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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Physics12,8282045
2Department of Physics22,16214411
3Department of Physics41,9491476
4Faculty of Physics41,8161614
5Department of Astrophysics/IMAPP41,789186
6School of Physics31,68212716
7Department of Physics41,39115830
8School of Mathematics31,2881072
9Department of Physics21,25518113
9Faculty of Engineering21,2551903
9Department of Applied Physics21,255381
12Institute of Physics489621129
13School of Physics and Astronomy38726212
14Department of Physics180815715
15Department of Physics27778211
15Department of Physics1777725
17Department of Physics and Astronomy57207229
18Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics27093913
19School of Physics and Astronomy36564814
20Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics3636199
21Department of Physics26329018
22Department of Physics260211035
22Institute for Astronomy16025115
22Astrophysics Group1602235
22Department of Physics160221626
22Department of Physics16021673
22Department of Physics1602676
22Astrophysics Department160211
22Institute for Astronomy16023912
30School of Mathematics3589445
31Department of Physics257214845
32Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics154835071
33Institute of Physics15338111
34Department of Physics252920547
34Van Swinderen Institute for Particle Physics and Gravity2529145
36Institute of Mathematics25081395
36Department of Physics15088822
38Department of Physics and Astronomy44919634
39Department of Astronomy14477117
39Department of Physics144710812
39Department of Physics144712512
39Institute of Physics1447288
39Department of Physics and Astronomy1447354
39Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics144718816
39Department of Physics144714613
39Department of Physics144714412
39Faculty of Information Science and Technology1447262
39Faculty of Law144782
39Department of Physics1447546
39Department of Astronomy14476812
39Department of Engineering144717111
39Institute of Physics144730634
53Department of Physics137023261
54School of Physics and Astronomy432310262
55Institute of Astronomy13195913
56Institute of Theoretical Physics1314192
57Department of Physics and Astronomy131221654
58Department of Physics330217191
59Department of Physics and Astronomy1296121
60Department of Physics12658119
61Department of Earth and Space Science123814337
62Department of Physics and Astronomy123217075
62School of Physics and Astronomy123223470
64Institute of Theoretical Physics2229237
65Department of Physics121611737
66School of Physics and Astronomy22028541
67Department of Physics and Astronomy218912670
67Department of Physics2189173125
69Department of Mathematics and Statistics116017132
70Faculty of Mathematics and Physics1147756192
70Department of Physics1147346133
70Theoretical Physics Institute11476420
70Department of Physics and Astronomy11478940
74Theoretical Astrophysics Program113732
75School of Physics113410639
76Department of Physics and Astronomy21158259
77Physics Department21081914
78School of Physics1107443212
78Department of Physics1107436196
78Department of Physics and Astronomy110719099
78Institute of Astronomy11072611
78School of Physics and Astronomy110711957
78Department of Physics1107166102
78Department of Physics1107217111
78Center for Theoretical Astrophysics and Cosmology11071611
78Department of Astronomy11072718
78Institute of Applied Mathematics110714142
78Faculty of Physics110720638
78Department of Physics and Astronomy1107197
78Center for Computational Relativity and Gravitation1107139
78Department of Theoretical Physics110794
92Department of Physics11059238
92Theoretical Physics Department11052215
92Department of Physics110514786
95Department of Mathematics2965238
96Department of Physics and Astronomy182311183
96Department of Mathematics18225292
96Department of Physics182306
96Department of Physics182185113
96Institute for Theoretical Physics1828753
96Department of Physics18213258
96Institute for Theoretical Physics1822010
96Department of Physics and Astronomy1828643
96Department of Mathematics and Statistics18213953
96Department of Physics and Astronomy1822813
106Department of Physics181618439
107Department of Mathematics180144
108Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences1783316
109Center for Astrophysics and Space Astronomy1643924
110Faculty of Physics1614414
111Institute of Theoretical Physics148105
112Department of Physics144129106
113Department of Physics1342223
114Department of Mathematics132204143