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1Calibration of Strapdown Magnetometers in Magnetic Field DomainJournal of Aerospace Engineering2006323
2Structural Health Monitoring by Piezo-Impedance Transducers. I: ModelingJournal of Aerospace Engineering2004273
3Augmented Lagrangian Genetic Algorithm for Structural OptimizationJournal of Aerospace Engineering1994231
4Integrated Genetic Algorithm for Optimization of Space StructuresJournal of Aerospace Engineering1993210
5Concurrent Genetic Algorithms for Optimization of Large StructuresJournal of Aerospace Engineering1994198
6Microwave Sintering of Lunar Soil: Properties, Theory, and PracticeJournal of Aerospace Engineering2005180
7Distributed Genetic Algorithm for Structural OptimizationJournal of Aerospace Engineering1995176
8Measurement of Epoxy Resin Tension, Compression, and Shear Stress–Strain Curves over a Wide Range of Strain Rates Using Small Test SpecimensJournal of Aerospace Engineering2008174
9Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers: Theory and TechnologyJournal of Aerospace Engineering2003172
10Damage Detection in Composite Plates by Using an Enhanced Time Reversal MethodJournal of Aerospace Engineering2007149
11Peridynamic Analysis of Impact Damage in Composite LaminatesJournal of Aerospace Engineering2008147
12Strain Rate Sensitivity of Epoxy Resin in Tensile and Shear LoadingJournal of Aerospace Engineering2007141
133D Shape Characterization and Image-Based DEM Simulation of the Lunar Soil Simulant FJS-1Journal of Aerospace Engineering2009141
14Mechanics of Granular Materials at Low Effective StressesJournal of Aerospace Engineering1998139
15Structural Health Monitoring by Piezo–Impedance Transducers. II: ApplicationsJournal of Aerospace Engineering2004130
16Two-Dimensional Micromachined Flow Sensor Array for Fluid Mechanics StudiesJournal of Aerospace Engineering2003124
17Modeling and Control of Excavator Dynamics during Digging OperationJournal of Aerospace Engineering1996122
18Structural Design of a Lunar HabitatJournal of Aerospace Engineering2006115
19Impact Mechanics and High-Energy Absorbing Materials: ReviewJournal of Aerospace Engineering2008115
20Load‐Deflection Behavior of Space‐Based Inflatable Fabric BeamsJournal of Aerospace Engineering1994105
21Numerical Evaluation of Wind Flow over Complex Terrain: ReviewJournal of Aerospace Engineering2004100
22Design of Piezoresistive MEMS-Based Accelerometer for Integration with Wireless Sensing Unit for Structural MonitoringJournal of Aerospace Engineering200398
23Wind Environmental Conditions in Passages between Two Long Narrow Perpendicular BuildingsJournal of Aerospace Engineering200896
24A Follow-the-Leader Approach to Serpentine Robot Motion PlanningJournal of Aerospace Engineering199995
25Active Control of Tensegrity SystemsJournal of Aerospace Engineering199891
26Geotechnical Properties of JSC-1A Lunar Soil SimulantJournal of Aerospace Engineering201091
27New Crack Detection Method for Bridge Inspection Using UAV Incorporating Image ProcessingJournal of Aerospace Engineering201888
28Progress Made in Lunar In Situ Resource Utilization under NASA’s Exploration Technology and Development ProgramJournal of Aerospace Engineering201385
29Dynamic Model of ExcavatorJournal of Aerospace Engineering199384
30Magnetohydrodynamic Stagnation Point Flow and Heat Transfer of Casson Nanofluid Past a Stretching Sheet with Slip and Convective Boundary ConditionJournal of Aerospace Engineering201683
31Integration within Polygonal Finite ElementsJournal of Aerospace Engineering200382
32Characterization of Lunar Dust for Toxicological Studies. I: Particle Size DistributionJournal of Aerospace Engineering200882
33Interpolants within Convex Polygons: Wachspress’ Shape FunctionsJournal of Aerospace Engineering200381
34State of the Art in Automation of EarthmovingJournal of Aerospace Engineering199779
35Integrated Microelectromechanical GyroscopesJournal of Aerospace Engineering200379
36Engineering, Design and Construction of Lunar BasesJournal of Aerospace Engineering200278
37Examination of Bulge Test for Determining Residual Stress, Young’s Modulus, and Poisson’s Ratio of 3C-SiC Thin FilmsJournal of Aerospace Engineering200377
38Active Vibration Damping of Composite Beam using Smart Sensors and ActuatorsJournal of Aerospace Engineering200274
39Vibration of Laminate-Faced Sandwich Plate by a New Refined ElementJournal of Aerospace Engineering200474
40Implementation of an Associative Flow Rule Including Hydrostatic Stress Effects into the High Strain Rate Deformation Analysis of Polymer Matrix CompositesJournal of Aerospace Engineering200573
41Properties of Lunar Soil Simulant JSC-1Journal of Aerospace Engineering199572
42Jet-Induced Cratering of a Granular Surface with Application to Lunar SpaceportsJournal of Aerospace Engineering200972
43Three-Dimensional Electromechanical Impedance Model. I: Formulation of Directional Sum ImpedanceJournal of Aerospace Engineering200770
44Determination of Honeycomb Material Properties: Existing Theories and an Alternative Dynamic ApproachJournal of Aerospace Engineering200669
45Lunar Dust LevitationJournal of Aerospace Engineering200969
46Finite-Element Model for Failure Study of Two-Dimensional Triaxially Braided CompositeJournal of Aerospace Engineering201169
47UAV Formation Control via the Virtual Structure ApproachJournal of Aerospace Engineering201569
48Generic Impedance-Based Model for Structure-Piezoceramic Interacting SystemJournal of Aerospace Engineering200567
49Beam-Type Bending of Space-Based Inflated Membrane StructuresJournal of Aerospace Engineering199565
50Vibration-Based Structural Damage Identification under Varying Temperature EffectsJournal of Aerospace Engineering201865