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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Faculty of Civil Engineering550412
2Department of Aerospace Engineering74848
3School of Aeronautic Science and Engineering214114133
4Department of Aerospace Engineering2406075
5School of Engineering232828
5Department of Production Engineering33276
7Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering83162204
8Department of Construction Technology and Management33025
9School of Automation Science and Electrical Engineering528114233
9College of Engineering and Technology2286492
11Department of Engineering Cybernetics1279593
11Department of Aerospace Engineering4273889
13Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics6252151
14Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering62454215
15Department of Manufacturing Engineering1231520
15Department of Mechanical Engineering1234053
17Department of Aerospace Engineering32124
17Department of Computer Modelling and Metal Forming Technologies22155
17Department of Mechanical Engineering521163414
20Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering42040184
20Department of Mechanical and Construction Engineering4201588
22Department of Computer and Control Engineering2191012
23Department of Mechanical Engineering61811
23Department of Civil Engineering11843
25College of Electronics and Information Engineering1171013
26School of Materials Science and Engineering216270379
26Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering616324
26Department of Aerospace Engineering71636
26College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering2161438
26School of Mechanical Engineering2161025
31School of Engineering3151498
31Department of Aerospace Engineering315525
31School of Engineering215421734
31Department of Mechanical Engineering415332
35Department of Industrial Engineering2142464
35Department of Mechanical Engineering1141725
35Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering2141134
35Department of Physics1142440
39Department of Mechanical Engineering4138108
39Department of Mechanical Engineering113133178
41Faculty of Mechanical Engineering31299268
41Department of Mechanical Engineering112179232
41Department of Engineering Mechanics31258130
41Department of Mechanical Engineering31212
41Department of Mathematics1123535
41Department of Mechanical Engineering11294122
41School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering11214
48Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy1113435
48Department of Mathematics61156
50School of Engineering110711
50Department of Mechanical Engineering110123167
50Department of Mechanical Engineering310744
50Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences110918
54Department of Engineering for Innovation29104317
54Department of Aerospace Engineering292670
54School of Production Engineering and Management1981130
54Department of Civil Engineering19293379
58College of Aerospace Engineering7841259
58Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering2892265
58Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering18200323
58Department of Civil Engineering1884163
58Department of Aerospace Engineering28843
58School of Mechanical Engineering7834230
58School of Engineering381284
65College of Computer Science and Technology27146247
65Department of Applied Mechanics1799147
65Department of Mechanics272794
65Department of Materials Engineering172553
65Department of Applied Mechanics173078
65Faculty of Engineering and Architecture172772
65Department of Industrial Engineering172345
65Department of Mechanical Engineering175288
65Faculty of Engineering17135221
65Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences27548
65Department of Aerospace Engineering1789132
65Department of Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering2711
77Department of Aerospace and Software Engineering161120
77Department of Aerospace Engineering36828
77Department of Aerospace Engineering261434
77School of Management Engineering261451
77Department of Industrial Engineering16138256
77Department of Applied Mathematics26953
77Department of Mechanical Engineering26137315
77Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering16160259
77Faculty of Mechanical Engineering16199319
77Department of Civil Engineering161125
77Faculty of Electrical Engineering16364543
77Department of Aerospace Engineering163848
77Physics and Electrical Engineering1652122
77Department of Mechanical Engineering26291585
77Department of Physics26158316
77Department of Aerospace Engineering1633
77Department of Mechanical Engineering161729
77Department of Mechanical Engineering16116185
77Mechanical Engineering Institute161227
77Department of Electrical Engineering16611
77Department of Aerospace Engineering2641129
98Department of Mechanical Engineering151443
98Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering15227342
98Industrial and Aerospace Engineering1598164
98Department of Economics15621
98Department of Applied Economics15621
98Department of Civil Engineering15111211
98Department of Mechanical Engineering15201312
98Department of Mechanical Engineering15204381
98School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation15279393
98Department of Mechanical Engineering153042
98Department of Electrical Engineering251251
98School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation15251349
98Department of Computer Engineering1514
111Department of Aerospace Information Engineering143164
111Department of Aerospace Engineering1423
111Department of Mechanical Engineering14199336
111Department of Management and Engineering3490422
