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Top Articles

1Social categorization and intergroup behaviourEuropean Journal of Social Psychology19714,091
2How does intergroup contact reduce prejudice? Meta‐analytic tests of three mediatorsEuropean Journal of Social Psychology20081,710
3Methods of coping with social desirability bias: A reviewEuropean Journal of Social Psychology19851,451
4Subtle and blatant prejudice in western EuropeEuropean Journal of Social Psychology19951,359
5Notes towards a description of Social RepresentationsEuropean Journal of Social Psychology19881,332
6How are habits formed: Modelling habit formation in the real worldEuropean Journal of Social Psychology20101,142
7Achievement orientations from subjective histories of success: Promotion pride versus prevention prideEuropean Journal of Social Psychology20011,072
8Social identity theory: past achievements, current problems and future challengesEuropean Journal of Social Psychology20001,052
9Self-categorisation, commitment to the group and group self-esteem as related but distinct aspects of social identityEuropean Journal of Social Psychology19991,035
10Ingroup bias as a function of salience, relevance, and status: An integrationEuropean Journal of Social Psychology19921,018
11Self-disclosure in computer-mediated communication: The role of self-awareness and visual anonymityEuropean Journal of Social Psychology20011,008
12Social comparison and social identity: Some prospects for intergroup behaviourEuropean Journal of Social Psychology1975944
13Power, optimism, and risk-takingEuropean Journal of Social Psychology2006932
14Social categorization and similarity in intergroup behaviourEuropean Journal of Social Psychology1973922
15Comments on the motivational status of self-esteem in social identity and intergroup discriminationEuropean Journal of Social Psychology1988915
16Relative effectiveness and validity of mood induction procedures: a meta-analysisEuropean Journal of Social Psychology1996809
17Bodily expression of emotionEuropean Journal of Social Psychology1998722
18Action planning and coping planning for long-term lifestyle change: theory and assessmentEuropean Journal of Social Psychology2005709
19Negative affect and social judgment: The differential impact of anger and sadnessEuropean Journal of Social Psychology1994707
20Habit, information acquisition, and the process of making travel mode choicesEuropean Journal of Social Psychology1997695
21The “Black Sheep Effect”: Extremity of judgments towards ingroup members as a function of group identificationEuropean Journal of Social Psychology1988680
22Social comparison and group interest in ingroup favouritismEuropean Journal of Social Psychology1979660
23What have we been priming all these years? On the development, mechanisms, and ecology of nonconscious social behaviorEuropean Journal of Social Psychology2006653
24Collective self-esteem consequences of outgroup derogation when a valued social identity is on trialEuropean Journal of Social Psychology1994602
25Value priorities and subjective well-being: direct relations and congruity effectsEuropean Journal of Social Psychology2000559
26Social inequality and the reduction of ideological dissonance on behalf of the system: evidence of enhanced system justification among the disadvantagedEuropean Journal of Social Psychology2003533
27Narcissism beyond Gestalt and awareness: The name letter effectEuropean Journal of Social Psychology1985502
28Explaining the nature of power: a three-process theoryEuropean Journal of Social Psychology2005494
29Psychological essentialism and the differential attribution of uniquely human emotions to ingroups and outgroupsEuropean Journal of Social Psychology2001476
30The ‘ultimate attribution error’? A review of the literature on intergroup causal attributionEuropean Journal of Social Psychology1990423
31Materialistic values and well-being in business studentsEuropean Journal of Social Psychology2002403
32Priming and communication: Social determinants of information use in judgments of life satisfactionEuropean Journal of Social Psychology1988402
33Power and status differentials in minority and majority group relationsEuropean Journal of Social Psychology1991398
34Social identification effects in social dilemmas: a transformation of motivesEuropean Journal of Social Psychology1999390
35Perspective taking and prejudice reduction: the mediational role of empathy arousal and situational attributionsEuropean Journal of Social Psychology2003388
36Construct validation of a triangular love scaleEuropean Journal of Social Psychology1997387
37The ultra‐social animalEuropean Journal of Social Psychology2014387
38Motivation and dropout in female handballers: a 21‐month prospective studyEuropean Journal of Social Psychology2002381
39Power and emotion in negotiation: power moderates the interpersonal effects of anger and happiness on concession makingEuropean Journal of Social Psychology2006378
40The effect of social motives, communication and group size on behaviour in an N-person multi-stage mixed-motive gameEuropean Journal of Social Psychology1984374
41Good intentions, bad habits, and effects of forming implementation intentions on healthy eatingEuropean Journal of Social Psychology1999367
42Rage and reason: the psychology of the intuitive prosecutorEuropean Journal of Social Psychology1999365
43The scaffolded mind: Higher mental processes are grounded in early experience of the physical worldEuropean Journal of Social Psychology2009353
44A review of paradoxical performance effects: Choking under pressure in sports and mental testsEuropean Journal of Social Psychology1986352
45Implementation intentions and repeated behaviour: augmenting the predictive validity of the theory of planned behaviourEuropean Journal of Social Psychology1999352
46The distinction between desires and intentionsEuropean Journal of Social Psychology2004350
47Multiculturalism and acculturation: views of Dutch and Turkish-DutchEuropean Journal of Social Psychology2003349
48Affective consequences of mere ownership: The name letter effect in twelve European languagesEuropean Journal of Social Psychology1987344
49Group versus individual performance on tasks requiring ideational proficiency (brainstorming): A reviewEuropean Journal of Social Psychology1973343
50Explaining enduring empowerment: a comparative study of collective action and psychological outcomesEuropean Journal of Social Psychology2005340