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1A symmetric image encryption scheme based on 3D chaotic cat mapsChaos, Solitons and Fractals20041,720
2Exp-function method for nonlinear wave equationsChaos, Solitons and Fractals20061,519
3Application of homotopy perturbation method to nonlinear wave equationsChaos, Solitons and Fractals2005968
4Improved particle swarm optimization combined with chaosChaos, Solitons and Fractals2005802
5Fractional relaxation-oscillation and fractional diffusion-wave phenomenaChaos, Solitons and Fractals1996773
6Analysis and forecast of COVID-19 spreading in China, Italy and FranceChaos, Solitons and Fractals2020754
7Time series forecasting of COVID-19 transmission in Canada using LSTM networksChaos, Solitons and Fractals2020684
8Chaos in a simple nonlinear system with Atangana–Baleanu derivatives with fractional orderChaos, Solitons and Fractals2016667
9A simple two-variable model of cardiac excitationChaos, Solitons and Fractals1996640
10A review of E infinity theory and the mass spectrum of high energy particle physicsChaos, Solitons and Fractals2004580
11Applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence for Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic: A reviewChaos, Solitons and Fractals2020558
12Construction of solitary solution and compacton-like solution by variational iteration methodChaos, Solitons and Fractals2006556
13A new chaotic attractorChaos, Solitons and Fractals2004541
14Variational principles for some nonlinear partial differential equations with variable coefficientsChaos, Solitons and Fractals2004537
15A new study on the mathematical modelling of human liver with Caputo–Fabrizio fractional derivativeChaos, Solitons and Fractals2020534
16Simplest equation method to look for exact solutions of nonlinear differential equationsChaos, Solitons and Fractals2005517
173+1 dimensional Jimbo–Miwa equation">A transformed rational function method and exact solutions to the 3+1 dimensional Jimbo–Miwa equationChaos, Solitons and Fractals2009492
18Chaos in Chen's system with a fractional orderChaos, Solitons and Fractals2004490
19Fractal-fractional differentiation and integration: Connecting fractal calculus and fractional calculus to predict complex systemChaos, Solitons and Fractals2017489
20Adaptive synchronization of chaotic systems and its application to secure communicationsChaos, Solitons and Fractals2000488
21Chaos in the fractional order Chen system and its controlChaos, Solitons and Fractals2004488
22An adaptive chaos synchronization scheme applied to secure communicationChaos, Solitons and Fractals2003483
23Modified cuckoo search: A new gradient free optimisation algorithmChaos, Solitons and Fractals2011482
24A SIR model assumption for the spread of COVID-19 in different communitiesChaos, Solitons and Fractals2020473
25Mathematical modeling of COVID-19 transmission dynamics with a case study of WuhanChaos, Solitons and Fractals2020463
26Simple chaotic flows with a line equilibriumChaos, Solitons and Fractals2013460
27Application of deep learning for fast detection of COVID-19 in X-Rays using nCOVnetChaos, Solitons and Fractals2020442
28Chaos embedded particle swarm optimization algorithmsChaos, Solitons and Fractals2009438
29Chaos in fractional-order autonomous nonlinear systemsChaos, Solitons and Fractals2003434
30Predictions for COVID-19 with deep learning models of LSTM, GRU and Bi-LSTMChaos, Solitons and Fractals2020412
31A new chaotic algorithm for image encryptionChaos, Solitons and Fractals2006394
32New periodic solutions for nonlinear evolution equations using Exp-function methodChaos, Solitons and Fractals2007391
33Modelling the spread of COVID-19 with new fractal-fractional operators: Can the lockdown save mankind before vaccination?Chaos, Solitons and Fractals2020385
34Nonlinear dynamics and chaos in a fractional-order financial systemChaos, Solitons and Fractals2008379
35Application of He’s variational iteration method to Helmholtz equationChaos, Solitons and Fractals2006371
36Synchronization of an uncertain unified chaotic system via adaptive controlChaos, Solitons and Fractals2002368
37A fast image encryption system based on chaotic maps with finite precision representationChaos, Solitons and Fractals2007366
38On new solutions of fuzzy differential equationsChaos, Solitons and Fractals2008365
39Solution of fractional differential equations by using differential transform methodChaos, Solitons and Fractals2007352
40A novel algorithm for image encryption based on mixture of chaotic mapsChaos, Solitons and Fractals2008349
41A block cipher based on a suitable use of the chaotic standard mapChaos, Solitons and Fractals2005348
42On the efficiency of chaos optimization algorithms for global optimizationChaos, Solitons and Fractals2007344
43Hidden extreme multistability in memristive hyperchaotic systemChaos, Solitons and Fractals2017344
44Intuitionistic fuzzy metric spacesChaos, Solitons and Fractals2004343
45Chaos in duopoly pricingChaos, Solitons and Fractals1991341
46Integrable theory of the perturbation equationsChaos, Solitons and Fractals1996340
47Modeling and forecasting the COVID-19 pandemic in IndiaChaos, Solitons and Fractals2020340
48Short-term forecasting COVID-19 cumulative confirmed cases: Perspectives for BrazilChaos, Solitons and Fractals2020339
49Deng entropyChaos, Solitons and Fractals2016338
50The extended F-expansion method and its application for a class of nonlinear evolution equationsChaos, Solitons and Fractals2007335