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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Institute of Experimental Botany4643,41011
2Department of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry227121
3Institute of Microbiology2526959
4Botany Department12233413
5School of Biology120018423
6School of Agriculture61754046
6Faculty of Agriculture81755580
8Institute of Biotechnology316834
9Institute of Plant Molecular Biology1614717
10College of Agriculture and Biotechnology314511686
11Department of Plant Pathology3814211
12Institute of Botany23135225
13Department of Botany61244355
14Department of Biochemistry41233230
15College of Optoelectronic Engineering112222393
16Department of Biology21174227
17School of Life Sciences291401270
18Botany Department38868
19Department of Plant Biology5871358
20Department of Plant Physiology283410
21Faculty of Biology376138137
22Institute of Botany374110134
23Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology5731135
24Ministry of Education172492235
25Institute of Cell Biology371510
26Institute of Microbiology370153233
26Institute of Biophysics1570928
28Faculty of Agriculture3676189
29College of Pharmacy166180112
30Institute of Pure and Applied Biology565421
31Department of Biology16415598
32Botany Department661823
33Department of Biochemistry and Food Science6601123
33Faculty of Agriculture4606468
35Institute of Landscape Ecology65843
35Ministry of Education258124122
37Department of Horticulture3551519
38School of Biology152312236
39School of Agriculture and Biology251272264
40Institute of Botany550424
41School of Pharmacy149351283
42Department of Plant Physiology2451528
42Faculty of Agriculture14517058
42Division of Biochemistry2452628
42School of Public Health14510375
46Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry9441048
46College of Horticulture34488121
46Faculty of Agriculture1448361
49Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding142156
49Institute of Botany2425997
51Institute of Botany3411137
51College of Agriculture and Food Sciences1412815
53College of Life Sciences240290367
54Department of Environmental and Plant Biology3393391
54Department of Plant Pathology2394441
54Botany Department43937
57Botany Department1381312
58School of Life Sciences23772127
58Department of Plant Biology1372424
60College of Horticulture and Forestry Science1363437
61School of Life Sciences235237353
62Institute of Cellular and Molecular Botany1343747
62Department of Life Sciences and Chemistry13474102
62Institute of Biotechnology1342631
65Faculty of Agriculture232208322
65Department of Biology1321311
67Faculty of Agriculture330136255
67Faculty of Biology230211283
69Institute of Systems Biology and Ecology129724
69Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics2292054
69Institute of Applied Biochemistry32981186
69Institute of General and Molecular Biology2291534
69Department of Life Sciences1291419
74Institute of Process Engineering127589542
74Division of Genetics and Molecular Biology1274256
74School of Biotechnology1278890
77First Faculty of Medicine126511512
77Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology226279469
77School of Biotechnology and Food Engineering12657100
77Institute of Plant Genetics and Biotechnology3261133
81Faculty of Agriculture125154145
81Department of Horticulture1252328
81Department of Genetics1255751
81State Key Laboratory of Soil and Sustainable Agriculture125916
81Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of Phytochemistry125189170
81Department of Biology125219257
87Faculty of Biology524772
88Department of Agronomy and Horticulture1231923
89Centre de Recherche en Horticulture1223965
89College of Life Sciences122118136
91Department of Cell and Structural Biology1216597
91Department of Genetics121111123
93School of Biology220124279
93Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection12079104
93Botany Department22045
93High Altitude Plant Physiology Research Centre42012
97Faculty of Pharmacy119210305
97Department of Horticulture1193951
97Institute of Biotechnology119717
100Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology118338464
100Department of Biochemistry21861185
100Department of Molecular Biology and Ecology of Plants11849103
100Department of Biology118276334
100Department of Biochemistry518537
100Plant Biotechnology Centre11823
106Department of Organic Chemistry1172235
106National Research Centre on Plant Biotechnology11747
106School of Life Sciences117132169
106Institute of Tropical Bioscience and Biotechnology21772138
106School of Studies in Botany1171624
111Ministry of Education1163647
111College of Agronomy and Biotechnology116187256
