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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Ecology and Ecosystem Management61512346
2Department of Limnology11453011
3Department of Biology412292148
4Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology41011721
5Department of Limnology26334
5Department of Biology163277246
5Institute of Botany3633047
8Department of Biology3591419
8Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology15911792
10Department of Botany and Hydrobiology15542
11Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection1542614
12Department of Microbiology and Ecology2531832
12Department of Invertebrate Zoology253117
14Institute for Limnology2521633
15Institute of Zoology2512747
16Institute of Groundwater Ecology2501832
17Department of Biology7462491
17Department of Zoology3461226
19Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture1459781
19Department of Animal Health and Management2453161
19Institute of Zoology3453278
22Institute of Vertebrate Biology4444397
23Department of Biology142251218
24Department of Life Sciences441112276
25Institute of Ecological Chemistry and Waste Analysis14098
25Department of Ecology1401520
25Department of Biology1404525
28Institute of Physical Geography and Environmental Planning1383319
28Department of Biology1381028
28Department of Oceanography and Limnology138147
31Department of Ecology and Vertebrate Zoology2362532
32Institute of Ecology and Conservation Biology335858
32Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection1357971
32Department of Zoology135109113
35Ecosystem Management Research Group134710
35Department of Biology134340357
35Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography134340301
35Department of Civil Engineering1345139
35Department of Zoology2348095
35Department of Geology1343233
41Department of Civil Engineering1331414
42Department of Chemistry1322917
42Department of Zoology1323443
42Department of Chemistry132180177
45Department of Ecology1311410
46School of Biology130312327
46Centre for Environmental Management23018
48Institute of Geography12967
48Department of Zoology12973
48Centre for Conservation Ecology and Environmental Science12978
51Institute of Biology228830
51College of Life Sciences1283430
53Institute of Inorganic Chemistry12799106
53Department of Biology22761107
55Cavanilles Institute of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology1265867
56Biomaterials and Biotechnology in Animal Health Lab1251529
57Department of Civil Engineering124126159
57Centre for Limnology3241235
57Faculty of Agriculture124118139
57Faculty of Agriculture124223208
57Game Management and Special Zoology124916
57Department of Zoology324134273
57Institute of General and Molecular Biology1242741
57Department of Biology124713
65Faculty of Agriculture and Horticulture1233975
65Department of Biology and Ecology of Fishes1233050
65Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences223161291
68Department of Zoology122163219
68Department of Environmental Engineering1225571
70Department of Earth Science12176100
70Institute of Ecology and Botany1213562
70Department of Biology121363489
70Institute of Aquatic Ecology1217590
70Department of Ecology and Zoology1211218
70Department of Biology121510
76Institute of Oceanography120172189
76Faculty of Biology220201359
76Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science1202926
76Department of Biology-Chemistry120816
76Department of Botany12034
81Institute for Geology1193849
81Department of Zoology119139186
81Department of Analytical Chemistry1194461
84Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection11822
85Institute of Biochemistry and Biology217117302
85Institute of Oceanography11793108
87Institute for Biochemistry and Biology11680148
87College of Life Sciences116110125
87Department of Molecular Biology116142238
87Institute of Geography1162425
91Department of Geosciences and Geography115180243
91Department of Biology215367800
91Department of Aquatic Ecology31516
91Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences1156887
91Chair of Hydrobiology and Fishery115815
96Faculty of Biology2141745
96Department of Physics and Technology114138176
96Department of Environmental Biology114130177
96Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology114232323
96Department of Chemistry and Bioscience114179256
96School of Environmental Studies114180232
96Department of Biology114147223
96Department of Biology1141031
96Department of Biology114514
105Department of Biology113137232
105Norwegian College of Fishery Science11399203
107Department of Environmental and Life Sciences1122850
108Geography Department11177154
108Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology111378543
108Institute of Zoology1113672
108Institute of Ecology11187170
108Faculty of Agriculture1112023
108Department of Biology111311
108Department of Biology11149
115Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection110325486
115Department of Limnology and Bio-Oceanography1102661
115Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management110279415
115Faculty of Biology11061141
115Department of Zoology110411
115Department of Biodiversity and Environmental Management1102564
115Department of Zoology1103957
122Department of Zoology19112172
122Institute of Geology1975103
122Department of Biology192043
122Department of Biology1981160
126Department of Ecology1897174
126Department of General Ecology and Limnology18925
126Department of Zoology1867129
126Department of Zoology and Entomology3877220
126Department of Geography18190304
126Department of Biology184591
126Department of Ecology and Resource Management38772
126Department of Plant Biology and Ecology184195
126Department of Zoology1869129
126Department of Zoology1867109
126Department of Geography18126232
126Department of Biology181329
126Faculty of Education181423
126Institute for Ecological Chemistry18820
126Faculty of Biology18815
141School of Resource and Environmental Management17125225
141Faculty of Biology1753132
141Ecology Department17113
141Western College of Veterinary Medicine17262429
141Institute of Zoology1767125
146Faculty of Agriculture1694182
146Faculty of Biology163667
146Department of Invertebrate Zoology and Limnology161620
146Faculty of Agrobioengineering and Animal Husbandry1689
150Faculty of Biology25211614
150Department of Biology and General Ecology15619
150Department of Ecology153674
150School of Pure and Applied Biology154896
150Graduate School of Science and Engineering15215382
150Department of Ecology151442
150Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences152168
150Department of Zoology152044
158Department of Biology1476175
158Institute for Global Food Security2487340
160Faculty of Biology13315605
160Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology13114294
160School of Life Sciences13408748
160Department of Biology131140
160School of Geography1364143
160Department of Zoology13716
166Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution1290153
166Biology Centre12147302
166Department of Zoology12268537
166Department of Biology122471
166Department of Biology12111
171Department of General Biology112190
171School of Medicine115161.1K
171Institute of Physics11150293
171School of Ecology and Environment211587
171Institute for Water Quality and Resource Management11721
171Department of Geography1160136
171Department of Zoology and Ecology111638
171Department of Zoology11109208