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1COVID-19 and smoking: A systematic review of the evidenceTobacco Induced Diseases2020914
2Tobacco use increases susceptibility to bacterial infectionTobacco Induced Diseases2008215
3Effects of sixty six adolescent tobacco use cessation trials and seventeen prospective studies of self-initiated quittingTobacco Induced Diseases2003196
4Perceptions of hookah smoking harmfulness: predictors and characteristics among current hookah usersTobacco Induced Diseases2009150
5Experimental animal models for COPD: a methodological reviewTobacco Induced Diseases2017144
6The double-edged relationship between COVID-19 stress and smoking: Implications for smoking cessationTobacco Induced Diseases2020141
7Electronic cigarettes: overview of chemical composition and exposure estimationTobacco Induced Diseases2014112
8Adverse events associated with nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) for smoking cessation. A systematic review and meta-analysis of one hundred and twenty studies involving 177,390 individualsTobacco Induced Diseases2010110
9Comparing effects of tobacco use prevention modalities: need for complex system modelsTobacco Induced Diseases2013107
10Tobacco use by Indian adolescentsTobacco Induced Diseases200396
11Oxidative Stress, Cell Death, and Other Damage to Alveolar Epithelial Cells Induced by Cigarette SmokeTobacco Induced Diseases200386
12Smoking increases the risk of infectious diseases: A narrative reviewTobacco Induced Diseases202085
13Smoking and risk of negative outcomes among COVID-19 patients: A systematic review and meta-analysisTobacco Induced Diseases202183
14Smoking, SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19: A review of reviews considering implications for public health policy and practiceTobacco Induced Diseases202082
15School-based smoking prevention programs with the promise of long-term effectsTobacco Induced Diseases200977
16Tobacco and oral squamous cell carcinoma: A review of carcinogenic pathwaysTobacco Induced Diseases201976
17Effect of tobacco on periodontal disease and oral cancerTobacco Induced Diseases201974
18Tobacco retailer density surrounding schools and youth smoking behaviour: a multi-level analysisTobacco Induced Diseases201171
19Epidemiology of menthol cigarette use in the United StatesTobacco Induced Diseases201170
20E-cigarettes versus NRT for smoking reduction or cessation in people with mental illness: secondary analysis of data from the ASCEND trialTobacco Induced Diseases201569
21Youth tobacco use cessation: 2008 updateTobacco Induced Diseases200968
22An experimental study of the effects of electronic cigarette warnings on young adult nonsmokers’ perceptions and behavioral intentionsTobacco Induced Diseases201668
23Consumers’ perceptions of vape shops in Southern California: an analysis of online Yelp reviewsTobacco Induced Diseases201464
24Identification of bacterial and fungal components in tobacco and tobacco smokeTobacco Induced Diseases200863
25Prevalence of smoking in adults with chronic painTobacco Induced Diseases201562
26Are healthy smokers really healthy?Tobacco Induced Diseases201661
27Initial puffing behaviors and subjective responses differ between an electronic nicotine delivery system and traditional cigarettesTobacco Induced Diseases201459
28Active smoking is associated with severity of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19 ): An update of a meta-analysisTobacco Induced Diseases202059
29The promise of long-term effectiveness of school-based smoking prevention programs: a critical review of reviewsTobacco Induced Diseases200957
30Destructive effects of smoking on molecular and genetic factors of periodontal diseaseTobacco Induced Diseases201056
31Effect of cigarette smoke on gustatory sensitivity, evaluation of the deficit and of the recovery time-course after smoking cessationTobacco Induced Diseases201756
32Electronic cigarettes: patterns of use, health effects, use in smoking cessation and regulatory issuesTobacco Induced Diseases201454
33A descriptive study of the perceptions and behaviors of waterpipe use by university students in the Western Cape, South AfricaTobacco Induced Diseases201352
34Pro-tobacco marketing and anti-tobacco campaigns aimed at vulnerable populations: A review of the literatureTobacco Induced Diseases201951
35Tobacco and oral squamous cell carcinoma: A review of carcinogenic pathwaysTobacco Induced Diseases201951
36Comparison between cigarette smoke-induced emphysema and cigarette smoke extract-induced emphysemaTobacco Induced Diseases201549
37Factors Related to Cigarette Smoking Initiation and Use among College StudentsTobacco Induced Diseases200546
38Use of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) by pregnant women I: Risk of small-for-gestational-age birthTobacco Induced Diseases201946
39Smoking status in relation to serum folate and dietary vitamin intakeTobacco Induced Diseases200845
40Bibliometric analysis of scientific publications on waterpipe (narghile, shisha, hookah) tobacco smoking during the period 2003-2012Tobacco Induced Diseases201444
41Smoking cessation in pregnancy: An update for maternity care practitionersTobacco Induced Diseases201944
42Why do smokers diagnosed with COPD not quit smoking? - a qualitative studyTobacco Induced Diseases201243
43Factors associated with implementation of the 5A’s smoking cessation modelTobacco Induced Diseases201743
44The use of electronic nicotine delivery systems during pregnancy and the reproductive outcomes: A systematic review of the literatureTobacco Induced Diseases201943
45The Influence of Tobacco Smoking on the Onset of Periodontitis in Young PersonsTobacco Induced Diseases200442
46Scratching the surface – tobacco-induced bacterial biofilmsTobacco Induced Diseases201542
47Factors associated with smoking in immigrants from non-western to western countries – what role does acculturation play? A systematic reviewTobacco Induced Diseases201542
48College anti-smoking policies and student smoking behavior: a review of the literatureTobacco Induced Diseases201742
49Future physicians and tobacco: an online survey of the habits, beliefs and knowledge base of medical students at a Canadian UniversityTobacco Induced Diseases201341
50Mortality attributable to tobacco among men in Sweden and other European countries: an analysis of data in a WHO reportTobacco Induced Diseases201441