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1Dynamics analysis of a delayed virus model with two different transmission methods and treatmentsAdvances in Difference Equations2020603
2On a new class of fractional operatorsAdvances in Difference Equations2017266
3On the generalized Apostol-type Frobenius-Euler polynomialsAdvances in Difference Equations2013239
4Caputo-type modification of the Hadamard fractional derivativesAdvances in Difference Equations2012237
5Some results on difference polynomials sharing valuesAdvances in Difference Equations2012235
6Forced oscillation of nonlinear fractional differential equations with damping termAdvances in Difference Equations2015219
7The twisted Daehee numbers and polynomialsAdvances in Difference Equations2014196
8Unique solutions for a new coupled system of fractional differential equationsAdvances in Difference Equations2018195
9Analysis of the model of HIV-1 infection of $CD4^{+}$ T-cell with a new approach of fractional derivativeAdvances in Difference Equations2020183
10Existence of chaos for partial difference equations via tangent and cotangent functionsAdvances in Difference Equations2021175
11Quantum calculus on finite intervals and applications to impulsive difference equationsAdvances in Difference Equations2013174
12Extinction for a discrete competition system with the effect of toxic substancesAdvances in Difference Equations2016161
13A Riccati-Bernoulli sub-ODE method for nonlinear partial differential equations and its applicationAdvances in Difference Equations2015159
14Discrete fractional differences with nonsingular discrete Mittag-Leffler kernelsAdvances in Difference Equations2016150
15An optimized Crank–Nicolson finite difference extrapolating model for the fractional-order parabolic-type sine-Gordon equationAdvances in Difference Equations2019148
16On a fractional order Ebola epidemic modelAdvances in Difference Equations2015143
17Existence and uniqueness of weak solutions for a class of fractional superdiffusion equationsAdvances in Difference Equations2017142
18A fractional differential equation model for the COVID-19 transmission by using the Caputo–Fabrizio derivativeAdvances in Difference Equations2020137
19On Caputo modification of the Hadamard fractional derivativesAdvances in Difference Equations2014133
20The dynamics of COVID-19 with quarantined and isolationAdvances in Difference Equations2020130
21A new fractional model for giving up smoking dynamicsAdvances in Difference Equations2017125
22New Existence Results for Nonlinear Fractional Differential Equations with Three-Point Integral Boundary ConditionsAdvances in Difference Equations2011121
23Investigation of the p-Laplacian nonperiodic nonlinear boundary value problem via generalized Caputo fractional derivativesAdvances in Difference Equations2021120
24A Survey on Semilinear Differential Equations and Inclusions Involving Riemann-Liouville Fractional DerivativeAdvances in Difference Equations2009116
25A mathematical model of COVID-19 using fractional derivative: outbreak in India with dynamics of transmission and controlAdvances in Difference Equations2020111
26A new fractional SIRS-SI malaria disease model with application of vaccines, antimalarial drugs, and sprayingAdvances in Difference Equations2019110
27Existence Results for Nonlinear Fractional Difference EquationAdvances in Difference Equations2011109
28A new method for investigating approximate solutions of some fractional integro-differential equations involving the Caputo-Fabrizio derivativeAdvances in Difference Equations2017108
29Abundant solitary wave solutions to an extended nonlinear Schrödinger’s equation with conformable derivative using an efficient integration methodAdvances in Difference Equations2020107
30Multiple periodic solutions for a discrete time model of plankton allelopathyAdvances in Difference Equations2006105
31On the analysis of fractional diabetes model with exponential lawAdvances in Difference Equations2018105
32Analyzing transient response of the parallel RCL circuit by using the Caputo–Fabrizio fractional derivativeAdvances in Difference Equations2020105
33The modified Kudryashov method for solving some fractional-order nonlinear equationsAdvances in Difference Equations201499
34Mathematical model of COVID-19 spread in Turkey and South Africa: theory, methods, and applicationsAdvances in Difference Equations202099
35Hyperchaotic behaviors, optimal control, and synchronization of a nonautonomous cardiac conduction systemAdvances in Difference Equations202198
36The new exact solitary wave solutions and stability analysis for the ( 2 + 1 ) $(2+1)$ -dimensional Zakharov–Kuznetsov equationAdvances in Difference Equations201995
37Monotonicity results for fractional difference operators with discrete exponential kernelsAdvances in Difference Equations201791
38Some new edge detecting techniques based on fractional derivatives with non-local and non-singular kernelsAdvances in Difference Equations202090
39A nonstandard finite difference scheme for the modeling and nonidentical synchronization of a novel fractional chaotic systemAdvances in Difference Equations202189
40Existence and uniqueness results for fractional differential equations with uncertaintyAdvances in Difference Equations201288
41Laplace homotopy analysis method for solving linear partial differential equations using a fractional derivative with and without kernel singularAdvances in Difference Equations201688
42Comparison and validation of integer and fractional order ultracapacitor modelsAdvances in Difference Equations201187
43Analysis of differential equations involving Caputo–Fabrizio fractional operator and its applications to reaction–diffusion equationsAdvances in Difference Equations201987
44New concepts of fractional quantum calculus and applications to impulsive fractional q-difference equationsAdvances in Difference Equations201586
45On a nonlinear dynamical system with both chaotic and nonchaotic behaviors: a new fractional analysis and controlAdvances in Difference Equations202186
46A Jacobi operational matrix for solving a fuzzy linear fractional differential equationAdvances in Difference Equations201384
47Fractional operators with exponential kernels and a Lyapunov type inequalityAdvances in Difference Equations201784
48New aspects of poor nutrition in the life cycle within the fractional calculusAdvances in Difference Equations201883
49Multiple positive solutions of singular discrete p-Laplacian problems via variational methodsAdvances in Difference Equations200582
50Variational iteration method for fractional calculus - a universal approach by Laplace transformAdvances in Difference Equations201382