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1The Role of Nutrition in Prevention and Management of Pressure UlcersNutrition and Disease Prevention200744
2Nutritional Assessment in Older PersonsNutrition and Disease Prevention20074
3The Status of Human Trials Utilizing Bowman–Birk Inhibitor Concentrate from SoybeansNutrition and Disease Prevention20054
4Folic Acid, Folates, and CancerNutrition and Disease Prevention20054
5The Human Sweet Tooth and Its Relationship to ObesityNutrition and Disease Prevention20043
6Vitamin DisordersNutrition and Disease Prevention20073
7Geriatric Assessment and Its Interaction with NutritionNutrition and Disease Prevention20073
8Nutrition and DepressionNutrition and Disease Prevention20073
9Mechanisms Associating Physical Activity with Cancer IncidenceNutrition and Disease Prevention20053
10Nutritional Assessment in the European CommunityNutrition and Disease Prevention20072
11Nutrition Management in Nursing HomesNutrition and Disease Prevention20072
12Immunity and NutritionNutrition and Disease Prevention20072
13PhytosterolsNutrition and Disease Prevention20052
14Anticancer Activity of Ginseng and Soy SaponinsNutrition and Disease Prevention20052
15Soy for “Health for All”Nutrition and Disease Prevention20052
16Soy SaponinNutrition and Disease Prevention20052
17Physical Activity and Cancer IncidenceNutrition and Disease Prevention20052
18Physical Activity Effects on Sex HormonesNutrition and Disease Prevention20052
19Obesity and Sex HormonesNutrition and Disease Prevention20052
20Obesity and Insulin ResistanceNutrition and Disease Prevention20052
21Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolic SyndromeNutrition and Disease Prevention20062
22Management of Protein-Energy Undernutrition in Older AdultsNutrition and Disease Prevention20072
23Transcriptional Regulation of Energy Metabolism in LiverNutrition and Disease Prevention20041
24Nutritional Management of HypertensionNutrition and Disease Prevention20071
25The Role of Nutrition in the Prevention of Age-Associated DiseasesNutrition and Disease Prevention20071
26Nutritional Requirements in Older AdultsNutrition and Disease Prevention20071
27Mitochondrial Function in DiabetesNutrition and Disease Prevention20061
28Pathophysiology and Clinical Management of Diabetes and PrediabetesNutrition and Disease Prevention20061
29Phytochemicals, Xenobiotic Metabolism, and CarcinogenesisNutrition and Disease Prevention20061
30Alcohol and CancerNutrition and Disease Prevention20051
31PhytosterolsNutrition and Disease Prevention20051
32Soy Peptides as Functional Food MaterialNutrition and Disease Prevention20051
33Physical Activity and Energy BalanceNutrition and Disease Prevention20051
34Artificial Hydration and Nutrition in the NeonateNutrition and Disease Prevention20041
35Feeding the Preterm InfantNutrition and Disease Prevention20041
36Soy Proteins, Cholesterolemia, and AtherosclerosisNutrition and Disease Prevention20051
37Fermented Soybean Components and Disease PreventionNutrition and Disease Prevention20051
38Isoflavones, Soybean Phytoestrogens, and CancerNutrition and Disease Prevention20051
39Physical Activity and Prostate Cancer RiskNutrition and Disease Prevention20051
40Obesity, Cytokines, and Other Inflammatory MarkersNutrition and Disease Prevention20051
41Exercise, Nutrition, and DiabetesNutrition and Disease Prevention20061
42Supplements and AnesthesiologyNutrition and Disease Prevention20061
43Water MetabolismNutrition and Disease Prevention20071
44Improving the Nutritional Value of Cereal Grains Using a Genomic ApproachNutrition and Disease Prevention20040
45Phytochemicals and Gene ExpressionNutrition and Disease Prevention20040
46Proteomics and Genomics to Detail Responses to Extracellular StimuliNutrition and Disease Prevention20040
47The Adipose Renin-Angiotensin SystemNutrition and Disease Prevention20040
48Mass Spectrometry Strategies for Proteomic StudiesNutrition and Disease Prevention20040
49Gene Expression Profiling of Immune CellsNutrition and Disease Prevention20040
50Statistical Principles for Analysis of Array ExperimentsNutrition and Disease Prevention20040