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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Family Medicine7469311
2Department of Family Medicine4656813
3Department of Family Medicine3847811
4Department of Family Medicine5442315
5Faculty of Medical Sciences1231101
5Faculty of Health Sciences123171
7Department of Family Medicine617211
8Department of Family Medicine1712914
9School of Medical Sciences231241799
10College of Medicine15123301561
11Department of Family Medicine1711611
12Department of Physiology1114246
12Department of Family Medicine1611423
14College of Medicine14108518
15Department of Family Medicine1610626
16Department of Family Medicine1810425
17Department of Family Medicine49925
18College of Medicine397325248
19Department of Family Medicine88312
20Department of Physiology and Biochemistry27682
21Department of Medical and Clinical Psychology1696257
21Department of Psychology1692311
23College of Medicine457101136
23Department of Internal Medicine257232271
25Department of Family Medicine25512
26School of Public Health5533760
27Jane Anne Nohl Division of Hematology and Center for the Study of Blood Diseases15211
28College of Pharmacy145235160
29College of Medicine124155324
30Department of Family Medicine43611
31Faculty of Pharmacy1353018
31College of Pharmacy1355842
33Department of Family Medicine1134117
34School of Public Health333422715
35Department of Family Medicine331620
36Division of Rheumatology2302260
37Department of Family Medicine428214
38Institute for Clinical Nutrition22724
39Department of Laboratory Medicine1261012
40Department of Internal Medicine225388479
41School of Public Health1231721
41Research Center of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences1233732
43Department of Family Medicine32225
43School of Health Sciences22275132
45School of Medicine32074261
45Department of Family Medicine32011
45Department of Foods and Nutrition12095149
45Department of Ophthalmology1207273
49School of Medicine319370714
49Department of Family Medicine31916
49School of Medicine1192443
49Department of Family Medicine11928
53Department of Psychology11853
54Department of Internal Medicine117402445
54Department of Psychiatry217412
56Department of Dermatology2164990
56Department of Global Medical Science1161326
58Faculty of Medicine115462510
58Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Physical Medicine11517
58School of Medicine1152236
61Department of Family Medicine21423
61Department of Pediatrics1147789
63Department of Neurology21283159
63School of Medicine112107136
63Department of Internal Medicine1121627
63Department of Basic Medical Sciences1122975
67Department of Biomedical Engineering2113695
67Department of Psychiatry11165124
67Department of Neurology111160238
67Department of Psychiatry1115497
67Department of Neurology111155223
67Department of Neurology11196132
67Department of Psychiatry1111834
67Faculty of Medicine2111757
75Department of Family Medicine110524
75Department of Biomedical Engineering110163259
75Department of Family Medicine11048
75Department of Urology110812
75Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences110342593
75Department of Family Medicine310110
81Department of Internal Medicine1971172
81Division of Nephrology and Hypertension19245379
81Cardiac Rehabilitation Center29910
81Department of Medicine19253447
81Division of Nephrology195587
81Department of Military and Community Medicine192435
87Department of Medical Statistics183367
87Faculty of Health Sciences182257
87Graduate School of Public Health18313
87College of Medicine18194310
87Department of Family Medicine1823
87Department of Family Medicine281126
87Department of Epidemiology1868132
87Department of Family Medicine1823
95Department of Human Nutrition1727
95School of Public Health17616
97Faculty of Medicine267111.3K
97School of Medicine2673254
97Department of Pediatrics16819
97Department of Radiology16510
97School of Medicine16818
102College of Pharmacy2554191
102Department of Family Medicine2517
102College of Medicine2566240
102Faculty of Social Sciences15615
102Department of Psychology15610
102Faculty of Medicine3551293
102Faculty of Medical Sciences156681.0K
102Department of Internal Medicine1527
102Department of Psychiatry1534
102Department of Internal Medicine15311
112Graduate School of Public Health2437
112Department of Medical Nutrition1457112
112College of Medicine14112275
112Department of Family Medicine14625
112Faculty of Health Sciences14298698
112School of Public Health14366754
112Faculty of the Arts14826
112Department of Preventive and Social Medicine141322
112Nutrition Care Services1415
112School of Public Health141135
112School of Nursing and Midwifery14722
112School of Public Health141741
112Department of Health Education1447
125Department of Internal Medicine13630981
125Sanbon Medical Center33147
125College of Physical Education13516
125Department of Family Medicine2316
125College of Nursing135183
125Department of Internal Medicine13116245
125Department of Pediatrics132251
125College of Medicine and Health Sciences13264582
125Department of Family Medicine132257
125Department of Rehabilitation Medicine1324
125Department of Educational Psychology1323
125Department of Pediatrics13920
125Department of Sociology and Anthropology1315
125Cancer Information and Education Branch13514
125Department of Radiology131522
140Department of Emergency Medicine124384
140Department of Internal Medicine12313524
140Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences121.3K2.1K
140Department of Family Medicine12514
140Department of Internal Medicine1284150
140Department of Healthcare Management121737
140School of Medicine12137338
140College of Pharmacy12137259
140Department of Pathology2242136
140College of Medicine12195410
140Department of Family Medicine12319
140Department of Family Medicine121223
140Department of Sociology1248139
140Department of Psychology12162244
140Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics121146
140Department of Psychiatry22431
140Department of Dermatology122742
140Department of Nephrology12611
140Food Safety Research Center (Salt)121358
140Department of Neurology12124310
140Department of Anesthesiology12827
140Department of Ergonomics121543
162College of Medicine11237533
162Department of Food and Nutrition11112222
162Faculty of Medicine118841.6K
162Department of Internal Medicine1140151
162Department of Pediatric Dentistry111430
162School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation1150124
162Department of Pediatrics11198394
162Faculty of Health Sciences11533
162Department of Psychology111650
162Faculty of Medicine115131.1K
162Department of Health Management and Economics1181164
162Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine11512
162Department of Neurology111854
162Department of Community Nutrition11920
176Department of Pediatrics10212469
176GKT School of Medical Education1044151
176Medical Statistics Team1032106
176Faculty of Medicine104751.1K
176Department of Family Medicine10413
176Department of Internal Medicine1041125
176Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science1083168
176School of Kinesiology and Recreation1040100
176Department of Internal Medicine10161343
176School of Medicine10128352
176Department of Internal Medicine102976
176Department of Internal Medicine102290
176Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics1048196
176Department of Biochemistry10711
176Department of Rehabilitation Medicine1055141
176Department of Internal Medicine1051161
176Department of Family Medicine10213
176Department of Internal Medicine1012
176Department of Internal Medicine10821