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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Chemistry183211115
2School of Physical Sciences23526
3Faculty of Agriculture232206231
3Department of Medical Biochemistry3323991
3Department of Zoology33242103
3School of Engineering and Technology1322319
7Department of Pharmacology and Environmental Toxicology1312730
7Laboratory of Soils and Agricultural Chemistry131411
9Faculty of Agriculture130128102
10Department of Biotechnology2271139
11Department of Medical Physics422440
12Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering120127191
13Department of Chemistry219112212
14Department of Endocrinology1175389
15Department of Chemistry11689110
16Institute of Geology and Geochemistry of Petroleum and Coal1133653
16Department of Chemical Engineering113116162
16College of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering113215278
19Department of Chemistry112177226
19Department of Mechanical Engineering1121229
21Graduate School of Engineering1111.1K1.2K
21Division of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering11182114
21Department of Chemistry1112552
24School of Materials Science and Engineering110361481
25Department of Chemistry19172288
25Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering191625
25College of Engineering19448614
25Chemical Engineering Department19124195
25School of Life Sciences193886
25Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry191751
25Department of Medicine and Surgery19125241
25Department of Physics192445
33Department of Mechanical Engineering4815140
33Department of Environmental Engineering18103165
33Department of Materials Science and Engineering3873176
33Department of Integrative Biology181234
33Department of Chemical Oceanography181327
33Botany Department282183
33Department of Materials Science and Engineering181523
33Department of Biochemistry182267
33Department of Physics38547
42Department of Chemistry17472718
42Department of Materials Engineering272075
42Department of Chemistry2725105
42Department of Life Science and Biochemical Engineering172846
42College of Engineering171.1K1.4K
42Department of Applied Chemistry17115211
42Department of Chemistry1770141
42Department of Chemical Engineering17105197
42Department of Chemistry1774142
42Department of Chemical Engineering27141319
42Department of Chemistry2799188
53Department of Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry161545
53Department of Organic Chemistry16925
53Department of Inorganic Chemistry3640163
53Department of Chemistry16154281
53Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science161939
53Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science16147227
53Department of Civil Engineering163353
53Department of Chemical Engineering164495
53Bioengineering Department16816
53Department of Mechanical Engineering16510
53College of Biological and Chemical Engineering163456
53Department of Chemical Engineering26218
65Department of Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology1568158
65Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering154588
65Department of Chemistry2597227
65Department of Chemical Engineering35104372
65Department of Zoology153256
70Division of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology1448103
70Department of Chemical Engineering14213392
70Department of Mechanical Engineering3410105
70Department of Physics141641
70Institute of Physics14150247
70Department of Chemistry and Bioengineering1481166
70Institute of Physics24308573
70Institute for Water Education1472145
70Department of Chemistry and Bioengineering1411
70Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering142144
70Faculty of Engineering144084
70Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography1497164
70College of Chemistry14375512
70Department of Chemistry141458
70Department of Chemical Engineering1480161
70School of Life Science and Food Engineering1499198
86Department of Materials Science and Engineering1377162
86Department of Chemical Engineering2346138
86Department of Chemistry13473730
86Institute of Physics13182386
86School of Biotechnology13157346
86Centre for Chemistry and Biotechnology1354154
86Department of Chemical Engineering1366130
86Department of Nuclear Physics1398156
86Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering13115232
86Department of Chemistry13216364
86Management Engineering Department13422
86Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering Technology133891
86Faculty of Agriculture133561
86Department of Microbiology131542
86Department of Mechanical Engineering2356165
86Department of Chemistry131548
86Faculty of Agriculture1371121
86College of Horticulture131829
86School of Chemical and Biotechnology13108306
86College of Pharmacy13123230
86Department of Chemical and Process Engineering13936
86Faculty of Engineering1351125
86Department of Chemical Engineering133175
109Department of Chemistry12499770
109Department of Mechanical Engineering12177330
109Department of Biomedical Engineering and Environmental Sciences12155298
