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12Effects of school start time on students’ sleep duration, daytime sleepiness, and attendance: a meta-analysisSleep Health2017118
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14Past, present, and future: trends in sleep duration and implications for public healthSleep Health2017117
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16Duration, timing and quality of sleep are each vital for health, performance and safetySleep Health2015109
17Racial/ethnic disparities in sleep health and health care: importance of the sociocultural contextSleep Health2015102
18Sleeping with technology: cognitive, affective, and technology usage predictors of sleep problems among college studentsSleep Health2016101
19Sleeping when the world locks down: Correlates of sleep health during the COVID-19 pandemic across 59 countriesSleep Health2021101
20Practical considerations in using accelerometers to assess physical activity, sedentary behavior, and sleepSleep Health201596
21Rethinking the sleep-health linkSleep Health201887
22Gender differences in sleep hygiene practices and sleep quality in New Zealand adolescents aged 15 to 17 yearsSleep Health201786
23Sleep health epidemiology in low and middle-income countries: a systematic review and meta-analysis of the prevalence of poor sleep quality and sleep durationSleep Health201886
24Validation of a physical activity accelerometer device worn on the hip and wrist against polysomnographySleep Health201883
25A composite measure of sleep health predicts concurrent mental and physical health outcomes in adolescents prone to eveningnessSleep Health201983
26Evaluation of novel school-based interventions for adolescent sleep problems: does parental involvement and bright light improve outcomes?Sleep Health201580
27Changes in sleep duration, timing, and variability during the COVID-19 pandemic: Large-scale Fitbit data from 6 major US citiesSleep Health202178
28Tailored lighting intervention for persons with dementia and caregivers living at homeSleep Health201577
29Prevalence and comorbidity of sleep conditions in Australian adults: 2016 Sleep Health Foundation national surveySleep Health201877
30A workplace intervention improves sleep: results from the randomized controlled Work, Family, and Health StudySleep Health201576
31Influence of socioeconomic status on objective sleep measurement: A systematic review and meta-analysis of actigraphy studiesSleep Health202175
32Association of sleep duration and sleep quality with the physical, social, and emotional functioning among Australian adultsSleep Health201874
33Racial disparities and sleep among preschool aged children: a systematic reviewSleep Health201972
34“To sleep, perchance to tweet”: in-bed electronic social media use and its associations with insomnia, daytime sleepiness, mood, and sleep duration in adultsSleep Health201867
35The relationship between shift-work, sleep, and mental health among paramedics in AustraliaSleep Health202064
36The association of neighborhood characteristics with sleep duration and daytime sleepinessSleep Health201561
37Exposure to neighborhood green space and sleep: evidence from the Survey of the Health of WisconsinSleep Health201860
38Calculating the contribution of sleep problems to undergraduates' academic successSleep Health201860
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40Effects of the Young Adolescent Sleep Smart Program on sleep hygiene practices, sleep health efficacy, and behavioral well-beingSleep Health201558
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45Sleep quality across pregnancy and postpartum: effects of parity and raceSleep Health201954
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47Sleep-deprived motor vehicle operators are unfit to drive: a multidisciplinary expert consensus statement on drowsy drivingSleep Health201650
48Adolescent substance use and its association to sleep disturbances: A systematic reviewSleep Health201950
49Identifying drivers for bedtime social media use despite sleep costs: The adolescent perspectiveSleep Health201949
50Nurses' sleep, work hours, and patient care quality, and safetySleep Health202049