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Top Articles

1Economics of salt‐induced land degradation and restorationNatural Resources Forum2014762
2Macro‐scale water scarcity requires micro‐scale approachesNatural Resources Forum1989571
3A concept for simultaneous wasteland reclamation, fuel production, and socio-economic development in degraded areas in India: Need, potential and perspectives of Jatropha plantationsNatural Resources Forum2005389
4Using public procurement to achieve social outcomesNatural Resources Forum2004332
5The Water Poverty Index: Development and application at the community scaleNatural Resources Forum2003328
6Watershed protection: Capturing the benefits of nature's water supply servicesNatural Resources Forum2005265
7Sustaining Asia’s groundwater boom: An overview of issues and evidenceNatural Resources Forum2003235
8Water and economic development: The role of variability and a framework for resilienceNatural Resources Forum2006201
9The resource curseNatural Resources Forum2005200
10The sustainable intensification of agricultureNatural Resources Forum1997197
11A new approach to sustainable tourism development: Moving beyond environmental protectionNatural Resources Forum2003196
12Forestry‐based carbon sequestration projects in Africa: Potential benefits and challengesNatural Resources Forum2008194
13Global and regional potential of wastewater as a water, nutrient and energy sourceNatural Resources Forum2020190
14Criteria for equitable allocations: the heart of international water conflictNatural Resources Forum1999182
15Stakeholder analysis for natural resource management in developing countriesNatural Resources Forum1995177
16Small-scale mining and its socio-economic impact in developing countriesNatural Resources Forum2002173
17Vulnerability of the South African farming sector to climate change and variability: An indicator approachNatural Resources Forum2010173
18Adapting to climate variability: Pumpkins, people and policyNatural Resources Forum2006151
19Corporate social responsibility, partnerships, and institutional change: The case of mining companies in South AfricaNatural Resources Forum2004145
20Adoption of sustainable agriculture practices: Evidence from a semi‐arid region of EthiopiaNatural Resources Forum2009145
21Sharing waters: Post‐Rio international water managementNatural Resources Forum2003140
22Critical review of Integrated Water Resources Management: Moving beyond polarised discourseNatural Resources Forum2009138
23Integrated rice-fish culture: Coupled production saves resourcesNatural Resources Forum2005130
24The policy challenges for green economy and sustainable economic developmentNatural Resources Forum2011122
25Mining with communitiesNatural Resources Forum2001120
26The decline of a regional fishing nation: The case of Ghana and West AfricaNatural Resources Forum2004118
27Towards water security: political determination and human adaptation crucialNatural Resources Forum1998113
28Putting the cart before the horse: Water governance and IWRMNatural Resources Forum2011109
29The miombo woodlands at the cross roads: Potential threats, sustainable livelihoods, policy gaps and challengesNatural Resources Forum2009108
30Abandoned artisanal gold mines in the Brazilian Amazon: A legacy of mercury pollutionNatural Resources Forum2002107
31Wetland cultivation and hydrological management in eastern Africa: Matching community and hydrological needs through sustainable wetland useNatural Resources Forum2003107
32Troubles on the way: An analysis of the challenges faced by multi-stakeholder platformsNatural Resources Forum2006106
33Towards sustainable development? The evolution of environmental policy in MalaysiaNatural Resources Forum2006103
34The potential of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.) in AfricaNatural Resources Forum200797
35The transformation and successful development of small‐scale mining enterprises in developing countriesNatural Resources Forum199396
36Green procurement in the Asian public sector and the Hong Kong private sectorNatural Resources Forum201093
37The practice of participatory research and gender analysis in natural resource managementNatural Resources Forum200491
38Adoption of renewable soil fertility replenishment technologies in the southern African region: Lessons learnt and the way forwardNatural Resources Forum200791
39Success factors in community based natural resources management in northern Botswana: Lessons from practiceNatural Resources Forum200581
40Factors affecting the adoption of multiple climate‐smart agricultural practices in the Indo‐Gangetic Plains of IndiaNatural Resources Forum201880
41Lessons from the history of technological change for clean energy scenarios and policiesNatural Resources Forum201179
42Building resilience to drought in desertification‐prone savannas in Sub‐Saharan Africa: The water perspectiveNatural Resources Forum200878
43Irrigation water management policies: Allocation and pricing principles and implementation experienceNatural Resources Forum200477
44Safeguarding livelihoods or exacerbating poverty? Artisanal mining and formalization in West AfricaNatural Resources Forum201176
45Environmental leapfrogging in developing countries: A critical assessment and reconstructionNatural Resources Forum200375
46Fog collection's role in water planning for developing countriesNatural Resources Forum199474
47The evolution of community water governance in Uchira, Tanzania: The implications for equality of access, sustainability and effectivenessNatural Resources Forum200674
48Salt‐induced land and water degradation in the Aral Sea basin: A challenge to sustainable agriculture in Central AsiaNatural Resources Forum200974
49Artisanal mining: an economic stepping stone for womenNatural Resources Forum199667
50Women and natural resource management: Illustrations from India and NepalNatural Resources Forum200567