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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Stanford Law School1265152
2Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering120114043
3Department of Civil Engineering119014534
4Centre for World Food Studies216012
5Department of Economics and Finance11225934
6Department of Geography410767128
7Department of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering1965526
8Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology193405252
9Institute of Development Studies27089116
10Department of Geography and Geology2685179
11Department of Agricultural Economics and Business Management16552
12International Centre of Water for Food Security26136
13Department of Nuclear Energy16074
14Department of Agricultural Economics15821
15Institute of Ecology and Environmental Studies155227
16College of Architecture and Environment251155140
17College of Agriculture and Life Sciences148132129
17Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering148170189
19School of Geography139313306
20Department of Applied Mathematics III1381020
20Department of Geomatics Engineering and Land Management13812
22Department of Anthropology1353835
23Department of Economics133108
23College of Forestry133105115
25Department of Management Studies23263107
26Department of Economics and Resource Management1311430
26Department of Economics1312728
28Department of Geography130145138
29Institute of Geography1284267
30School of Economics1272723
30Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics2273175
32School of Tourism Management126713
32Department of Geography1263551
32School of Economics and Management12631
35Department of Political Science125106
35Department of Mineral and Energy Economics12544
35Faculty of Integrated Development Studies12547
35Division of Plant Pathology1256268
39Department of Sociology12478102
40Department of Humanities and Social Sciences2222247
40Faculty of Economics and Business1223712
40Ecosystem Management12283101
43Department of Agricultural Economics1217485
43Norwegian College of Fishery Science12199179
45Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy2201838
45Department of Development Studies12054
45Department of Social and Economic Geography1201631
45Centre for Energy Research and Development2201020
49Institute of Development Studies1181523
49Department of Economics2181955
51Department of Civil Engineering1174353
52Institute for Public Economics11534
52Centre for Energy41514
54Department of Geography114292447
54Faculty of Law1145546
54Energy Planning Program1141834
54Faculty of Geography1146886
54Department of Geology1143236
54Department of Economics11439
54Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences114826
61Department of Human Geography1134880
61Institute of Geography113112196
61Institute of International Law11321
61Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences1132141
65Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology1124379
65Department of Anthropology11299198
65Department of Economics1123155
65Department of Agricultural Economics112104174
69School of Management and Economics211144317
69Department of Geography111417
71Department of Anthropology11014
71School of Physics110436595
71Department of Physics11090146
71Department of Economics1105871
75Business School2949144
75College of Business195686
77Department of Geography181839
77Division of Economics and Business281774
77School of Nursing and Midwifery18107161
77Department of Geography184390
81School of Engineering17227406
81Department of Environmental Management17719
81Department of Geography2726
84Department of Political Science16177282
84Department of Geography164597
84Department of Political Science1635
84School of Economics16122239
88Department of Geography1577169
88Department of Civil Engineering1569117
88Department of Humanities and Social Sciences1591193
88School of Economics and Finance1596200
88Department of Economics15312
88Department of Economics152348
88School of Economics and Management15615
88Socio-Anthropology and Communication for Rural Development1514
88Environmental Economics Programme1524
88Department of Humanities and Social Sciences153070
88School of Economics and Management152957
88Department of Agricultural Extension Education and Communication1512
100Department of Geography14921
100Department of Biology14359619
100Department of Forest Resources Management1490174
100Department of Geography143871
100Department of Geography and Regional Planning141951
100School of Management14232447
100Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness142262
100School of Management and Economics14135231
100College of Management142965
100College of Economics143376
110Department of Economics133892
110Cardiff Business School13266489
110Institute for Environmental Studies13165324
110Department of Chemical Engineering131233
110Department of Agriculture and Enterprise Development1314
110Department of Chemistry1391189
110Department of Chemical Engineering132763
110Department of Geography and Resource Development1351133
118Department of Economics122660
118School of Social Sciences121047
118Institute for Development Studies12729
118Department of Economics121956
118School of Social Work121442
123Department of Textiles and Consumer Economics21728
123Department of Business Administration1157143
123College of Food Science1197212
123Department of Geology114792
123School of Public Health111253
123Business School11218401
123Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences11134325
130Department of Geography10186412
130Department of Political Science1061154
130Department of Economics1053130
130Department of Economics1059137
130Department of Economics and Finance10822
130Department of Physics10152279