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Top Articles

1Restoration of submerged vegetation in shallow eutrophic lakes – A guideline and state of the art in GermanyLimnologica2006233
2Multimetric Macroinvertebrate Index Flanders (MMIF) for biological assessment of rivers and lakes in Flanders (Belgium)Limnologica2010226
3Flight distance of mosquitoes (Culicidae): A metadata analysis to support the management of barrier zones around rewetted and newly constructed wetlandsLimnologica2014216
4The red swamp crayfish Procambarus clarkii in Europe: Impacts on aquatic ecosystems and human well-beingLimnologica2016181
5Lake restoration studies: Failures, bottlenecks and prospects of new ecotechnological measuresLimnologica2008159
6Chlorophyll a concentration across a trophic gradient of lakes: An estimator of phytoplankton biomass?Limnologica2008145
7Assessing streams in Germany with benthic invertebrates: development of a practical standardised protocol for macroinvertebrate sampling and sortingLimnologica2004140
8Ecological classification of macrophytes and phytobenthos for rivers in Germany according to the water framework directiveLimnologica2004133
9Chemical composition and the nitrogen-regulated trophic state of Patagonian lakesLimnologica2007132
10Macrophytes and phytobenthos as indicators of ecological status in German lakes — a contribution to the implementation of the water framework directiveLimnologica2004119
11The high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids in Nannochloropsis limnetica (Eustigmatophyceae) and its implication for food web interactions, freshwater aquaculture and biotechnologyLimnologica2006114
12Critical phosphorus loading of different types of shallow lakes and the consequences for management estimated with the ecosystem model PCLakeLimnologica2008113
13Effects of nitrogen and phosphorus on phytoplankton composition and biomass in 15 subtropical, urban shallow lakes in Wuhan, ChinaLimnologica2011111
14The GW-Fauna-Index: A first approach to a quantitative ecological assessment of groundwater habitatsLimnologica2006103
15Assessing streams in Germany with benthic invertebrates: Development of a multimetric invertebrate based assessment systemLimnologica2004100
16Hydrogeomorphic types of glacially created kettle holes in North-East GermanyLimnologica200697
17Determinants of management preferences of recreational anglers in Germany: Habitat management versus fish stockingLimnologica200595
18Phytoplankton community in the tropical lake of Lagoa Santa (Brazil): Conditions favoring a persistent bloom of Cylindrospermopsis raciborskiiLimnologica200994
19Environmental changes in Chaohu Lake (southeast, China) since the mid 20th century: The interactive impacts of nutrients, hydrology and climateLimnologica201391
20First empirical study of freshwater microplastics in West Africa using gastropods from Nigeria as bioindicatorsLimnologica201991
21Key to the west palaearctic genera of stoneflies (plecoptera) in the larval stageLimnologica200489
22Macrophytes-cyanobacteria allelopathic interactions and their implications for water resources management—A reviewLimnologica201789
23Assessing streams in Germany with benthic invertebrates: selection of candidate metricsLimnologica200488
24Effects of clogging on stream macroinvertebrates: An experimental approachLimnologica200784
25Ecological water quality analysis of the Guayas river basin (Ecuador) based on macroinvertebrates indicesLimnologica201684
26Comparing modified biological monitoring working party score system and several biological indices based on macroinvertebrates for water-quality assessmentLimnologica200583
27Diatoms from the genus Achnanthidium in flowing waters of the Appalachian Mountains (North America): Ecology, distribution and taxonomic notesLimnologica200783
28The European research project on reed die-back and progression (EUREED)Limnologica199982
29European lake shores in danger — concepts for a sustainable developmentLimnologica200482
30Pit lakes of the Central German lignite mining district: Creation, morphometry and water quality aspectsLimnologica201079
31Fish in the littoral zone: ecology, threats and managementLimnologica200477
32Management options of invasive Elodea nuttallii and Elodea canadensisLimnologica201577
33Eutrophication and retention time affecting spatial heterogeneity in a tropical reservoirLimnologica201274
34Feeding and niche differentiation in three invasive gobies in the Lower Rhine, GermanyLimnologica201372
35Cyanobacterial toxins in Italian freshwatersLimnologica200970
36Horizontal distribution and transport processes of bloom-forming Microcystis in a large shallow lake (Taihu, China)Limnologica201069
37Short time-scale impacts of hydropeaking on benthic invertebrates in an Alpine stream (Trentino, Italy)Limnologica201069
38Differential piscivory of the native Percichthys trucha and exotic salmonids upon the native forage fish Galaxias maculatus in Patagonian Andean lakesLimnologica200766
39Effects of human disturbance and riparian conditions on Odonata (Insecta) assemblages in eastern Amazon basin streamsLimnologica201765
40Alien aquatic plants in a thermally abnormal river and their assembly to neophyte-dominated macrophyte stands (River Erft, Northrhine-Westphalia)Limnologica200564
41Macrophyte trophic indicator values from a European perspectiveLimnologica200764
42Phytoplankton dynamics and cyanobacterial dominance in Murchison Bay of Lake Victoria (Uganda) in relation to environmental conditionsLimnologica201163
43Bloom-forming cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins in Argentina: A growing health and environmental concernLimnologica201861
44Importance of aquatic macrophyte for invertebrate diversity in large subtropical reservoirLimnologica200759
45Hydrodynamic-phytoplankton model for short-term forecasts of phytoplankton in Lake Taihu, ChinaLimnologica201259
46Lake victoria: The water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes [Mart.] Solms), its socio-economic effects, control measures and resurgence in the Winam gulfLimnologica200458
47Abiotic typology of Polish lakesLimnologica200558
48Temporal changes in zooplankton species diversity in response to environmental changes in an alluvial valleyLimnologica201358
49Managed water levels and the expansion of emergent vegetation along a lakeshoreLimnologica200457
50Type-specific and indicator taxa of phytoplankton as a quality criterion for assessing the ecological status of Finnish boreal lakesLimnologica200457