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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1School of Social Sciences11,191721
2Department of Journalism and Media Studies1046811
3Division of Emerging Media Studies319032
4School of Social Sciences218463
5Department of Information Science and Media Studies611856
6Faculty of Social Sciences1945233
7Audencia Business School17431
8School of the Arts and Media268106
9Department of Communication and Psychology16432
10Faculty of Social Sciences4582437
11Department of Communication Sciences and Sociology15172
12School of Education and Communication2491421
13Centre for Film and Media Studies24846
14Institute of Sociology14714
15Institute of Communication and Media Studies43924
16School of Computer Science135254294
17Department of Art History and Communication Studies12773
18School of Electronics and Computer Science125281314
18Department of Philosophy and Communication1251411
20Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology1241114
20School of Journalism and Media Studies12444
22Department of Media Studies1231423
23Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences1216096
24Department of Media Studies12036
25Department of Sociology and Political Science1198292
25Department of Communication and Media Studies11912
25School of Creative and Cultural Business219512
25School of Culture and Education119108
29School of Geography and the Environment118302390
30Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences1163545
31Faculty of Social Sciences1155678
31Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences11548
33School of Sport and Service Management1142347
33Department of Journalism and Media Studies11411
35Faculty of Law1122226
36Department of Political Science1113651
36Department of Political Science11147
36Institute for Communication Psychology and Media Education11132
39Department of Information Systems1101143
39Social Psychology: Media and Communication110917
41Department of Modern Languages1987
41Department of History and Ethnology191416
41Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences193778
44Faculty of Political Science and Journalism1849
44Department of Political Science and Public Management182142
46Department of Computer Science and Applied Cognitive Science161036
46Department of Computer Science and Engineering1658108
48Social Sciences Department1512
48Department of Media Studies and Journalism1521
50Department of Political Science1470162
50Faculty of Economics and Business14624
50School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering24163502
50Department of Political Science1445
50Department of Applied Economics14510
50Department of Financial Economics and Accounting1435
56Department of Political Science1313
56Department of Sociology1372171
56Department of Psychiatry13470813
56Department of Computer Science13122302
56Ted Rogers School of Management1396268
56Department of Psychiatry13122274
62Department of Computer Science12134274
62Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences123391