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1Journal of Chromatography A222,62127358
2Chemistry of Materials202,184181198
3Analytical Chemistry72,1722.0K263
4Journal of the American Ceramic Society91,63460593
5Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology361,12212
6Journal of High Resolution Chromatography5800231
7Journal of Porous Materials4795453
8Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids1876113484
9Angewandte Chemie - International Edition46757.6K5.2K
10Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B166452278
11Journal of Separation Science1253710953
12Advanced Materials250910.4K6.7K
13Journal of Materials Chemistry44481.6K1.5K
14Accounts of Chemical Research14301.7K1.4K
15ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces63574.3K5.4K
16Journal of Materials Chemistry A53123.7K5.3K
18Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan4280458135
19Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine2218733265
20Microporous and Mesoporous Materials6217511743
21ACS Nano121116.4K11.2K
23Chemical Society Reviews12042.2K6.2K
24Journal of Colloid and Interface Science41862.3K3.0K
26Journal of the American Chemical Society217421.1K29.6K
27New Journal of Chemistry10173226863
28RSC Advances71672.3K5.1K
29Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects41521.1K1.1K
30Journal of the European Ceramic Society31331.5K1.4K
31Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan613215763
32Advanced Energy Materials11246.9K7.5K
33TrAC - Trends in Analytical Chemistry11181.5K1.4K
35Journal of Applied Biomaterials: an Official Journal of the Society for Biomaterials1103113
36Chemical Communications29414.6K17.0K
37Chemistry - A European Journal29311.7K11.4K
38Journal of Polymer Science Part A2762.0K1.9K
39Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry1705.6K3.9K
41Journal of Power Sources1679.4K9.9K
42Dalton Transactions2628.2K8.8K
43Kobunshi Ronbunshu2601549
43Journal of Proteomics160147145
45Macromolecular Rapid Communications1592.6K2.2K
46Polymer Journal357360515
47Journal of the Electrochemical Society1558.1K5.6K
48Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan453110117
49Journal of Physical Chemistry C25116.4K25.4K
50Applied Physics Letters25021.3K29.0K
50Science and Technology of Advanced Materials350130875
52Materials Letters2483.8K5.3K
53Advanced Functional Materials14717.2K26.2K
53Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions147691770
55Analytical Biochemistry1422.9K4.0K
57Chemical Science1398.6K15.1K
58Materials Research Society Symposia Proceedings2038160507
58Materials and Design1383.0K5.3K
60Faraday Discussions1362.2K2.9K
61Applied Catalysis A: General1333.7K5.8K
61ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering1337.9K13.9K
63Macromolecular Symposia1281.7K994
63Catalysis Science and Technology1284.2K6.7K
65Angewandte Chemie2279.7K12.7K
65Journal of Physical Chemistry B12716.4K22.9K
65Catalysis Communications1271.8K3.1K
68Journal of Materials Research1263.4K4.4K
68Soft Matter1267.4K10.5K
68ACS Applied Nano Materials1262.9K5.6K
71Journal of Materials Chemistry B1254.7K9.4K
72Comptes Rendus Chimie1227161.3K
73Polymer Chemistry1214.3K7.2K
74Journal of Alloys and Compounds21810.9K27.7K
75Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics11722.7K35.5K
76Japanese Journal of Applied Physics1166.2K5.8K
77Inorganic Chemistry11415.5K24.8K
77Skin Pharmacology and Physiology114141395
80Thin Solid Films1117.1K12.7K
80National Science Review1116173.3K
82Journal of Asian Ceramic Societies110269559
83Macromolecular Materials and Engineering191.2K3.6K
83Forensic Toxicology19238429
85Optical Materials183.6K7.7K
85Wuli Huaxue Xuebao/ Acta Physico - Chimica Sinica18203384
87Pharmaceutical Research172.0K6.0K
87ACS Omega177.3K26.3K
87Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers171.8K5.6K
87International Journal of Polymer Science173321.5K
91IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering362.2K5.7K
91Polymer Bulletin161.9K4.9K
91Polymers and Polymer Composites16304751
94Chemistry Letters153.3K5.8K
95Journal of the Physical Society of Japan142.7K4.3K
96Materials Advances23443.8K
97Key Engineering Materials122.2K3.7K
98Frontiers in Chemical Engineering1122263
99Bunseki Kagaku20216643
99Funtai Oyobi Fummatsu Yakin/Journal of the Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy10220428
99Journal of the Japan Society of Colour Material1063102
99Advances in Science and Technology10117677