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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Aerospace Engineering181,2002120
2Department of Aerospace Engineering74252215
3Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering164201124
4Department of Aerospace Engineering92761214
5Institute for Computer Applications in Science and Engineering526979
6Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science122352879
7School of Mechanical Engineering42237031
8School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering72145067
9School of Engineering32058931
10Department of Mechanical Engineering51997490
11School of Aerospace Engineering131982158
12Department of Aerospace Engineering111971426
13Faculty of Mechanical Engineering41896652
14Institute of Fluid Mechanics617632
15Department of Aerospace Engineering10172842
16Department of Engineering6156305427
17School of Aerospace Engineering61546946
18Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering31489548
19Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics214710972
20Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering8136431
20Department of Mechanical Engineering513693117
22Department of Mechanical Engineering Sciences41331620
23Department of Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering41214146
23Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering412165
25Department of Mechanical Engineering31152722
26Department of Aerospace Engineering21138440
27Department of Industrial Engineering21128236
28Engineering Sciences Center31111119
29College of Energy and Power Engineering31108345
30Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering41071829
30School of Aeronautic Science and Engineering41079457
32Department of Engineering Mechanics210418794
33Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering61024290
33Institute of High Speed Mechanics11023611
35Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering598164264
35Department of Aerospace Engineering39826
37Aerospace and Civil Engineering295231149
38Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering294369292
39College of Engineering491339409
40Department of Mechanical Engineering2857950
41School of Engineering184496256
41Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering1848930
43Faculty of Aerospace Engineering58391158
44School of Science and Engineering1818539
45School of Engineering and Design17917176
46College of Engineering377176197
47Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering37649
47Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering17611
49Department of Mechanical Engineering270268303
50School of Mechanical Engineering26910269
51Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering5671151
52Department of Applied Mechanics2667166
53Department of Mechanical Engineering1652915
54Department of Advanced Energy3633841
54Faculty of Aerospace Engineering4633640
56Department of Mechanical Engineering3621035
57Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering261208210
58Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering2604650
59Department of Mathematics25910491
60School of Energy and Power Engineering458177215
61Computational Mathematics Group15721
61Department of Mathematics157309
61Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering25799
64Department of Mechanical Engineering156688524
65School of Aerospace Engineering155223103
65Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics3555392
67Department of Mechanical Engineering253206221
68Department of Aerospace Engineering1524215
69Institute of Mathematics2509838
70Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science149272225
70Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering249199229
72Department of Mechanical Engineering248156166
72Flight Dynamics Laboratory24812
74Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering147214210
74Department of Mechanical Engineering147234177
74School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering2476889
77Faculty of Engineering146545243
78Department of Mechanical Engineering245350445
79Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering14410285
79Department of Aerospace Engineering1449970
79Department of Aerospace Engineering3443140
82Department of Mechanical Engineering1432414
83Materials and Civil Engineering1426656
84Division of Engineering and Applied Physics1417979
85Department of Mechanical Engineering140175155
85Department of Mechanical Engineering140204189
87School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering239542611
88Department of Wind Energy2386093
89Department of Aerospace Engineering13610382
90Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering33540113
90Department of Aerospace Engineering43579164
92Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics2344968
92Department of Engineering Sciences134301296
94Department of Mechanical Engineering1336491
95Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science432948
95Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering23255102
95School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation132279198
98Department of Mechanical Engineering2313050
99Department of Civil Engineering230300396
99Materials and Aerospace Engineering1305459
99State Key Laboratory of Coal Mine Disaster Dynamics and Control130173152
99Department of Engineering Mechanics1306043
103Department of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering2293258
103Department of Opto-Mechatronics1292618
105Department of Aerospace Engineering22727
105Department of Ocean Engineering2271233
105Department of Aerospace Engineering3273845
108School of Mechanical Engineering126660547
108Department of Aerospace Engineering2261429
108Graduate Program in Acoustics1261716
108Department of Applied Mechanics1269982
108Department of Mechanical Engineering126306298
113Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering125203214
113Department of Mechanical Engineering325305463
113Department of Fluid Mechanics1251813
113Department of Mathematics125386349
113Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering1252031
113Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering22565148
119Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics22292186
119Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering22227
119School of Engineering122128165
119Department of Energy Engineering1221016
119Department of Mechanical Engineering32275122
124Faculty of Engineering and the Environment221159412
124Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering221106208
124Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering1215568
124Department of Mechanical Engineering121221251
124Department of Mechanical Engineering12133
124Department of Civil Engineering121204200
130Department of Mechanical Engineering1209494
130Department of Aerospace Engineering22060106
130Center for Composite Materials120107111
130School of Mechanical Engineering120351321
130Department of Mathematics1209653
130Department of Engineering120610
130School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering1207977
137College of Aerospace Engineering219134179
137School of Engineering and Materials Science11971151
137Department of Aerospace Engineering119812
140Shanghai Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics118183200
140Department of Mechanical Engineering118178207
142Department of Mechanics1176998
143Department of Mechanical Engineering216236501
143Department of Industrial Engineering116328414
143School of Mechanical Engineering116513606
143Institute for Thermodynamics11679
143Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering2162483
143School of Energy and Power Engineering116176168
149Department of Mechanical Engineering115414483
149Department of Mechanical Engineering11577104
149Department of Mechanical Engineering115321380
149Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences21557140
149Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering115202241
149Department of Mathematics11510887
149Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering115210294
156Department of Mechanical Engineering114277382
156Computational Mathematics and Simulation Science11434
156Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering214237448
156Structural Acoustics Branch214714
156School of Chemical Engineering and Technology114209240
156Aerospace Engineering Department11433
156Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering214211
163Department of Engineering Science1139061.2K
163Department of Materials Science and Engineering31380184
163ONERA/Multi-Physics Department for Energy11311
163Physical Science and Engineering Division113146204
163College of Engineering1134973
168Department of Mechanical Engineering112129175
168Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering112165232
168Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering11285137
168Institute of Engineering112119142
172Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering111151225
172Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering11184156
174Department of Mechanical Engineering11062111
174Department of Mechanical Engineering110402476
174Department of Mathematics110722873
174Department of Mechanical Engineering110223271
178Department of Aerospace Engineering191535
178Department of Mechanical Engineering19621850
178Department of Mechanical Engineering29216
178Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics192230
178Department of Aerospace Engineering192639
178School of Engineering19607851
178Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering19240377
178Department of Aerospace Engineering19101177
178Department of Civil Engineering19187271
187Department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering183365
187Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering18134237
187Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering1859132
187Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering18116218
187Space Science and Engineering Center1868110
187Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering18120194
193Department of Engineering Mechanics17436550
193Department of Aerospace Information Engineering173155
193Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Engineering Acoustics17513
193Materials and Aerospace Engineering1774154
193Department of Mechanical Engineering2747163
193Department of Mechanical Engineering173450
193Department of Mathematics17192266
193Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering173379
193Department of Aerospace Engineering172134
202Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering1661113
202Department of Civil Engineering165289
202Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering16163281
202Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering16174271
206Department of Mechanical Engineering15145299
206Department of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering151118
206Arnold Engineering Development Center1513
206Mechanical Engineering Institute151230
206Department of Engineering Mechanics1535
211School of Aerospace Engineering14820
211Department of Aerospace Engineering143655
211Department of Mathematics14170344
211Department of Mechanical Engineering14410
211College of Engineering14175371
211Department of Mechanical Engineering1436
211Department of Mechanical Engineering1448110
218Department of Mechanical Engineering13106261
218Institute of Mechanical Engineering133989
218Department of Mechanical Engineering13226421
218School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering13124226
218Department of Mechanical Engineering1356121
223Department of Chemical Engineering12257471
223Faculty of Engineering Science12369522
223Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering1276176
226School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering11249462
226Department of Aerospace Engineering114975
226Department of Aeronautical and Vehicle Engineering113791
226Department of Civil Engineering11219365
226Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering2136138
226Department of Mechanical Engineering113687
226Department of Aerospace Engineering1171164
226Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering113693
234Space Science Division1056118
234Department of Mechanical Engineering10927
234Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering20197609
234Department of Mechanical Engineering10835
234Department of Mechanical Engineering101157