109School of Environmental Science and Engineering12218398
109Department of Biochemistry1297223
109Department of Chemical Engineering32227754
109Department of Chemistry12170317
109School of Engineering and Technology12120285
109Department of Biotechnology122478
109Faculty of Medicine12421758
109Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering12136303
109Faculty of Engineering126891.3K
109Department of Pharmacology122676
109School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering12271444
109Department of Chemical Engineering221765
109Department of Chemistry2257212
109Materials Science Group3255198
109Materials Science Group123284
109Animal Biotechnology Centre123587
109Dairy Microbiology Division1245100
109Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management222798
109Department of Basic Sciences and Social Sciences121745
109Department of Biomedical Engineering121229
109Department of Environmental Engineering124496
109Department of Electromechanical Engineering Technology1228
109Center of Excellence for Green Energy and Environmental Nanomaterials (CE@GrEEN)123369
135School of Mechanical Engineering11237401
135Department of Chemistry11338549
135School of Chemistry11151267
135Department of Plant Physiology and Molecular Plant Biology111961
135Department of Environmental Engineering1158127
135Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics11470711
135Department of Chemical and Process Engineering11125277
135College of Medicine116781.2K
135School of Chemistry11296501
135Department of Chemical Engineering112671
135Department of Physics11295525
135Department of Chemical Engineering11211357
135Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering11236485
135Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology112698
135Department of Civil Engineering11174360
135Department of Physical Chemistry1158118
135School of Energy and Mechanical Engineering1158125
135Faculty of Pharmacy11248533
135School of Chemical Engineering2183285
135School of Chemical Engineering111862
135Department of Chemical Engineering1197192
135Division of Biological and Life Sciences11539
135Department of Chemistry1154129
135Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis1181166
135Department of Chemistry1126
135Department of Pharmacy111129
135Department of Physics11290508
135Department of Chemical Engineering111855
135Department of Physics1149111
135Department of Chemical Engineering11822
135School of Engineering11151407
135Department of Biochemistry111436
167Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology10308521
167Department of Chemistry10259488
167Faculty of Medicine106311.3K
167Department of Pharmacology1077196
167Faculty of Pharmacy10192490
167Sauder School of Business10151368
167Department of Materials Engineering and Convergence Technology1057125
167Faculty of Health Sciences108071.6K
167Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology10100201
167Department of Chemistry10366675
167Department of Industrial Management and Technology201493
167Faculty of Health Sciences205961.8K
167Faculty of Business and Commerce1031113
167Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering10212425
167Department of Chemical Engineering10446755
167Faculty of Pharmacy1048120
167Institute of Marine Biotechnology1051169
167Department of Chemistry10120228
167Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering10107227
167School of Chemical Engineering10353752
167School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering10243441
167College of Pharmacy105651.1K
167Faculty of Mechanical Engineering1095216
167Department of Chemical Engineering1084225
167Department of Chemistry1071146
167School of Physics1086181
167School of Chemistry1079136
167Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering103896
167Faculty of Pharmacy1094213
167Department of Chemistry10117218
167Department of Analytical Chemistry101758
167Department of Chemical Engineering1080193
167Department of Chemistry10190392
167Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology101664
167Department of Microbiology10722
167Institute of Chemistry1043121
167Department of Chemistry1048147
167Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics10629
167Department of Biochemistry102979
167Department of Chemistry101661
167Department of Chemistry20246604
167Department of Genetic Engineering1060194
167Faculty of Veterinary Medicine1053155
167Faculty of Veterinary Medicine1051129
167College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences1048126
167Department of Chemical Engineering10216
167Department of Biochemistry10728
167Division of Sustainable Development1052168
167Department of Microbiology10217
167Department of Civil Engineering10232441
167Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering10184423
167Department of Physics10114258
167Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding10525
167Faculty of Pharmacy103382
167Department of Chemistry103690
167Department of Physics101227