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1Deep learning in agriculture: A surveyComputers and Electronics in Agriculture20182,210
2Deep learning models for plant disease detection and diagnosisComputers and Electronics in Agriculture20181,501
3A review of advanced techniques for detecting plant diseasesComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2010943
4Wireless sensors in agriculture and food industry—Recent development and future perspectiveComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2006830
5Precision agriculture—a worldwide overviewComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2002790
6Machine learning approaches for crop yield prediction and nitrogen status estimation in precision agriculture: A reviewComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2018752
7Apparent soil electrical conductivity measurements in agricultureComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2005718
8Early detection and classification of plant diseases with Support Vector Machines based on hyperspectral reflectanceComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2010692
9Apple detection during different growth stages in orchards using the improved YOLO-V3 modelComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2019639
10Wireless sensor networks for agriculture: The state-of-the-art in practice and future challengesComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2015630
11Verification of color vegetation indices for automated crop imaging applicationsComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2008625
12A comparative study of fine-tuning deep learning models for plant disease identificationComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2019612
13Crop yield prediction using machine learning: A systematic literature reviewComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2020600
14Autonomous robotic weed control systems: A reviewComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2008576
15On-the-go soil sensors for precision agricultureComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2004571
16A review on the practice of big data analysis in agricultureComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2017570
17Soil properties influencing apparent electrical conductivity: a reviewComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2005546
18Computer vision and artificial intelligence in precision agriculture for grain crops: A systematic reviewComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2018537
19Using deep transfer learning for image-based plant disease identificationComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2020488
20IoT and agriculture data analysis for smart farmComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2019474
21Deep learning for plant identification using vein morphological patternsComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2016437
22Evolution of Internet of Things (IoT) and its significant impact in the field of Precision AgricultureComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2019417
23Testing the performance of spatial interpolation techniques for mapping soil propertiesComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2006409
24Agricultural land use suitability analysis using GIS and AHP techniqueComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2013409
25A geometric solar radiation model with applications in agriculture and forestryComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2002404
26Measurement of soil water content and electrical conductivity by time domain reflectometry: a reviewComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2001400
27Sensing technologies for precision specialty crop productionComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2010390
28Sensors and systems for fruit detection and localization: A reviewComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2015389
29An overview of current and potential applications of thermal remote sensing in precision agricultureComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2017387
30A survey of image processing techniques for plant extraction and segmentation in the fieldComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2016379
31Impact of dataset size and variety on the effectiveness of deep learning and transfer learning for plant disease classificationComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2018375
32Wheat yield prediction using machine learning and advanced sensing techniquesComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2016372
33Fruit detection for strawberry harvesting robot in non-structural environment based on Mask-RCNNComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2019366
34Multi-temporal mapping of the vegetation fraction in early-season wheat fields using images from UAVComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2014365
35An IoT based smart irrigation management system using Machine learning and open source technologiesComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2018364
36Decision support systems for agriculture 4.0: Survey and challengesComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2020363
37Review of IoT applications in agro-industrial and environmental fieldsComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2017362
38A review on weed detection using ground-based machine vision and image processing techniquesComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2019353
39Estimating plot-level tree heights with lidar: local filtering with a canopy-height based variable window sizeComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2002347
40A recognition method for cucumber diseases using leaf symptom images based on deep convolutional neural networkComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2018346
41Weed detection in soybean crops using ConvNetsComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2017341
42Machine vision technology for agricultural applicationsComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2002331
43Imaging from an unmanned aerial vehicle: agricultural surveillance and decision supportComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2004319
44Colour and shape analysis techniques for weed detection in cereal fieldsComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2000315
45Deep learning – Method overview and review of use for fruit detection and yield estimationComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2019310
46Vision-based pest detection based on SVM classification methodComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2017309
47Comparative accuracies of artificial neural networks and discriminant analysis in predicting forest cover types from cartographic variablesComputers and Electronics in Agriculture1999304
48Accuracy issues in electromagnetic induction sensing of soil electrical conductivity for precision agricultureComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2001303
49CropScape: A Web service based application for exploring and disseminating US conterminous geospatial cropland data products for decision supportComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2012297
50Detection and classification of citrus diseases in agriculture based on optimized weighted segmentation and feature selectionComputers and Electronics in Agriculture2018292