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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology86560210
2Department of Computer Science and Technology249227194
2School of Economics and Management349113150
4School of Geography431133336
5Department of Engineering730278972
6Department of Energy Technology102354157
7Department of Physics521132401
7Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering1121131542
7Department of Civil Engineering52152196
10Department of Chemistry5192195
11Graduate School of Engineering718331973
12Geo and Environmental Engineering2171969
13Department of Physics32167179
14Department of Physics514179497
14School of Mathematics and Physics22149279
14School of Physical Sciences91429179
17Department of Chemical Engineering191218299
17Department of Chemistry512164448
19Division of Electricity1103458
19Department of Engineering Sciences110301459
19School of Resources and Environmental Engineering51034166
22Department of Chemistry49157507
22Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science7944224
22Division of Physics and Applied Physics9946226
25Department of Physics5855193
25Department of Physics4874218
25Department of Physics and Astronomy1891134
25Institute of Physical Chemistry581583
25Department of Physics and Astronomy4823154
30Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering3659292
30Institute for Physical Chemistry261453
30Department of Chemical Engineering16467724
30School of Physics and Astronomy22627342
30Department of Theoretical Physics56858
30Department of Physics4643160
30Department of Physics7617137
37Department of Chemical Engineering6586454
37Department of Geography and Regional Research856114
37Department of Mechanical Engineering15258475
37Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering4528144
37School of Chemistry75155798
37Department of Physics25100263
37Department of Chemistry8563389
44Department of Applied Physics21444335
44College of Engineering443391.1K
44Department of Physics13448357
44Department of Materials Science and Engineering54159503
44Department of Physics34115373
44Interface Analysis Centre845160
44Department of Physics641898
44Department of Modern Mechanics24169382
44Department of Mechanical Engineering14314526
44Department of Chemistry11449440
54Department of Mechanical Engineering53172680
54Department of Chemistry237201.5K
54Department of Physics4339307
54Department of Physics13365480
54Department of Architecture and Built Environment2350124
54Faculty of Engineering23358932
54Department of Physics1342112
54Department of Mechanical Engineering23206545
54Geochemistry Department231754
54Applied Physical Geography3314
64Department of Astronomy3251104
64Institute of Geophysics1296182
64Department of Chemical Engineering22326648
64Department of Thermal Engineering12193332
64Department of Chemistry7299543
64Department of Chemical Engineering12183352
64Institute of Applied Physics192260
64Department of Bioengineering125741.1K
64Institute of Process Engineering12589880
64Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics12101222
64School of Chemical Engineering12290503
64Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering22190507
64Faculty of Aerospace Engineering22190526
64Department of Physics10283482
64Department of Chemistry12292496
64Centre for Astrophysics and Planetary Science122136
64Department of Physics12170328
81Institute for Particle Physics101976
81Department of Physics41130560
81Department of Chemistry6193574
81College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering61225807
81Department of Engineering Mechanics41236680
81Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering21164427
81Institute of Solid State Physics511159
81Institute of Geography2126145
81Department of Physics1714232
81Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry117191.2K
81Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering41541
81Department of Physics20162419
81School of Computer Science2157230
81Institute of Electrical Engineering6152387
81Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology31155543
81College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering3114
81Institute of Physics71246769
81Institute of Physics5133231
81School of Physics21201473
81Department of Physics61148572
81Department of Materials Science and Engineering5194390
81Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering8133437
81Department of Physics and Astronomy3153242
81College of Civil Engineering11614
81Department of Chemistry31140513
81School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology2155192
81Department of Physics and Astronomy4128144
81Department of Wind Energy5134225
81Department of Physics8128312
81Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics11133319
81Department of Chemistry and Earth Sciences816172
81Institute of Chemistry4177538
81Department of Chemistry1117
114Institute for Solid State Physics40180470
114Faculty of Engineering10525847
114Institute for Theoretical Physics7019120
114Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology20224584
114Department of Physics4036157
114School of Physics30291719
114School of Chemical Biology and Biotechnology2024104
114College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering10179360
114Department of Chemistry50246814