111School of Social Sciences1479152
111Department of Mechanical Engineering14111213
111Department of Mechanical Engineering and Automation14717
111Department of Aerospace Engineering2448
111Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering14612
111Department of Electrical Engineering14413
111Department of Aerospace Engineering14211
111Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering College142469
111College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering1433
111Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering14415
111Department of Mechanical Engineering14321462
126Department of Physics and Mathematics1335
126Ministry of Education13140289
126Department of Aeronautical and Vehicle Engineering133786
126Department of Mechanical Engineering1371127
126Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering131027
126Department of Aerospace Engineering3323149
126Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Sciences1359108
126Department of Mechanical Engineering13421
126Department of Physics131640
126Department of Mechanical Engineering1349
126Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering13312
126Department of Computer Science1348107
126Department of Mechanical Engineering1347
126School of Mechanical Engineering23190463
140Department of Aerospace Engineering121563
140Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences12157382
140Department of Aerospace Engineering42351
140School of Engineering2273275
140Aerospace and Civil Engineering12353666
140Faculty of Aerospace Engineering1296191
140School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering12367602
140School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering127711.2K
140College of Engineering121.1K1.7K
140Department of Mechanical Engineering1296213
140Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering12234444
140School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences1269194
140Faculty of Agriculture12264527
140Department of Mechanical Engineering12102211
140School of Electrical Engineering12164269
140School of Economics and Management12118245
140School of Mechanical Engineering22211516
140Department of Electrical Engineering12192337
140Department of Aerospace Engineering4211111
140Department of Mechanical Engineering121332
140Department of Aerospace Engineering22211
140Department of Mechanical Engineering12515
140Faculty of Mechatronics and Aerospace121022
140Department of Aviation Management22212
140Department of Mechanical Engineering1253118
140School of Aerospace Engineering3217116
140Department of Mechanical Engineering122757
167School of Aerospace Engineering11241428
167College of Intelligent Systems Science and Engineering1184133
167Department of Applied Mathematics112484
167School of Aerospace Engineering11824
167Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering11160318
167Department of Mechanical Engineering11165326
167Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering113298
167Department of Mechanical Engineering11532905
167Department of Chemical Engineering11452770
167College of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering11203380
167School of Mechano-Electronic Engineering11131259
167Department of Aerospace Engineering111032
167School of Aerospace Engineering11135301
167Department of Aerospace Engineering1181134
167Graduate School of Engineering117441.2K
167Department of Aerospace Engineering11533
167School of Engineering and Sciences11113328
167Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics2183319
167Department of Mechanical Engineering1155131
167Department of Mechanical Engineering1147105
167Department of Mechanical Engineering111546
167Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering111127
167Aerospace Engineering Department11932
167Department of Mechanical Engineering1143101
167Department of Mechanical Engineering1150102
167Faculty of Agriculture1191220
167Department of Aero-Electronic Engineering1137
167Faculty of Mechanical Engineering1183185
167Department of Aerospace Engineering1137
167Department of Aerospace Engineering11311
167School of Mechanical Engineering1143111
167Department of Mechanical Engineering211588
167School of Mechanical Engineering111225
167Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering1195215
167Department of Mechanical Engineering114699
167Department of Mechanical Engineering112460
203Department of Mechanical Engineering2070256
203School of Aerospace Engineering10223414
203Faculty of Engineering10315686
203Institute of Physics10107234
203Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering10492922
203Department of Mechanical Engineering1045110
203Department of Automotive Engineering10920
203Department of Mechanical Engineering10324595
203School of Electronics and Information Engineering10116216
203Department of Mechanical Engineering102573
203College of Aerospace Science and Engineering10266452
203Department of Mechanical Engineering1045122
203School of Mechanics and Civil Engineering10178337
203Department of Bioengineering and Aerospace Engineering10210
203Department of Psychology101257
203School of Aerospace Engineering1080164
203School of Energy and Power Engineering10176326
203Department of Manufacturing Engineering1078150
203Department of Mechanical Engineering103290
203Department of Aerospace Engineering10833
203Department of Psychiatry101138
203Department of Industrial Engineering10412
203Department of Mathematics1057148
203Department of Mechanical Engineering103177
203School of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering1047109
203Department of Mechanical Engineering10314