of maternal health care providers in interactions with clients: a systematic reviewGlobalization and Health2015297
7COVID-19 in Africa: care and protection for frontline healthcare workersGlobalization and Health2020272
8Health in the sustainable development goals: ready for a paradigm shift?Globalization and Health2015263
9Mental health consequences of COVID-19 media coverage: the need for effective crisis communication practicesGlobalization and Health2021260
10An overview of cardiovascular risk factor burden in sub-Saharan African countries: a socio-cultural perspectiveGlobalization and Health2009247
11Masculinity as a barrier to men's use of HIV services in ZimbabweGlobalization and Health2011225
12Tackling Africa's chronic disease burden: from the local to the globalGlobalization and Health2010223
13Community health extension program of Ethiopia, 2003–2018: successes and challenges toward universal coverage for primary healthcare servicesGlobalization and Health2019208
14Food systems transformations, ultra-processed food markets and the nutrition transition in AsiaGlobalization and Health2016207
15A review of co-morbidity between infectious and chronic disease in Sub Saharan Africa: TB and Diabetes Mellitus, HIV and Metabolic Syndrome, and the impact of globalizationGlobalization and Health2009203
16Antibiotic resistance as a global threat: Evidence from China, Kuwait and the United StatesGlobalization and Health2006199
17Factors associated with psychological distress, fear and coping strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic in AustraliaGlobalization and Health2020198
18Mental health impacts among health workers during COVID-19 in a low resource setting: a cross-sectional survey from NepalGlobalization and Health2020196
19Bibliometric analysis of peer-reviewed literature on antimicrobial stewardship from 1990 to 2019Globalization and Health2021193
20Best practices in scaling digital health in low and middle income countriesGlobalization and Health2018182
21Medical tourism and policy implications for health systems: a conceptual framework from a comparative study of Thailand, Singapore and MalaysiaGlobalization and Health2011181
22The link between the West African Ebola outbreak and health systems in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone: a systematic reviewGlobalization and Health2017176
23The 'diagonal' approach to Global Fund financing: a cure for the broader malaise of health systems?Globalization and Health2008175
24Local suffering and the global discourse of mental health and human rights: An ethnographic study of responses to mental illness in rural GhanaGlobalization and Health2009154
25The health impacts of globalization: a conceptual frameworkGlobalization and Health2005150
26Characteristics of Indigenous primary health care service delivery models: a systematic scoping reviewGlobalization and Health2018148
27Economic impacts of health shocks on households in low and middle income countries: a review of the literatureGlobalization and Health2014147
28Mental burden and its risk and protective factors during the early phase of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic: systematic review and meta-analysesGlobalization and Health2021146
29The Economic impact of Non-communicable Diseases on households in IndiaGlobalization and Health2012144
30Global research trends of World Health Organization’s top eight emerging pathogensGlobalization and Health2017144
31Cardiovascular disease, diabetes and established risk factors among populations of sub-Saharan African descent in Europe: a literature reviewGlobalization and Health2009142
32Obesity stigma as a globalizing health challengeGlobalization and Health2018134
33Psychiatric symptoms, risk, and protective factors among university students in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic in ChinaGlobalization and Health2021131
34The development and reform of public health in China from 1949 to 2019Globalization and Health2019130
35Diabetes in Mexico: cost and management of diabetes and its complications and challenges for health policyGlobalization and Health2013129
36Value innovation: an important aspect of global surgical careGlobalization and Health2014129
37The mental health and wellbeing of first generation migrants: a systematic-narrative review of reviewsGlobalization and Health2016128
38The implications of trade liberalization for diet and health: a case study from Central AmericaGlobalization and Health2009127
39What are the barriers to scaling up health interventions in low and middle income countries? A qualitative study of academic leaders in implementation scienceGlobalization and Health2012127
40Investment in HIV/AIDS programs: Does it help strengthen health systems in developing countries?Globalization and Health2008126
41Corporate practices and health: a framework and mechanismsGlobalization and Health2018125
42Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on psychological well-being of students in an Italian university: a web-based cross-sectional surveyGlobalization and Health2021125
43Mobile health for non-communicable diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review of the literature and strategic framework for researchGlobalization and Health2014124
44Beyond pilotitis: taking digital health interventions to the national level in China and UgandaGlobalization and Health2017124
45Framing health and foreign policy: lessons for global health diplomacyGlobalization and Health2010123
46Developed-developing country partnerships: Benefits to developed countries?Globalization and Health2012121
47What is driving global obesity trends? Globalization or “modernization”?Globalization and Health2019120
48Challenges in diabetes management in Indonesia: a literature reviewGlobalization and Health2013119
49Theory and practice of social norms interventions: eight common pitfallsGlobalization and Health2018117
50An overview of the commercial determinants of healthGlobalization and Health2020117