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Top Articles

1Two-equation eddy-viscosity turbulence models for engineering applicationsAIAA Journal199414,880
2Numerical study of the turbulent flow past an airfoil with trailing edge separationAIAA Journal19833,795
3Coupling of substructures for dynamic analyses.AIAA Journal19682,723
4Use of piezoelectric actuators as elements of intelligent structuresAIAA Journal19872,402
5Reassessment of the scale-determining equation for advanced turbulence modelsAIAA Journal19882,392
6Reduction of stiffness and mass matricesAIAA Journal19652,039
7An Implicit Factored Scheme for the Compressible Navier-Stokes EquationsAIAA Journal19781,888
8Maximum likelihood estimates of linear dynamic systemsAIAA Journal19651,428
9Predictions of Channel and Boundary-Layer Flows with a Low-Reynolds-Number Turbulence ModelAIAA Journal19821,160
10Correlation-Based Transition Modeling for Unstructured Parallelized Computational Fluid Dynamics CodesAIAA Journal20091,099
11Lower-upper Symmetric-Gauss-Seidel method for the Euler and Navier-Stokes equationsAIAA Journal19881,063
12Rates of change of eigenvalues and eigenvectors.AIAA Journal19681,041
13Dynamic analysis of structural systems using component modesAIAA Journal19651,036
14Modal Analysis of Fluid Flows: An OverviewAIAA Journal20171,020
15Fractional calculus - A different approach to the analysis of viscoelastically damped structuresAIAA Journal19831,019
16Geometric Conservation Law and Its Application to Flow Computations on Moving GridsAIAA Journal1979972
17Turbulence models for near-wall and low Reynolds number flows - A reviewAIAA Journal1985971
18Stability theory for a pair of trailing vorticesAIAA Journal1970952
19Kriging Models for Global Approximation in Simulation-Based Multidisciplinary Design OptimizationAIAA Journal2001921
20Fifty Years of Shock-Wave/Boundary-Layer Interaction Research: What Next?AIAA Journal2001863
21Viscous-inviscid analysis of transonic and low Reynolds number airfoilsAIAA Journal1987849
22Preconditioning applied to variable and constant density flowsAIAA Journal1995838
23Simplified calculation of eigenvector derivativesAIAA Journal1976826
24Efficient Global Reliability Analysis for Nonlinear Implicit Performance FunctionsAIAA Journal2008804
25Formulation of the k-w Turbulence Model RevisitedAIAA Journal2008801
26A doublet-lattice method for calculating lift distributions on oscillating surfaces in subsonic flows.AIAA Journal1969799
27Data-Parallel Line Relaxation Method for the Navier-Stokes EquationsAIAA Journal1998774
28Balanced Model Reduction via the Proper Orthogonal DecompositionAIAA Journal2002752
29Multidisciplinary Design Optimization: A Survey of ArchitecturesAIAA Journal2013747
30Review of State of Art of Smart Structures and Integrated SystemsAIAA Journal2002703
31Nonreflecting boundary conditions for Euler equation calculationsAIAA Journal1990695
32Use of Kriging Models to Approximate Deterministic Computer ModelsAIAA Journal2005695
33Tensile failure of fibrous compositesAIAA Journal1964694
34Positive position feedback control for large space structuresAIAA Journal1990667
35Implicit Finite-Difference Simulations of Three-Dimensional Compressible FlowAIAA Journal1980663
36Derivation of element stiffness matrices by assumed stress distributionsAIAA Journal1964660
37Implicit Finite-Difference Simulation of Flow about Arbitrary Two-Dimensional GeometriesAIAA Journal1978648
38A Review of Research on Subsonic Turbulent Flow ReattachmentAIAA Journal1981639
39General Framework for Dynamic Substructuring: History, Review and Classification of TechniquesAIAA Journal2008624
40Comparison of finite volume flux vector splittings for the Euler equationsAIAA Journal1986621
41Computation of Unsteady Nonlinear Flows in Cascades Using a Harmonic Balance TechniqueAIAA Journal2002618
42Near-wall turbulence models for complex flows including separationAIAA Journal1988609
43Computational Aerodynamics Development and OutlookAIAA Journal1979590
44High-Order-Accurate Methods for Complex Unsteady Subsonic FlowsAIAA Journal1999583
45Vortical patterns in the wake of an oscillating airfoilAIAA Journal1989576
46Calculation of plane steady transonic flowsAIAA Journal1971575
47SU2: An Open-Source Suite for Multiphysics Simulation and DesignAIAA Journal2016567
48Review of Propulsion Applications of Detonation WavesAIAA Journal2000566
49Second-moment closure for the near-wall sublayer - Development and applicationAIAA Journal1989551
50Features of a reattaching turbulent shear layer in divergent channelflowAIAA Journal1985548