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Top Articles

1UALCAN: A Portal for Facilitating Tumor Subgroup Gene Expression and Survival AnalysesNeoplasia20174,166
2ONCOMINE: A Cancer Microarray Database and Integrated Data-Mining PlatformNeoplasia20043,212
3Oncomine 3.0: Genes, Pathways, and Networks in a Collection of 18,000 Cancer Gene Expression ProfilesNeoplasia20071,847
4Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging as a Cancer Biomarker: Consensus and RecommendationsNeoplasia20091,703
5Spherical Cancer Models in Tumor BiologyNeoplasia2015882
6Optical Coherence Tomography: An Emerging Technology for Biomedical Imaging and Optical BiopsyNeoplasia2000817
7UALCAN: An update to the integrated cancer data analysis platformNeoplasia2022666
8Analysis of Cancer Metabolism by Imaging Hyperpolarized Nuclei: Prospects for Translation to Clinical ResearchNeoplasia2011623
9Role of the TMPRSS2-ERG Gene Fusion in Prostate CancerNeoplasia2008608
10Non-Invasive In Vivo Characterization of Breast Tumors Using Photon Migration SpectroscopyNeoplasia2000596
11Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Neoplastic and Non-Neoplastic TissuesNeoplasia2000572
12Cell Cycle and ApoptosisNeoplasia2000523
13The B7-H1 (PD-L1) T Lymphocyte-Inhibitory Molecule Is Expressed in Breast Cancer Patients with Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma: Correlation with Important High-Risk Prognostic FactorsNeoplasia2006505
14Metagenomic Shotgun Sequencing and Unbiased Metabolomic Profiling Identify Specific Human Gut Microbiota and Metabolites Associated with Immune Checkpoint Therapy Efficacy in Melanoma PatientsNeoplasia2017475
15Nothing But NET: A Review of Neuroendocrine Tumors and CarcinomasNeoplasia2017474
16Anti-VEGF Antibody Treatment of Glioblastoma Prolongs Survival But Results in Increased Vascular CooptionNeoplasia2000451
17Activation of the Erk Pathway Is Required for TGF-β1-Induced EMT In VitroNeoplasia2004450
18The Hypercoagulable State of Malignancy: Pathogenesis and Current DebateNeoplasia2002439
19High Resolution X-ray Computed Tomography: An Emerging Tool for Small Animal Cancer ResearchNeoplasia2000426
20Stem-Like Cells in Bone Sarcomas: Implications for TumorigenesisNeoplasia2005426
21Rapid and Quantitative Assessment of Cancer Treatment Response Using In Vivo Bioluminescence ImagingNeoplasia2000422
22The IL-6/JAK/Stat3 Feed-Forward Loop Drives Tumorigenesis and MetastasisNeoplasia2013396
23Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor in Glioma: Signal Transduction, Neuropathology, Imaging, and RadioresistanceNeoplasia2010381
24Inhibition of JAK1, 2/STAT3 Signaling Induces Apoptosis, Cell Cycle Arrest, and Reduces Tumor Cell Invasion in Colorectal Cancer CellsNeoplasia2008351
25Persistent STAT3 Activation in Colon Cancer Is Associated with Enhanced Cell Proliferation and Tumor GrowthNeoplasia2005344
26Use of Reporter Genes for Optical Measurements of Neoplastic Disease In VivoNeoplasia2000337
27Developments Toward Diagnostic Breast Cancer Imaging Using Near-Infrared Optical Measurements and Fluorescent Contrast Agents1Neoplasia2000319
28Imaging Transgene Expression with Radionuclide Imaging TechnologiesNeoplasia2000317
29Hyperpolarized 13C MRI: Path to Clinical Translation in OncologyNeoplasia2019316
30CD44v6 Dependence of Premetastatic Niche Preparation by ExosomesNeoplasia2009311
31Exosomal Tumor MicroRNA Modulates Premetastatic Organ CellsNeoplasia2013310
32Antibody-Based Detection of ERG Rearrangement-Positive Prostate CancerNeoplasia2010305
33Chemotherapy-Induced and/or Radiation Therapy-Induced Oral Mucositis-Complicating the Treatment of CancerNeoplasia2004304
34Ferritin as an Endogenous MRI Reporter for Noninvasive Imaging of Gene Expression in C6 Glioma TumorsNeoplasia2005295
35MRI-Guided Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy of Malignant and Benign Breast LesionsNeoplasia2002290
36Gene Expression Profile of Glioblastoma Multiforme Invasive Phenotype Points to New Therapeutic TargetsNeoplasia2005289
37Identification and Validation of Commonly Overexpressed Genes in Solid Tumors by Comparison of Microarray DataNeoplasia2004287
38In Vivo Selection and Characterization of Metastatic Variants from Human Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma by Using Orthotopic Implantation in Nude MiceNeoplasia1999285
39Frequency of K-ras Mutations in Pancreatic Intraductal Neoplasias Associated with Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma and Chronic Pancreatitis: A Meta-AnalysisNeoplasia2005279
40Metformin Suppresses Ovarian Cancer Growth and Metastasis with Enhancement of Cisplatin Cytotoxicity In VivoNeoplasia2011273
41GAS6/AXL Axis Regulates Prostate Cancer Invasion, Proliferation, and Survival in the Bone Marrow NicheNeoplasia2010263
42Cyclooxygenase-2 Pathway Correlates with VEGF Expression in Head and Neck Cancer. Implications for Tumor Angiogenesis and MetastasisNeoplasia2001259
43Cancer-Stellate Cell Interactions Perpetuate the Hypoxia-Fibrosis Cycle in Pancreatic Ductal AdenocarcinomaNeoplasia2009253
44TRAIL/Apo-2L: Mechanisms and Clinical Applications in CancerNeoplasia2001248
45The Story of Human Cytomegalovirus and Cancer: Increasing Evidence and Open QuestionsNeoplasia2009241
46Extracellular Acidification Alters Lysosomal Trafficking in Human Breast Cancer CellsNeoplasia2003239
47A Specific Inhibitor of TGF-β Receptor Kinase, SB-431542, as a Potent Antitumor Agent for Human CancersNeoplasia2005239
48Endogenous Damage-Associated Molecular Pattern Molecules at the Crossroads of Inflammation and CancerNeoplasia2009239
49A Monoclonal Antibody against Wnt-1 Induces Apoptosis in Human Cancer CellsNeoplasia2004236
50Expression of Axl in Lung Adenocarcinoma and Correlation with Tumor ProgressionNeoplasia2005234