111Institute of Botany116478566
111Faculty of Biology21687256
111Department of Agricultural Botany1164564
111Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry616535
111School of Life Sciences1163865
118Faculty of Agriculture115275326
118Department of Biology11597130
118Institute of Virology61539
121Research School of Chemistry114342438
121Department of Horticulture11465
121School of Biotechnology11498153
121Faculty of Agronomy114311
121National Engineering Research Center for Floriculture11437
126Institute of Analytical Chemistry1131617
127College of Life Sciences112198278
127Plant Physiology Division11249
127Department of Microbiology1124264
130Department of Agricultural Chemistry111157245
130Department of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry311957
130Department of Plant Anatomy and Cytology1111120
130Institute of Microbiology111500681
134Plant Physiology Section1103860
134Institute of Genetics and Cytology3101137
136Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology19138285
136Centre of Advanced Study in Botany19130199
136Ministry of Agriculture191758
136Institute of Experimental Biology and Genetics191426
136Institute of Molecular Biology2961136
136Department of Biology19104151
136Faculty of Agriculture19187267
136Division of Agricultural Physics192455
136Department of Plant Breeding and Biotechnology19822
136School of Architecture191619
136Department of Horticulture1926
147Institute of Agricultural Chemistry28415
147Institute of Botany and Ecology183453
147College of Life Sciences18419626
147Department of Genetics and Cell Biology181953
147Department of Life Sciences1870160
147Department of Life Sciences181934
147Division of Mycology and Plant Pathology28821
154Institute of Ecology and Conservation Biology173075
154Faculty of Biology37115655
154Institute for the Application of Nuclear Energy172061
154Department of Chemistry17312463
154School of Food Science and Engineering1757113
154Botany Department37413
160Faculty of Agriculture16150224
160Institute of Botany16916
160Institute of General Botany162340
160Chemistry Department16136233
160Institute of Botany and Plant Physiology1614
160Department of Agronomy361334
160Department of Microbiology16517
167Department of Genetics and Molecular Biology25539
167Faculty of Agriculture15195328
167Department of Forest Resources Management151627
167School of Life Sciences15304535
167Department of Horticulture251751
167Ministry of Agriculture1574137
167Department of Horticulture25927
167Centre of Urban Ecology and Environmental Biotechnology1527
175Faculty of Chemistry14339517
175Department of Horticulture14150261
175Institute of Physiology14314585
175Department of Agronomy141135
175Department of Biology141456
175Department of Agriculture1458
175Botany Department1446
175Ministry of Agriculture14251422
175Department of Biology1497209
175Division of Genetics2432105
175Division of Agronomy143867
175College of Agriculture1426
175Department of Agronomy1435
188Department of Biology13340626
188Department of Biology13360615
188Department of Agricultural Chemistry13521
188Botany Department1336
188Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology132557
188Department of Chemistry1394172
188School of Engineering231751
188Department of Agronomy13616
188Institute of Virology3354288
197Department of Biology12325595
197Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics22225667
197Department of Crop Physiology121339
197Botany Department1233
197Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Division121053
197School of Studies in Botany22827
197College of Landscape Architecture1245106
204Department of Food Science1148
204Department of Microbiology112987
204Department of Biochemistry1169201
204Botany Department1146
204Department of Biology111860
204Department of Biology112946
204Division of Plant Biology113588
204Botany Department1159
204Department of Biochemistry112659
213Department of Agronomy10191346
213Department of Pharmaceutical Botany and Ecology101645
213Department of Agronomy1066165
213Department of Cell Biology1048136
213School of Physics10277501
213Research Institute of Biology and Biophysics201131
213Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science10183392
213Department of Plant Physiology10101214
213Department of Applied Biology102365
213Botany Department1045127
213Department of Agronomy1042103
213Department of Horticulture101119
213Centre for Biotechnology10415
213Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics10513
213Division of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry101342
213Department of Agronomy1089211
213Faculty of Pharmacy1026
213Institute of Chemistry20143432