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1Facial attractiveness: General patterns of facial preferencesAnthropological Review050
2The biological meaning of preferences on the human mate marketAnthropological Review037
3Globalization and children’s diets: The case of Maya of Mexico and Central AmericaAnthropological Review201434
4Trepanation and artificial cranial deformations in ancient ArmeniaAnthropological Review031
5Analysis of cribra orbitalia in the earliest inhabitants of medieval VilniusAnthropological Review027
6Strontium isotopes as an indicator of human migration – easy questions, difficult answersAnthropological Review201527
7Olfactory processing and odor specificity: a meta-analysis of menstrual cycle variation in olfactory sensitivityAnthropological Review201426
8Palaeopathology and its relevance to understanding health and disease today: the impact of the environment on health, past and presentAnthropological Review201625
9Facial attractiveness: Variation, adaptiveness and consequences of facial preferencesAnthropological Review200823
10Adult tribal malnutrition in India: an anthropometric and socio-demographic reviewAnthropological Review201523
11Current status and future directions of research on facial attractivenessAnthropological Review200922
12Chemical signals and reconstruction of life strategies from ancient human bones and teeth – problems and perspectivesAnthropological Review021
13The many species of humanityAnthropological Review021
14Frequency and chronological distribution of linear enamel hypoplasia (LEH) in the Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age population from Żerniki Górne (Poland) – preliminary reportAnthropological Review201220
15Diet and society in Poland before the state: stable isotope evidence from a Wielbark population (2nd c. AD)Anthropological Review201320
16Socio-economic and demographic correlates of stunting among adolescents of Assam, North-east IndiaAnthropological Review201620
17The life history of “Ardipithecus ramidus”: a heterochronic model of sexual and social maturationAnthropological Review201518
18Age-related variability in buccal dental-microwear in Middle and Upper Pleistocene human populationsAnthropological Review201116
19Bone Mineral Density in Children From Anthropological and Clinical Sciences: A ReviewAnthropological Review201416
20Introducing the FIDENTIS 3D Face DatabaseAnthropological Review201815
21Historia antropologii w PolsceAnthropological Review198715
22Rethinking modern theories of ageing and their classification: the proximate mechanisms and the ultimate explanationsAnthropological Review201714
23Non-metric traits, physiological stress indicators and paleopathological lesion on human skeletal remains from an early modern cemetery in Wyszyński Street, Wrocław, Poland (15th–18th centuries AD)Anthropological Review201914
24A re-examination of a human femur found at the Blind River Site, East London, South Africa: Its age, morphology, and breakage patternAnthropological Review013
25Diseases, health status, and mortality in urban and rural environments: The case of Catholics and Lutherans in 19th-century Greater PolandAnthropological Review013
26ACTN-3 and ACE genotypes in elite male Italian athletesAnthropological Review201213
27Contemporary views on human aging and longevityAnthropological Review201613
28Short term secular change in body size and physical fitness of youth 7–15 years in Southwestern Poland: 2001–2002 and 2010–2011Anthropological Review201613
29Frequency of dental caries in children in the Early Iron Age and the Medieval populations from UkraineAnthropological Review201713
30Somatotype and body composition of volleyball players and untrained female students – reference group for comparison in sportAnthropological Review201612
31Assessment of the BMI, WHR and W/Ht in pre- and postmenopausal womenAnthropological Review200712
32Role of stable isotope analyses in reconstructing past life-histories and the provenancing human skeletal remains: a reviewAnthropological Review201711
33Height loss with advancing age in a hospitalized population of Polish men and women: magnitude, pattern and associations with mortalityAnthropological Review201511
34Assessment of nutritional status by composite index of anthropometric failure (CIAF): a study among preschool children of Sagar Block, South 24 Parganas District, West Bengal, IndiaAnthropological Review201811
35The prevalence of under-nutrition among the tribal children in India: a systematic reviewAnthropological Review201911
36Sex determination of skeletal remains of 4000 year old children and juveniles from Hoštice 1 za Hanou (Czech Republic) by ancient DNA analysisAnthropological Review011
37Studying tactile sensitivity – population approachAnthropological Review011
38Analysis of interaction between nutritional and developmental instability in mediaeval population in WrocławAnthropological Review201310
39Overall burden of under-nutrition measured by a Composite Index in rural pre-school children in Purba Medinipur, West Bengal, IndiaAnthropological Review201310
40Differential preservation of children’s bones and teeth recovered from early medieval cemeteries: possible influences for the forensic recovery of non-adult skeletal remainsAnthropological Review201310
41Morphological optimization of female combat sports athletes as seen by the anthropologistsAnthropological Review201610
42Use of upper arm anthropometry, upper arm muscle area-by-height (UAMAH) and midupper- arm-circumference (MUAC)-for-height as indicators of body composition and nutritional status among childrenAnthropological Review201710
43Sex estimation of upper long bones by selected measurements in a Radom (Poland) population from the 18th and 19th centuries ADAnthropological Review201710
44Body height differentiation by season of birth: Girls from Cracow, PolandAnthropological Review010
45Gluten consumption may contribute to worldwide obesity prevalenceAnthropological Review202010
46Comparison of various decalcificators in preparation of DNA from human rib bonesAnthropological Review010
47Association of FTO gene with obesity in Polish schoolchildrenAnthropological Review20149
48Can ancestry be consistently determined from the skeleton?Anthropological Review20159
49Longitudinal and cross-sectional changes with age in selected anthropometric and physiological traits in hospitalized adults: an insight from the Polish Longitudinal Study of Aging (PLSA)Anthropological Review20159
50Evidence of interpersonal violence or a special funeral rite in the Neolithic multiple burial from Koszyce in southern Poland – a forensic analysisAnthropological Review20169