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1Thermoelectric materials: Energy conversion between heat and electricityJournal of Materiomics2015794
2Materials discovery and design using machine learningJournal of Materiomics2017629
3Graphene-based materials for supercapacitor electrodes – A reviewJournal of Materiomics2016620
4Two-dimensional MoS2: Properties, preparation, and applicationsJournal of Materiomics2015597
5Lead-free piezoceramics – Where to move on?Journal of Materiomics2016333
6Recent progress of nanomaterials for microwave absorptionJournal of Materiomics2019318
7Band and scattering tuning for high performance thermoelectric Sn1−xMnxTe alloysJournal of Materiomics2015193
8Requirements for the transfer of lead-free piezoceramics into applicationJournal of Materiomics2018187
9High capacity group-IV elements (Si, Ge, Sn) based anodes for lithium-ion batteriesJournal of Materiomics2015185
10Modified TiO 2 based photocatalysts for improved air and health qualityJournal of Materiomics2017181
11A high-entropy silicide: (Mo0.2Nb0.2Ta0.2Ti0.2W0.2)Si2Journal of Materiomics2019159
12A review of flexible perovskite oxide ferroelectric films and their applicationJournal of Materiomics2020136
13A review on the effects of TiO2 surface point defects on CO2 photoreduction with H2OJournal of Materiomics2017119
14Enhanced thermoelectric performance of PbTe bulk materials with figure of merit zT >2 by multi-functional alloyingJournal of Materiomics2016118
15Surface defect engineering of metal oxides photocatalyst for energy application and water treatmentJournal of Materiomics2021117
16A review on the synthesis of CuCo2O4-based electrode materials and their applications in supercapacitorsJournal of Materiomics2021115
17Thermoelectric interface materials: A perspective to the challenge of thermoelectric power generation moduleJournal of Materiomics2019113
18(Bi0.51 Na0.47)TiO3 based lead free ceramics with high energy density and efficiencyJournal of Materiomics2019113
19A review of high-temperature selective absorbing coatings for solar thermal applicationsJournal of Materiomics2020113
20A review on perovskite solar cells (PSCs), materials and applicationsJournal of Materiomics2021111
21Phase evolution in (1−x)(Na0.5Bi0.5)TiO3-xSrTiO3 solid solutions: A study focusing on dielectric and ferroelectric characteristicsJournal of Materiomics2020110
22An overview of materials issues in resistive random access memoryJournal of Materiomics2015106
23Electrophoretic deposition of graphene-based materials: A review of materials and their applicationsJournal of Materiomics2018106
24Recent advances of wearable and flexible piezoresistivity pressure sensor devices and its future prospectsJournal of Materiomics2020102
25Strain-based scanning probe microscopies for functional materials, biological structures, and electrochemical systemsJournal of Materiomics2015100
26Chemical compatibility between garnet-like solid state electrolyte Li6.75La3Zr1.75Ta0.25O12 and major commercial lithium battery cathode materialsJournal of Materiomics201696
27Construction of multiple interfaces and dielectric/magnetic heterostructures in electromagnetic wave absorbers with enhanced absorption performance: A reviewJournal of Materiomics202194
28Significantly enhanced piezo-photocatalytic capability in BaTiO3 nanowires for degrading organic dyeJournal of Materiomics202093
29A novel lead-free Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3-based ceramic with superior comprehensive energy storage and discharge properties for dielectric capacitor applicationsJournal of Materiomics202089
30Temperature dependent solubility of Yb in Yb–CoSb3 skutterudite and its effect on preparation, optimization and lifetime of thermoelectricsJournal of Materiomics201588
31High energy storage density and power density achieved simultaneously in NaNbO3-based lead-free ceramics via antiferroelectricity enhancementJournal of Materiomics202188
32Dual Z-scheme charge transfer in TiO2–Ag–Cu2O composite for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen generationJournal of Materiomics201586
33Ultrahigh energy density and improved discharged efficiency in bismuth sodium titanate based relaxor ferroelectrics with A-site vacancyJournal of Materiomics201886
34β-Ga2O3 nanowires and thin films for metal oxide semiconductor gas sensors: Sensing mechanisms and performance enhancement strategiesJournal of Materiomics201983
35Interfacial challenges for all-solid-state batteries based on sulfide solid electrolytesJournal of Materiomics202182
36Realizing high low-electric-field energy storage performance in AgNbO3 ceramics by introducing relaxor behaviourJournal of Materiomics201980
37Defect engineering of two-dimensional materials for efficient electrocatalysisJournal of Materiomics201879
38Lead-free textured piezoceramics using tape casting: A reviewJournal of Materiomics201877
39Tuning the strength of built-in electric field in 2D/2D g-C3N4/SnS2 and g-C3N4/ZrS2 S-scheme heterojunctions by nonmetal dopingJournal of Materiomics202177
40Progress and perspective of high strain NBT-based lead-free piezoceramics and multilayer actuatorsJournal of Materiomics202176
41Research progress on large-area perovskite thin films and solar modulesJournal of Materiomics201775
42Black TiO 2 for solar hydrogen conversionJournal of Materiomics201773
43Low-cost and environmentally benign selenides as promising thermoelectric materialsJournal of Materiomics201873
44Flexible N-Doped reduced graphene oxide/carbon Nanotube-MnO2 film as a Multifunctional Material for High-Performance supercapacitors, catalysts and sensorsJournal of Materiomics202072
45Hollow CdS-based photocatalystsJournal of Materiomics202172
46Recent advancements in plasmon-enhanced visible light-driven water splittingJournal of Materiomics201770
47Optimizing the grain size and grain boundary morphology of (K,Na)NbO3-based ceramics: Paving the way for ultrahigh energy storage capacitorsJournal of Materiomics202169
48Thermoelectric properties of GeSeJournal of Materiomics201667
49Data mining-aided materials discovery and optimizationJournal of Materiomics201765
50Recent development of n-type perovskite thermoelectricsJournal of Materiomics201663