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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering114918960
2School of Aerospace Engineering221451050
3Department of Mathematics1111276115
4Department of Mechanical Engineering198376261
5School of Civil Engineering49186101
6Department of Aerospace Engineering887616
7Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering3779587
8Department of Aerospace Engineering6743457
9Department of Mechanical Engineering4701950
10Center for Control Theory and Guidance Technology3623434
11Department of Civil Engineering454817
12Department of Mechanical Engineering2475355
13Department of Aerospace Engineering5463674
14Department of Aerospace Engineering6401243
15Department of Aerospace Engineering239141152
16School of Civil Engineering and Architecture2381713
17Department of Aerospace Engineering129101117
17Department of Aerospace Engineering7291156
19Department of Mechanical Engineering328117180
20Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering124312319
20Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering124518
20Department of Civil Engineering32492191
23Department of Applied Mechanics1233038
24Department of Aeronautical and Vehicle Engineering1203748
24Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering220120228
26State Key Laboratory of Robotics and System219513
26Department of Aerospace Engineering1193825
26Department of Civil Engineering1194138
29Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering21861152
29School of Aerospace Engineering41876216
31Department of Civil Engineering116194223
31Department of Civil Engineering3161553
31Department of Mechanical Engineering216218
34Department of Industrial Engineering115328422
34School of Civil Engineering115252249
36Department of Civil Engineering314230538
37Faculty of Mechanical Engineering1134763
37Department of Mechanical Engineering113812
37Department of Civil Engineering31312
37Department of Civil Engineering1134553
37School of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering113208253
37School of Aerospace Engineering1135763
43Institute of Optics and Electronics112122157
43Center for Composite Materials112107142
43Department of Mechanical Engineering11263105
43Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering1121224
43Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering1122436
48Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science1112940
48Department of Geology1111321
50Institute of Mechanics210127
50Department of Electrical Engineering110209253
52Department of Aerospace Engineering291430
53Department of Civil Engineering18295390
53Department of Civil Engineering18310
53Department of Mechanical Engineering181123
53Department of Mathematics183356
57Institute of Physics17547635
57Department of Mechanical Engineering1777146
57School of Mechanical Engineering17310401
57Science and Technology on Space Physics Laboratory1711
61School of Aerospace Engineering16817
61School of Civil Engineering16218327
61Department of Engineering Mechanics164180
61Department of Civil Engineering161322
65Institute of Fluid Mechanics151531
65School of Mechatronics Engineering25170368
67School of Aerospace Engineering14223330
67School of Civil and Environmental Engineering14403682
67Department of Mechanical Engineering3438159
67Department of Civil Engineering14413
67Department of Civil Engineering14613
72Department of Environmental Chemistry and Engineering1382160
72School of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering13730
72Department of Electrical Engineering134191
72Electronics Engineering Division1314
72School of Mechanical Engineering13190296
72Department of Mechanical Engineering13500731
72Department of Mechanical Engineering1396215
72Department of Automated Production Engineering13625
72Department of Civil Engineering131039
72Environmental and Architectural Engineering13177303
72Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering131338
83Department of Civil Engineering12111235
83Department of Mechanical Engineering12101197
83Department of Mathematics12256385
83School of Aeronautic Science and Engineering12246394
83Department of Aerospace Engineering121728
88Department of Electronics and Telecommunications11173363
88School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation2165239
88Department of Civil Engineering1172164
91Department of Physics10104209
91Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering10341624
91Faculty of Engineering10478961
91Department of Aerospace Engineering1069169
91Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Sciences101229
91Department of Aerospace Engineering1016
91Department of Mechanical Engineering10220446
91School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering10318
91Department of Mechanical Engineering10138304
91Department of Mechanical Engineering1048119