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1Electric VTOL Configurations ComparisonAerospace2019159
2Hydrodynamic Performance of Aquatic Flapping: Efficiency of Underwater Flight in the MantaAerospace2016128
3A Review of Concepts, Benefits, and Challenges for Future Electrical Propulsion-Based AircraftAerospace2020125
4A Review of Recent Research on Bio-Based Epoxy Systems for Engineering Applications and Potentialities in the Aviation SectorAerospace2018114
5U-Space Concept of Operations: A Key Enabler for Opening Airspace to Emerging Low-Altitude OperationsAerospace2020107
6Single-Sensor Acoustic Emission Source Localization in Plate-Like Structures Using Deep LearningAerospace2018105
7Exploring Civil Drone Accidents and Incidents to Help Prevent Potential Air DisastersAerospace2016104
8An Overview of Cube-Satellite Propulsion Technologies and TrendsAerospace201791
9Large Constellations of Small Satellites: A Survey of Near Future Challenges and MissionsAerospace202090
10A Review on Gas Turbine Gas-Path Diagnostics: State-of-the-Art Methods, Challenges and OpportunitiesAerospace201986
11Recent Advances in Anomaly Detection Methods Applied to AviationAerospace201984
12Graphene/Epoxy Coating as Multifunctional Material for Aircraft StructuresAerospace201582
13Large Scale Applications Using FBG Sensors: Determination of In-Flight Loads and Shape of a Composite Aircraft WingAerospace201674
14Selective Laser Melting of Aluminum and Titanium Matrix Composites: Recent Progress and Potential Applications in the Aerospace IndustryAerospace202067
15Multiple-Scenario Unmanned Aerial System Control: A Systems Engineering Approach and Review of Existing Control MethodsAerospace201666
16A Detailed Survey and Future Directions of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) with Potential ApplicationsAerospace202164
17Electric Propulsion Methods for Small Satellites: A ReviewAerospace202163
18Mitigating the Climate Impact from Aviation: Achievements and Results of the DLR WeCare ProjectAerospace201759
19Molecular Dynamics Electrospray Simulations of Coarse-Grained Ethylammonium Nitrate (EAN) and 1-Ethyl-3-Methylimidazolium Tetrafluoroborate (EMIM-BF4)Aerospace201857
203D CFD Simulation and Experimental Validation of Small APC Slow Flyer Propeller BladeAerospace201756
21Field Trial Measurements to Validate a Stochastic Aircraft Boarding ModelAerospace201855
22Unsupervised Anomaly Detection in Flight Data Using Convolutional Variational Auto-EncoderAerospace202054
23Cost-Effectiveness of Structural Health Monitoring in Fuselage Maintenance of the Civil Aviation Industry †Aerospace201849
24Fast Aircraft Turnaround Enabled by Reliable Passenger BoardingAerospace201848
25OpenAP: An Open-Source Aircraft Performance Model for Air Transportation Studies and SimulationsAerospace202048
26Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for Unmanned Aerial VehiclesAerospace201747
27Sound Absorption Characterization of Natural Materials and Sandwich Structure CompositesAerospace201845
28Manganese and Zinc Spinel Ferrites Blended with Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes as Microwave Absorbing MaterialsAerospace201744
29Air Traffic Security: Aircraft Classification Using ADS-B Message’s Phase-PatternAerospace201744
30Machine Learning and Cognitive Ergonomics in Air Traffic Management: Recent Developments and Considerations for CertificationAerospace201844
31Autonomous Trajectory Generation Algorithms for Spacecraft Slew ManeuversAerospace202244
32A Two-Temperature Open-Source CFD Model for Hypersonic Reacting Flows, Part Two: Multi-Dimensional AnalysisAerospace201643
33Crack Growth in a Range of Additively Manufactured Aerospace Structural MaterialsAerospace201843
34Future Directions for Electric Propulsion ResearchAerospace202043
35Experimental and Numerical Icing Penalties of an S826 Airfoil at Low Reynolds NumbersAerospace202043
36Weather Impact on Airport PerformanceAerospace201842
37Superhydrophobic Coatings as Anti-Icing Systems for Small AircraftAerospace202042
38Review of State-of-the-Art Green Monopropellants: For Propulsion Systems Analysts and DesignersAerospace202142
39A Two-Temperature Open-Source CFD Model for Hypersonic Reacting Flows, Part One: Zero-Dimensional AnalysisAerospace201640
40Non-Linear Dynamic Inversion Control Design for RotorcraftAerospace201938
41Lifetime Considerations for Electrospray ThrustersAerospace202038
42Review of Conflict Resolution Methods for Manned and Unmanned AviationAerospace202038
43A Survey on Low-Thrust Trajectory Optimization ApproachesAerospace202138
44The Bird Strike ChallengeAerospace202037
45Optimization Provenance of Whiplash Compensation for Flexible Space RoboticsAerospace201936
46Taxonomy of Gas Turbine Blade DefectsAerospace201936
47Spoken Instruction Understanding in Air Traffic Control: Challenge, Technique, and ApplicationAerospace202136
48Influence of Novel Airframe Technologies on the Feasibility of Fully-Electric Regional AviationAerospace202136
49Minimum-Cost Drone‒Nest Matching through the Kuhn‒Munkres Algorithm in Smart Cities: Energy Management and Efficiency EnhancementAerospace201935
50Aircraft Pilots Workload Analysis: Heart Rate Variability Objective Measures and NASA-Task Load Index Subjective EvaluationAerospace202035