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1Advances in K-means ClusteringSpringer Theses2012201
2Sophisticated Construction of Au Islands on Pt–Ni: An Ideal Trimetallic Nanoframe CatalystSpringer Theses2016145
3Fractional-order Modeling and Control of Dynamic SystemsSpringer Theses2017102
4Thermospheric Density and Wind Determination from Satellite DynamicsSpringer Theses2012100
5The Local Information Dynamics of Distributed Computation in Complex SystemsSpringer Theses201362
6Rare Earth ElementsSpringer Theses201362
7Real-time Speech and Music Classification by Large Audio Feature Space ExtractionSpringer Theses201661
8BMS Particles in Three DimensionsSpringer Theses201750
9Aspects of Scattering Amplitudes and Moduli Space LocalizationSpringer Theses202048
10Network Identification via Node KnockoutSpringer Theses201447
11FOMCON: Fractional-Order Modeling and Control ToolboxSpringer Theses201746
12Limits, Modeling and Design of High-Speed Permanent Magnet MachinesSpringer Theses201343
13Cluster Analysis and K-means Clustering: An IntroductionSpringer Theses201242
14Double-Gyroid-Structured Functional MaterialsSpringer Theses201342
15Structured Light FieldsSpringer Theses201239
16Amplitude Modulation of Pulsation Modes in Delta Scuti StarsSpringer Theses201738
17Semi-supervised Learning for Neural Machine TranslationSpringer Theses201936
18Landslide Analysis and Early Warning SystemsSpringer Theses201235
19GPS Stochastic ModellingSpringer Theses201335
20Product of Random Stochastic Matrices and Distributed AveragingSpringer Theses201235
21Control of Complex Nonlinear Systems with DelaySpringer Theses201034
22Fundamental Tests of Physics with Optically Trapped MicrospheresSpringer Theses201333
23Tensorial Methods and Renormalization in Group Field TheoriesSpringer Theses201433
24Symmetry Properties in Transmission Lines Loaded with Electrically Small ResonatorsSpringer Theses201633
25Analysis of the Electric Dipole Moment in the R-parity Violating Supersymmetric Standard ModelSpringer Theses201432
26Dynamics of Quantum Dot LasersSpringer Theses201431
27Planar Metamaterial Based Microwave Sensor Arrays for Biomedical Analysis and TreatmentSpringer Theses201430
28Coarse-Grained Modelling of DNA and DNA Self-AssemblySpringer Theses201229
29Topological States on Interfaces Protected by SymmetrySpringer Theses201529
30The Development of an Integrated Planning and Decision Support System (IPDSS) for Land ConsolidationSpringer Theses201428
31Rediscovering the WorldSpringer Theses201327
32Thermodynamics of Information Processing in Small SystemsSpringer Theses201327
33Smartphone-Based Human Activity RecognitionSpringer Theses201527
34Nonlinear and Nonequilibrium Dynamics of Quantum-Dot Optoelectronic DevicesSpringer Theses201526
35Charge and Spin Transport in Disordered Graphene-Based MaterialsSpringer Theses201626
36Community Structure of Complex NetworksSpringer Theses201325
37Joint Training for Pivot-Based Neural Machine TranslationSpringer Theses201925
38Ultrathin Metal Transparent Electrodes for the Optoelectronics IndustrySpringer Theses201324
39Decoding ComplexitySpringer Theses201324
40Agreement-Based Joint Training for Bidirectional Attention-Based Neural Machine TranslationSpringer Theses201924
41Rare Earth Elements: What and Where They AreSpringer Theses201323
42Dynamics of a Quantum Spin LiquidSpringer Theses201623
43Metrology and Physical Mechanisms in New Generation Ionic DevicesSpringer Theses201623
44New Perspectives on Surface Passivation: Understanding the Si-Al2O3 InterfaceSpringer Theses201622
45Cooperative Coordination and Formation Control for Multi-agent SystemsSpringer Theses201822
46Macroscopic Matter Wave InterferometrySpringer Theses201421
47A Conceptual Model for Designing Recycled Aggregate Concrete for Structural ApplicationsSpringer Theses201521
48Quantum Systems under Gravitational Time DilationSpringer Theses201721
49Statistical Methods for Spoken Dialogue ManagementSpringer Theses201321
50Tunneling Dynamics in Open Ultracold Bosonic SystemsSpringer Theses201521