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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1College of Business and Management74,02781
2Department of Psychology113,1066317
3Department of Management91,95164
4Kenan-Flagler Business School21,930266
5Department of Management51,66485
6Department of Psychology21,602661
7Department of Management81,51156
8School of Business61,3221312
9School of Business Administration31,316123
10Department of Psychology81,0087633
11School of Management197023215
12Department of Psychology194331322
13Department of Management1914303
14Fogelman College of Business and Economics4853225
15Department of Psychology383115520
16Eli Broad Graduate School of Management48241310
17Faculty of Management3818426
18Eli Broad College of Business5791188
19Department of Psychology77898139
20Graduate School of Management175471
21Whitman School of Management1736575
22Department of Management2735186
23IESE Business School2720277
24Krannert School of Management76901613
25Warrington College of Business5686105
26Department of Psychology360811947
27School of Business Administration15797219
28School of Labor and Industrial Relations654242
29Department of Psychology250715339
30Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations448813
31Department of Psychology54694632
32Department of Psychology145712818
33Department of Psychology2452436
34Department of Psychology34398232
35Department of Business and Management1416101
36Department of Psychology241219189
37Department of Psychology241011528
38Department of Management4391104
39School of Business43852617
40Department of Management537026
41Department of Management1356164
42College of Management23533524
43Business School135011
44School of Nursing133020023
45Department of Psychology232022589
46College of Business13155110
47Department of Psychology2290273114
48Industrial Relations Center528545
49Department of Psychology12728121
50Department of Business Administration12534211
51Department of Psychology22493814
52School of Management32483637
53Department of Management324168
54Department of Psychology22253415
55Department of Psychology32243216
56Department of Business Administration32232624
57Department of Management221611
58Department of Psychology22058554
59Faculty of Business and Economics42002032
60College of Business11986634
61College of Management119591
62College of Business41925265
63Department of Psychology3190143103
64Department of Psychology318910664
65Department of Educational Psychology11817213
66Department of Social Psychology118024
67Carlson School of Management21708685
68Department of Sociology and Anthropology1169369
68Faculty of Education116914027
70Department of Psychology116721867
71School of Business31492527
72Department of Work and Organizational Psychology21451219
72Department of Psychology11451810
74Department of Social Statistics113764
75Department of Management213686
76Department of Political Science and International Relations113593
76School of Business and Economics21353431
76Department of Psychology1135227
79Department of Work and Organizational Psychology11331516
80Australian Graduate School of Management11316040
80School of Management11317937
82Department of Management1129168
83Department of Psychology1117199
84Graduate School of Business610957151
85Gatton College of Business and Economics11047247
86College of Medicine183548302
86Department of Management and International Business1832118
88Department of Management17884
89Department of Psychology1776451
90Department of Management276924
91Department of Psychology1741820
91School of Education174207
91School of Business Administration1746250
91Department of Psychology1743320
95School of Social Sciences1725734
95Department of Psychology172253193
97Graduate School of Management1675152
98School of Business Administration16511582
99Department of Electronics and Instrumentation16161
99College of Business3612959
101Department of Psychology1592023
102Department of Psychology1583735
103Faculty of Business Administration1575850
104Department of Psychology1562431
104Department of Psychology1561211
106School of Management155195121
106Department of Management15567
106Department of Psychology1556160
109Foster School of Business2523763
110Guanghua School of Management251105122
110Nanyang Business School45158162
112College of Business and Economics1492118
113Industrial Relations Center34811
113Department of Management1481715
113Department of Management248714
113Department of Management148108
117School of Management2463067
117Fox School of Business2467396
117Department of Industrial Relations and Human Resources14621
120Department of Psychology145191193
121College of Business and Administration143413
122School of Business1428566
122School of Management142201156
122School of Economics and Management1423515
125Rotterdam School of Management140256273
126Department of Management1351730
127Economics and Management School13313487
128John Molson School of Business131128123
128Department of Psychology131182206
130School of Management130109132
131Industrial Relations Center12922
131Department of Management1292529
131College of Business1294161
131Department of Management1291011
135Department of Management1282736
135Department of Business Administration2282859
137Whittemore School of Business and Economics1263860
138Department of Labor Studies and Industrial Relations12447
139Farmer School of Business2234184
140Sauder School of Business122150202
140Spears School of Business22250118
142School of Business Administration22128
142School of Management221143240
142School of Law12123
145School of Medicine120521679
145Department of Management120411
147School of Business Administration1194775
148Business School1183748
149School of Management and Economics21790140
150College of Business1161420
150School of Management2161672
152School of Management2154290
152Department of Psychology11596174
154Department of Psychology114328474
154Department of Psychology114382588
154NUS Business School114107172
157Department of Psychology11392173
157College of Business11370138
157Graduate School of Management1132540
160Department of Psychology112146225
160Department of Psychology112216356
160School of Management1123780
160Department of Psychology112180284
164Department of Sociology11177142
164Graduate School of Business111129208
164Department of Organizational Psychology1112745
164School of Business21130125
164College of Administration and Business1112451
164Department of Information Systems1111318
170Department of Work and Organizational Psychology1101022
170College of Business1102446
170Department of Management and Business Administration11017
173Department of Psychology17427683
173School of Business Administration1756105
175Department of Psychology1691229
175College of Business and Economics1666145
177School of Management15205311
178Department of Management144379
178College of Business143385
180Department of Computer Science13152335
180Warwick Business School13355679
180College of Business1336114
183Department of Psychology12172366
183Fisher College of Business1249121
185Department of Psychology11248508
185School of Business1140131
185Faculty of Business1180193
188Department of Psychology1097204
188Department of Psychology10204458
188Westminster Business School1054216
188Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences101231