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Top Articles

1Analysis of Nuclear DNA content in plant cells by Flow cytometryBiologia Plantarum1989592
2Proline: a key player in plant abiotic stress toleranceBiologia Plantarum2015491
3Role of Amino Acids in Plant Responses to StressesBiologia Plantarum2002454
4Nitrogen Containing Compounds and Adaptation of Plants to Salinity StressBiologia Plantarum2000416
5Transcription factors in plants and ABA dependent and independent abiotic stress signallingBiologia Plantarum2010387
6Differences in antioxidant activity in response to salinity stress in tolerant and susceptible wheat genotypesBiologia Plantarum2005361
7Expression of dehydrins under heat stress and their relationship with water relations of sugarcane leavesBiologia Plantarum2007345
8Acclimatization of Micropropagated Plants to Ex Vitro ConditionsBiologia Plantarum1999329
9Increased Antioxidant Activity under Elevated Temperatures: A Mechanism of Heat Stress Tolerance in Wheat GenotypesBiologia Plantarum2000317
10Effect of nickel on antioxidative enzyme activities, proline and chlorophyll contents in wheat shootsBiologia Plantarum2006316
11Effects of Proline and Glycinebetaine on Vicia Faba Responses to Salt StressBiologia Plantarum1999279
12Antioxidant Enzyme Responses to NaCl Stress in Cassia angustifoliaBiologia Plantarum2004257
13Physiology and biochemistry of waterlogging tolerance in plantsBiologia Plantarum2008243
14A new method of sap flow rate determination in treesBiologia Plantarum1973242
15The Complexity of Factors Driving Volatile Organic Compound Emissions by PlantsBiologia Plantarum2001230
16Flow cytometric estimation of nuclear DNA amount in diploid bananas (Musa acuminata andM. balbisiana)Biologia Plantarum1994221
17Effect of drought on biomass, protein content, lipid peroxidation and antioxidant enzymes in two sesame cultivarsBiologia Plantarum2007200
18Role of Antioxidant Systems in Wheat Genotypes Tolerance to Water StressBiologia Plantarum1998194
19Brassinosteroids and their role in response of plants to abiotic stressesBiologia Plantarum2014193
20Assessment of genetic fidelity of micropropagated Swertia chirayita plantlets by ISSR marker assayBiologia Plantarum2007190
21The role of dehydrins in plant response to coldBiologia Plantarum2007188
22Effect of arsenic on some physiological parameters in bean plantsBiologia Plantarum2005187
23Exogenous 4-hydroxybenzoic acid and salicylic acid modulate the effect of short-term drought and freezing stress on wheat plantsBiologia Plantarum2007186
24Antioxidant defense mechanism under salt stress in wheat seedlingsBiologia Plantarum2006183
25Metal hyperaccumulation and bioremediationBiologia Plantarum2007183
26Effects of Salicylic Acid on Heavy Metal-Induced Membrane Deterioration Mediated by Lipoxygenase in RiceBiologia Plantarum1999182
27Heavy Metals Induce Lipid Peroxidation and Affect Antioxidants in Wheat LeavesBiologia Plantarum2003179
28Changes in antioxidant enzymes activity and oxidative stress by abscisic acid and salicylic acid in wheat genotypesBiologia Plantarum2005178
29Water relations and photosynthesis in Cucumis sativus L. leaves under salt stressBiologia Plantarum2006178
30Interactions of lichens with heavy metalsBiologia Plantarum2009177
31Molecular responses to drought stress in plantsBiologia Plantarum2017171
32Effects of drought stress on photosynthetic gas exchange, chlorophyll fluorescence and stem diameter of soybean plantsBiologia Plantarum2006168
33High-Temperature Preconditioning and Thermal Shock Imposition Affects Water Relations, Gas Exchange and Root Hydraulic Conductivity in TomatoBiologia Plantarum2003166
34Influence of Brassinosteroids on Antioxidant Enzymes Activity in Tomato Under Different TemperaturesBiologia Plantarum2002163
35Salinity Induces Accumulation of Soluble Sugars and Alters the Activity of Sugar Metabolising Enzymes in Rice PlantsBiologia Plantarum1999161
36Thermotolerance of Pearl Millet and Maize at Early Growth Stages: Growth and Nutrient RelationsBiologia Plantarum2004160
37Changes in phytohormone contents in chickpea seeds germinating under lead or zinc stressBiologia Plantarum2005158
38Responses of Phaseolus Vulgaris Chromium and Cobalt TreatmentsBiologia Plantarum2001154
39Exogenous salicylic acid enhances wheat drought tolerance by influence on the expression of genes related to ascorbate-glutathione cycleBiologia Plantarum2013154
40Participation of Phytohormones in the Stomatal Regulation of Gas Exchange During Water StressBiologia Plantarum2003153
41Effect of Glycinebetaine on Chloroplast Ultrastructure, Chlorophyll and Protein Content, and RuBPCO Activities in Tomato Grown under Drought or SalinityBiologia Plantarum2000152
42Water Stress Induced Proline Accumulation in Contrasting Wheat Genotypes as Affected by Calcium and Abscisic AcidBiologia Plantarum2003148
43Effects of silicon on defense of wheat against oxidative stress under drought at different developmental stagesBiologia Plantarum2008147
44Effect of Cadmium on Soluble Sugars and Enzymes of their Metabolism in RiceBiologia Plantarum2001146
45Physiological and ultra-structural changes in Brassica napus seedlings induced by cadmium stressBiologia Plantarum2014143
46Response of alfalfa to putrescine treatment under drought stressBiologia Plantarum2006142
47Improved thermal method of continual recording the transpiration flow rate dynamicsBiologia Plantarum1977138
48Cytokinins and Water StressBiologia Plantarum2000137
49Lead-induced oxidative stress and metabolic alterations in Cassia angustifolia Vahl.Biologia Plantarum2007136
50Responses of antioxidative system to chilling stress in two rice cultivars differing in sensitivityBiologia Plantarum2005135