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1Key influences on construction innovationConstruction Innovation2004350
2Drivers, constraints and the future of offsite manufacture in AustraliaConstruction Innovation2009242
3Towards sustainable construction: promotion and best practicesConstruction Innovation2009202
4The role of organizational culture in motivating innovative behaviour in construction firmsConstruction Innovation2006157
5The analytic network process (ANP) approach to location selection: a shopping mall illustrationConstruction Innovation2005147
6Knowledge management in the architecture, engineering and construction industryConstruction Innovation2002139
7Asking questions, analysing answers: relative importance revisitedConstruction Innovation2014131
8An empirical study of the impact of lean construction techniques on sustainable construction in the UKConstruction Innovation2014122
9Construction professionals' perception of critical success factors for large‐scale construction projectsConstruction Innovation2009119
10Offsite production in the UK: the way forward? A UK construction industry perspectiveConstruction Innovation2010111
11Lean and agile integration within offsite construction using discrete event simulationConstruction Innovation201698
12Embedded contexts of innovationConstruction Innovation201590
13Innovation and interorganizational cooperation: a synthesis of literatureConstruction Innovation200989
14A simulation model using system dynamic method for construction and demolition waste management in Hong KongConstruction Innovation200787
15Benefits of collaborative ICT adoption for building project managementConstruction Innovation200984
16Facilitating innovation in constructionConstruction Innovation201084
17Exploratory factors influencing information and communication technology diffusion and adoption within Australian construction organizations: a micro analysisConstruction Innovation200580
18Evolution of large‐scale industrialisation and service innovation in Japanese prefabrication industryConstruction Innovation201279
19An empirical investigation into the link between information technology implementation barriers and coping strategies in the Australian construction industryConstruction Innovation200478
20Mobile augmented reality applications for construction projectsConstruction Innovation201878
21An overview of benefits and challenges of building information modelling (BIM) adoption in UK residential projectsConstruction Innovation201976
22Profound barriers to building information modelling (BIM) adoption in construction small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)Construction Innovation202076
23Unmanned aerial system applications in construction: a systematic reviewConstruction Innovation201875
24Knowledge management in the architecture, engineering and construction industryConstruction Innovation200273
25Government roles in implementing building information modelling systemsConstruction Innovation201173
26Planning and implementation of effective collaboration in construction projectsConstruction Innovation200772
27A review of enabling factors in construction industry productivity in an Australian environmentConstruction Innovation201470
28Automating construction manufacturing procedures using BIM digital objects (BDOs)Construction Innovation202069
29Enablers and challenges of a sustainable housing industry in MalaysiaConstruction Innovation201368
30Ontology‐based information and knowledge management in constructionConstruction Innovation200867
31Perceptions of the impacts of organizational culture and information technology on knowledge sharing in constructionConstruction Innovation200867
32Contractor selection innovation: examination of two decades' published researchConstruction Innovation201067
33Differing perspectives on collaboration in constructionConstruction Innovation201263
34Construction business failure: conceptual synthesis of causal agentsConstruction Innovation201363
35The strategic importance of tacit knowledge management activities in constructionConstruction Innovation201061
36Integrating BIM and augmented reality for interactive architectural visualisationConstruction Innovation201461
37Multi‐storey wood‐frame buildings in Germany, Sweden and the UKConstruction Innovation201260
38Industrialised house-building – development and conceptual orientation of the fieldConstruction Innovation201560
39Evaluating the effect of construction process characteristics to the applicability of lean principlesConstruction Innovation200759
40Investigating the integration of design and construction from a “lean” perspectiveConstruction Innovation200959
41An empirical analysis of the barriers to implementing e‐commerce in small‐medium sized construction contractors in the state of Victoria, AustraliaConstruction Innovation200158
42Diagnosing the organizational culture of an Australian engineering consultancy using the competing values frameworkConstruction Innovation200658
43Rapid LEED evaluation performed with BIM based sustainability analysis on a virtual construction projectConstruction Innovation201558
44Adopting global virtual engineering teams in AEC ProjectsConstruction Innovation201558
45Labour productivity model for reinforced concrete construction projectsConstruction Innovation201157
46Adopting innovative procurement techniquesConstruction Innovation201157
47Construction waste management in India: an exploratory studyConstruction Innovation201257
48Tracking of secondary and temporary objects in structural concrete workConstruction Innovation201455
49Significance ranking of parameters impacting construction labour productivityConstruction Innovation201254
50Construction innovation diffusion in the Russian FederationConstruction Innovation201554