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1Sepsis and septic shock—A review of laboratory models and a proposalJournal of Surgical Research19801,353
2The Role of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in Wound HealingJournal of Surgical Research2009876
3Sepsis and Major Abdominal Surgery Lead to Flaking of the Endothelial GlycocalixJournal of Surgical Research2011769
4Clinical Applications of Magnetic Drug TargetingJournal of Surgical Research2001761
5The Effect of Sepsis on Wound HealingJournal of Surgical Research2002602
6Organ-specific regulation of pro-inflammatory molecules in heart, lung, and kidney following brain deathJournal of Surgical Research2005581
7Accumulating deficits model of frailty and postoperative mortality and morbidity: its application to a national databaseJournal of Surgical Research2013568
8Intestinal Anastomosis Surgery with No Septic Shock Primes for a Dysregulatory Response to a Second StimulusJournal of Surgical Research2006552
9Effect of jaundice and its resolution on wound re-epithelization, skin collagen synthesis, and serum collagen propeptide levels in patients with neoplastic pancreaticobiliary obstructionJournal of Surgical Research2005551
10Small intestinal submucosa as a large diameter vascular graft in the dogJournal of Surgical Research1989548
11Pneumonia-Induced Sepsis and Gut Injury: Effects of a Poly-(ADP-Ribose) Polymerase InhibitorJournal of Surgical Research2005527
12Laboratory models of sepsis and septic shockJournal of Surgical Research1990509
13Significance of M2-Polarized Tumor-Associated Macrophage in Pancreatic CancerJournal of Surgical Research2011481
14Therapeutic Potential of Chitosan and Its Derivatives in Regenerative MedicineJournal of Surgical Research2006461
15Preparation of chronic lung lymph fistulas in sheepJournal of Surgical Research1975453
16Hemodynamic effects of increased abdominal pressureJournal of Surgical Research1981445
17Prolonged operative duration is associated with complications: a systematic review and meta-analysisJournal of Surgical Research2018425
18Quantification of DNA in Biologic Scaffold MaterialsJournal of Surgical Research2009410
19Pediatric Thyroid Carcinoma: Incidence and Outcomes in 1753 PatientsJournal of Surgical Research2009398
20Normal Intraabdominal Pressure in Healthy AdultsJournal of Surgical Research2005386
21Surgical Site Infections: Reanalysis of Risk FactorsJournal of Surgical Research2002385
22The effect of occlusive dressings on collagen synthesis and re-epithelialization in superficial woundsJournal of Surgical Research1983375
23Perioperative Anemia: An Independent Risk Factor for Infection, Mortality, and Resource Utilization in SurgeryJournal of Surgical Research2002349
24Influence of Storage on Red Blood Cell Rheological PropertiesJournal of Surgical Research2002340
25The use of silicone rubber as a carrier for prolonged drug therapyJournal of Surgical Research1964336
26The role of glutamine in maintaining a healthy gut and supporting the metabolic response to injury and infectionJournal of Surgical Research1990330
27The role of Osteopontin in tumor metastasisJournal of Surgical Research2004330
28Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Is the Major Angiogenic Factor in Omentum: Mechanism of the Omentum-Mediated AngiogenesisJournal of Surgical Research1997328
29Mechanisms of Focal Heat Destruction of Liver TumorsJournal of Surgical Research2005328
30Factors in the Pathophysiology of the Liver Ischemia-Reperfusion InjuryJournal of Surgical Research2008322
31Loss of the Tight Junction Protein ZO-1 in Dextran Sulfate Sodium Induced ColitisJournal of Surgical Research2007318
32Changes in visceral blood flow with elevated intraabdominal pressureJournal of Surgical Research1987312
33Three-dimensional printing in surgery: a review of current surgical applicationsJournal of Surgical Research2015311
34Hemodynamic and respiratory alterations with increased intra-abdominal pressureJournal of Surgical Research1976310
35The Effect of Hepatic Vascular Inflow Occlusion on Liver Tissue pH, Carbon Dioxide, and Oxygen Partial Pressures: Defining the Optimal Clamp/Release Regime for Intermittent Portal ClampingJournal of Surgical Research2007309
36Impact of Polymer Pore Size on the Interface Scar Formation in a Rat ModelJournal of Surgical Research2002305
37Remote Ischemic Preconditioning: A Novel Protective Method From Ischemia Reperfusion Injury—A ReviewJournal of Surgical Research2008302
38MMP-8 Is the Predominant Collagenase in Healing Wounds and Nonhealing UlcersJournal of Surgical Research1999299
39Studies of wound healing in experimental diabetes mellitusJournal of Surgical Research1977296
40Morphologic Study of Small Intestinal Submucosa as a Body Wall Repair DeviceJournal of Surgical Research2002293
41The socioeconomic effects of an iliofemoral venous thrombosisJournal of Surgical Research1977288
42Bioactive Interleukin-8 Is Expressed in Wounds and Enhances Wound HealingJournal of Surgical Research2000275
43Esophageal Reconstruction with ECM and Muscle Tissue in a Dog ModelJournal of Surgical Research2005266
44Recombinant basic fibroblast growth factor accelerates wound healingJournal of Surgical Research1988264
45Statistical methods for quantifying the severity of clinical acute pancreatitisJournal of Surgical Research1977255
46VEGF Improves Myocardial Blood Flow but Produces EDRF-Mediated Hypotension in Porcine HeartsJournal of Surgical Research1996255
47Regulation of Intestinal Blood FlowJournal of Surgical Research2000254
48Diabetes impairs the late inflammatory response to wound healingJournal of Surgical Research1991251
49The analysis and presentation of surgical results by actuarial methodsJournal of Surgical Research1974245
50Nitric Oxide Regulates Wound HealingJournal of Surgical Research1996243