114Department of Engineering Physics7062482
114Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology10224453
114Faculty of Mathematics and Physics801901.3K
114Department of Physics30144404
114Department of Chemistry10383739
114Electrical Engineering Division10107246
114Department of Mathematics50133548
114Department of Physics13036266
114Department of Physics and Astronomy10170340
114Department of Astronomy2051103
114Department of Physics and Astronomy10135234
114Institute for Theoretical Physics4026166
114School of Physics and Astronomy10119200
114Faculty of Engineering and the Environment10281659
114Research School of Physics and Engineering101979
114Department of Nuclear Physics104395
114Department of Physics4097371
114Department of Chemistry50110542
114Institute for Astrophysics10814
114Institute of Optics and Quantum Electronics104172
114Nonequilibrium Chemical Physics30220
114Department of Chemical Engineering1080175
114Materials and Process Simulation Center2056170
114Institute for Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics102448
114Faculty of Physics40108472
114Department of Physics and Astronomy2060166
114Department of Physics10179345
114Department of Chemistry20352842
114Department of Physics1001901.1K
114Department of Physics and Astronomy30164468
114Department of Life Sciences20266815
114Department of Physics11067648
114Department of Chemistry40181801
114Department of Physics30104306
114Department of Physics and Astronomy5035233
114Department of Physics and Astronomy8098563
114Department of Chemistry30279838
114Department of Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry201362
114Department of Astronomy30411
114Department of Physics10163326
114School of Physics and Astronomy9033285
114Department of Chemistry20389979
114Faculty of Physical Sciences10835
114Department of Earth Physics and Astrophysics10619
114School of Chemistry20196511
114School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering5078447
114Department of Physics and Astronomy4056259
114Department of Physics4075347
114Institute of Condensed Matter Physics201364
114Department of Physics and Astronomy8052359
114Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science7032381
114Department of Chemistry30237708
114Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology102699
114School of Electrical Engineering6056441
114Department of Physics10174312
114Department of Chemistry20236505
114Department of Materials and Life Sciences40119
114Institute of Physics50183685
114Department of Analytical Chemistry6026196
114Department of Chemistry40212813
114Department of Physics2077255
114Department of Physics20173520
114School of Electrical and Information Engineering30107400
114School of Chemistry10359681
114Department of Physics10287496
114School of Mechanical Engineering403341.0K
114Institute of Zoology107061.2K
114Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry10441750
114Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics10257419
114Institute of Geology and Geophysics40217708
114Department of Physics1091185
114Department of Physics6082278
114Department of Chemistry30161421
114Department of Civil Engineering40129606
114Department of Condensed Matter Physics70130
114Department of Mechanical Engineering40201880
114Research Center for Nuclear Physics4034122
114Institute for Theoretical Physics601883
114Department of Physics3072252
114Department of Mechanical Engineering303901.2K
114Department of Chemistry10486839
114Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering20276682
114Department of Physics and Astronomy10100187
114Biomedical Engineering Group102857
114Space Physics and Engineering Research30627
114Department of Physics and Astronomy30109345
114Department of Geography20147509
114Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering30123519
114Department of Physics20197421
114Department of Physics40177615
114Advanced Water Management Centre2052162
114School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences40167845
114School of Architecture and Design100117
114Department of Physics5088398
114Department of Electronic Engineering1064194
114Faculty of Engineering107531.2K
114Department of Chemistry10241434
114Department of Physics10104223
114Department of Physics40128372
114Department of Physics and Astronomy4052250
114Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at the Microscale9033358
114Department of Physics and Astronomy4093351
114School of Information Systems40479
114Curtin Business School4012344
114School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences3071249
114Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics50696
114Department of Physics and Astronomy4078311
114Department of Physics6093385
114Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics202263
114Department of Physics and Astronomy10146265
114School of Energy and Environmental Engineering4069342
114Department of Physics and Astronomy20157372
114Department of Physics40102337
114Department of Construction and Manufacturing Engineering5020159
114Department of Theoretical Physics105089
114Department of Advanced Robotics3017103
114Department of Chemistry20100392
114Department of Mechanical Engineering10932
114Christie Medical Physics and Engineering20930
114Department of Physics and Astronomy1089164
114Chair of Engineering Geology20113