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15Reduced breastfeeding rates among obese mothers: a review of contributing factors, clinical considerations and future directionsInternational Breastfeeding Journal201595
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18Maternal perceptions of partner support during breastfeedingInternational Breastfeeding Journal201392
19Prevalence of Exclusive Breastfeeding Practices and associated factors among mothers in Bahir Dar city, Northwest Ethiopia: a community based cross-sectional studyInternational Breastfeeding Journal201390
20Infant feeding practices and maternal socio-demographic factors that influence practice of exclusive breastfeeding among mothers in Nnewi South-East Nigeria: a cross-sectional and analytical studyInternational Breastfeeding Journal201490
21Factors associated with early initiation of breastfeeding among Nepalese mothers: further analysis of Nepal Demographic and Health Survey, 2011International Breastfeeding Journal201489
22Breastfeeding in Iran: prevalence, duration and current recommendationsInternational Breastfeeding Journal200986
23Prevalence and predictors of exclusive breastfeeding among women in Kigoma region, Western Tanzania: a community based cross-sectional studyInternational Breastfeeding Journal201186
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29Effects of mother-infant skin-to-skin contact on severe latch-on problems in older infants: a randomized trialInternational Breastfeeding Journal201376
30Prelacteal feeding practices and associated factors among mothers of children aged less than 24 months in Raya Kobo district, North Eastern Ethiopia: a cross-sectional studyInternational Breastfeeding Journal201476
31Counselling interventions to enable women to initiate and continue breastfeeding: a systematic review and meta-analysisInternational Breastfeeding Journal201976
32Factors associated with exclusive breastfeeding practices in Debre Berhan District, Central Ethiopia: a cross sectional community based studyInternational Breastfeeding Journal201575
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34Postpartum women’s use of medicines and breastfeeding practices: a systematic reviewInternational Breastfeeding Journal201574
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46Lactation and cardiovascular risk factors in mothers in a population-based study: the HUNT-studyInternational Breastfeeding Journal201266
47Exclusive breastfeeding practice and associated factors among mothers in Motta town, East Gojjam zone, Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia, 2015: a cross-sectional studyInternational Breastfeeding Journal201666
48The effects of kangaroo mother care on the time to breastfeeding initiation among preterm and LBW infants: a meta-analysis of published studiesInternational Breastfeeding Journal201966
49Impact of COVID-19 pandemic lockdown on exclusive breastfeeding in non-infected mothersInternational Breastfeeding Journal202166
50Breastfeeding duration in mothers who express breast milk: a cohort studyInternational Breastfeeding Journal200665