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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1School of Medicine28295572
2School of Medicine11181218
3School of Medicine5106212
4Keck School of Medicine9904161.1K
5School of Medicine689716
6Department of Clinical Medicine378839
7Department of Internal Medicine371519
8Department of Radiology154218167
9Health Sciences Center2452121
10School of Medicine343191316
11School of Medicine44220104
12Department of Surgery and Orthopedics13975
13Faculty of Information Engineering and Automation1378935
14School of Nursing13532
15Graduate Program in Pulmonology23013
16Department of Pharmacy1296057
17Department of Pathology42789364
17Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry1274165
17Centre for Primary Care and Public Health1272135
20Faculty of Medicine126682749
20Division of Molecular Biology and Human Genetics12696126
20Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences126450388
20Department of Surgery1266157
24School of Medicine225737
24Department of Pulmonology12511
26School of Medicine119247347
26Department of Surgery1191617
28Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology118106157
29Department of Radiology216411
29Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics116410626
31Faculty of Medicine115205209
31Faculty of Medicine1156874
33Department of Internal Medicine114275323
33Istanbul Medical Faculty114400522
35Department of Pharmacology1133281
35Department of Physiology1134197
35Department of Internal Medicine113208366
35Department of Pharmacology113294454
35School of Medicine113533779
40School of Public Health112229348
40Department of Epidemiology11266126
40Department of Pulmonology11212
40Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center11236
44School of Medicine1119701.4K
45Department of Medical110119179
46Faculty of Medicine19231353
46Department of Pediatrics192141
46Department of Chemistry192353
46Faculty of Medicine192443
50Faculty of Medicine18413480
51Hospital das Clínicas17415
51Department of Radiology1787166
53Department of Nuclear Medicine161128
53Department of Internal Medicine16412
55School of Medicine2519
55Department of Surgery151012
55Department of Respiratory Medicine152555
55Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology15514
55Department of Physiology15613
60School of Medicine14585982
60School of Medical Sciences14115334
60Department of Epidemiology142148
60School of Medicine14117260
60School of Medicine1430124
60Department of Pulmonology1422
66School of Psychology13188371
66Department of Internal Medicine131464
66College of Health Sciences1385219
69Department of Mathematics12140284
69Medical School1229
69School of Nursing121121
69School of Medicine12249550
69Faculty of Medicine126431.0K
69Faculty of Medicine126731.3K
69Department of Oncology12719
76Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine11316755
76Department of General Practice1183216
76Department of General Practice1169184
76Department of Nuclear Medicine1147106
76Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine1195246
76Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine111956
82Department of Radiology1046135
82Department of Critical Care Medicine101531
82Faculty of Health and Life Sciences10182543
82Department of Radiology101661